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Tulips in a Paris Flower Shop…

I love Paris. Their flower shops are amazing.  Everything in Paris is amazing.  Paris is made of magic. rerun

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Some books showed up on my front porch yesterday…it was like Christmas. I tried not to dance on my stoop, or porch, or whatever it is. Seriously, if a bunch of gods and all their crews showed up and said they had a message for me, I’d tell them they’d have to wait, while I opened the box, touched all the book covers and ruffle through the pages.

I didn’t get to Père Lachaise when I was in Paris.  Next time, I’m going for sure.  Jim Morrison (Doors) is there.  The place is FILLED with artists and it’s all very cool.  Cool for a cemetery, I mean.  The … Continue reading

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Place…a poem

Do you believe that if you travel and fall in love with a place that part of you will live there forever even if you never go back I do   I took this picture one early morning in Paris. … Continue reading

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I’ve made a chicklet for my cousin, for every place we’ve been. I didn’t make one for her from Paris because she wanted Italy. The other day she said she didn’t have Paris. So this is part of her Xmas present.


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Love locks on a bridge in Paris…Happy Valentine’s Day…2 pictures

  Love locks prove that love is alive and well…  

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Everyone falls in love in Paris…

Pixabay The first time I was in Paris, the first day, the first moment, actually, I knew I was home.  I don’t know how I ended up being born in Chicago, when CLEARLY, I should have been born in Paris.  … Continue reading

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