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GORGEOUS photographs from: Bored Panda

These 49 Photographers Show What Spring Looks Like Around The World

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photography uses our sense of SIGHT it allows us to SHARE the world a vision a MOMENT in TIME it is proof that something EXISTED it brings JOY as well as SHOCK and SADNESS it is a RECORD of EVENTS … Continue reading

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What does this picture say to you?

I suppose the picture could stand for serenity, peace, calmness, meditation, even death.  It might be beautiful to many.  I like looking at it, but I’d never want to be in that situation.  The birds are nice.  The water’s like … Continue reading

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We are all “somebody…”

Pixabay peter yang,photographer

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Picture from: Pixabay This photo reminds me of Orwell’s, 1984.  The utter starkness of it, the terrible color.  The big black shadows.  The people spaced at strange distances, some almost statue-like.  It’s creepy. The color drains the life from the … Continue reading

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Granddaughter…artsy photo

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Picture from:  Pixabay Cameras are memory makers.  With a lens and moving gears, a camera can record a life and all that happens in it.  A camera allows us to see things that no one could explain about the past. … Continue reading

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Photograph…Milwaukee Art Museum

This was a captivating photograph.  You could almost feel the couple’s happiness.  Their clothing is wonderful…I love her hat and his suspenders.  Just a great shot.

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What photographers will do to get a shot…from Bored Panda

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Personal portraits of dogs,cats and horses…from Bored Panda…the horses are so beautiful.

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