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James wanted to be a SUPERHERO but he didn’t think superheroes wore clothes that were way too big and if they had masks they didn’t wear them over their nose and mouth they wore them over their eyes so no … Continue reading

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Jake and the Fish…A Story poem

Jake never expected to see a GIGANTIC FISH floating toward him but there she was things have changed said the fish from now on we will be sharing the same world he asked the fish if she didn’t need water … Continue reading

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Adeline lived sideways while she often felt as if she might be falling the truth was Adeline just thought the world looked a lot better from the side often misunderstood she wondered why others refused to try a different point … Continue reading

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Bells, a story poem

blue bells call the fairies home at the first whisper of dusk they ring far too softly for humans ears but ghost ponies brownies elfs and dwarfs flutterbys moths and bees alike disappear each darkling night into the glittering world … Continue reading

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Home…a story poem

not of this world she quickly tired of the games that were being played so she packed her bag took her home planets to the very edge of the earth and returned to what was familiar

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the cloud was just a baby it was his first time out he didn’t know he could RAIN and when he did he shouted MOM LOOK WHAT I CAN DO his mother was so excited she THUNDERED

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the feathered acolyte perched securely on the lower branch of an ancient elm tree in the center of a very large city he hooted softly watching people rush back and forth ignoring each other as best they could then he … Continue reading

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