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Penny designed this outfit just for fun.  Her cat, Love Duck, said it would look better with some shredding and offered to claw the skirt for her.  Penny declined, but thanked her for the offer, saying that the cat hair on the blouse, from her sleeping on it, was more than enough help.


Penny designed and made this outfit.  She made a matching cape and tam for her cat Love Duck.   The long sleeves on her jacket hide the scratches she received when she tried to convince Love Duck to get dressed.  After Love Duck tore the tam to shreds, Penny told her not to worry, she could always make another one.  Love Duck climbed up her leg and hissed.  No one has see the cat since last night.  Penny is starting to think that Love Duck is not fully committed to fashion.



Penny designs and makes her own clothes.  She’s hoping to one day have her own label.  She wants to make clothes for cats as well, but her own cat, Love Duck, is violently against it.  She’s rethinking that part of her future career.

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