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Always take your dog along when you’re going to build a snowperson…

dogs are very creative especially when it comes to building snowpeople they know where to get the very best sticks for their arms and they can carry the carrot for the nose and sometimes they don’t eve eat it besides … Continue reading

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The Takeover…a story poem about time and aliens.

they said that time wasn’t a living thing until it landed and started eating the city it’s hands never slowing counting out the minutes of our lives balloon searchers watching from above time is a cruel taskmaster second by second … Continue reading

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Sister Katherine…A Halloween Tale

sister Katherine was a nun who truly liked to teach the students learned quite quickly to stay out of her reach the stick she liked to carry worn thin from over use had lost its color long ago and now … Continue reading

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The true story of Medusa…a poem

get out Perseus I’ve said no a thousand times I want to be alone you call me Monster but it’s you who are the monster forcing women against their will keeping them in cages using them abusing them denying them … Continue reading

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Madame understood food she enjoyed a meal prepared by loving hands hands that knew how to delicately mix flower and water blending in the butter at just the right moment caressing bits of pastry into something glorious her cafe was … Continue reading

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Color…a story poem

he saw life in black and white like old photographs with deckled edges void of color shades of gray flat dull going nowhere   but when she walked into the bar he saw what he knew to be red for … Continue reading

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Madame Dominique…

Madame Dominique lived in a small village just outside of Paris where she sometimes ran the tiny post office she was very good at her job but then she was very good at everything if Madame saw an exotic stamp … Continue reading

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