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Antique roses…a poem

pink antique roses make me think of long ago Paris in attic bedrooms with rumpled sheets and soft music drifting in through open windows that overlooks the Eiffel Tower while dust motes dance in fading sunlight as entwined lovers sleep … Continue reading

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The chicklets at Monet’s Garden, outside Paris…

The chicklets loved Monet’s Garden. They loved the blue bridge, the chickens, the gorgeous flowers and they want to recreate a bit of the garden for their party.  They put this on my computer table, this morning, to remind me … Continue reading

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Mimmie and Theodore…Paris

Mmmie is reopening her scarf stall, the one next to the Rubber Duck Pond.  If you want to feel as if you’re in Paris, you absolutely must wear a scarf.  Genders don’t matter, EVERYONE wears a scarf, even when it’s … Continue reading

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The chicklets got confused and went a bit Italian when they opened the cafe, but no worries, they’re working on the problem.

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Suzzette found the dress he made to wear to Paris.  The chicklets are getting into the grove.  Plans are being handed out and the work is coming together nicely.

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The Bookstore…

The chicklets have reopened the bookstore.  They built it, after returning from Paris and Shakespeare and Company.  It was open for quite a long time but then they became interested in other things.  Now, with the prospect of a new … Continue reading

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Another reminder from the chicklets…

The chicklets really enjoyed the sweet treats in Paris, so they left this for me to see, knowing that I loved them as much as they did.  The party is a go, so they are starting to meet and decide … Continue reading

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Sylvia lives in the attic of a bookstore in Paris.  She’s named after the original owner and founder of the shop.  Every mouse who has ever lived in the bookshop has been named Sylvia.  And a mouse has always lived … Continue reading

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The chicklets have wanted to go back to Paris, since we got home from Paris, and that four years ago.  Lately, they have been leaving old pictures around for me to see.  This one was from the elevator of one … Continue reading

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