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The Mushroom Colony…a short poem

the mushroom colony
was vibrant and healthy
due to the the fact
that worked together
for the good of all
so unlike humans
they actually


Photo:  Annie Spratt

She…a story poem

she lives on a tiny island
of her own making
she can reach the shore
but when the tide is in
it makes things difficult
for others to reach her
which is the point
of having an island
in the first place
some people
just want to be left
but that seems to
so she set up
a magical barrier
over her tiny forest
and disappeared from sight
except to those who can see
now she’s visited by
and one or two
who are allowed
to stay on the grounds
and sometimes a
will show up
but they always leave
before dawn
after partying with the fairies
so she has the whole day



Photo:  Vincent Ledvina

The Fairy Path…

she walked the
Fairy Path
and every day
half way through
she sat
and listened
to their song
she thought
they would learn
to trust her
and then
they would
show themselves
and perhaps
invite her to tea


Photo:  John Thomas

The girl…

she liked it here
liked the dust
hanging in the air
and coating the floor
liked the huge pipes
the complete silence
and the light
coming in where it could
made patterns
that fed her
there was no one
to bother her
no one to interrupt her
she was alone
with the stories
the walls were telling her
the past was alive
woven in words and visions
of things that once were
she listened
so the building could
tell the secrets
it held on to
for so very long
unburdened of the past
the building brightened
and thought of a better future
the girl
sat on the dusty floor
and wrote it’s story


Photo:  Lucas Alexander

The last person…short story poem.

the last person on earth
stood looking out the window
it had been three months
since the pulse

he had been deep inside a cave
when it hit
he came out
to a different world

he could have anything he wanted
was his for the taking
he was the richest person
on the entire planet

but without the others
life had no meaning

we were never meant
to be completely alone


Photo:  Julius Espiritu




Da da da da…da da da da…the Sunrise Zone…a story poem

Asphalt Road Under Cloudy Sky

there’s no speed limit
on the road that leads to nowhere
no gas stations
or diners
just the

that never

The Pink Forest…a story poem

brown trees with red leavesthe Pink Forest
was made by a Witch
who loved
what I think should be obvious
but for those
in the bleacher seats
she loved
her hat was pink
so were
her robes
which totally
flew in the face

around her
was PINK
including her broom

maybe not everything 
I mean her familiar
a cat named Tootsie Pop
absolutely refused
to be dyed a different color
and remained black and white
in spite of the pleas from her companion
the promises of tuna fish
and as much catnip she could handle
Tootsie sand NO

others stopped by to see
the Pink Forest
and thought it was a bit
some said it looked as if the trees
were made of frosting
but there were those who loved
the Pink Forest
and it’s lovely pink trees
those who saw it’s beauty
and majesty
those were the Witches
who visited often
and life gifts for the trees
to thank them for
their magic




Photo:  Wolfgang Hasselmann

Jimmy Dixon…a short story poem

Side View Photo of Man Smoking Cigarette

Jimmy Dixon
was a writer
and a dam good one
at least that’s what everyone said
he played piano
at the Golden Lizard
five nights a week
including weekends
in order
to make ends meet
he played
those ivories
and people
fell in love
other times
he broke their hearts
had magic hands
hands filled with words
and notes
and he never
held anything back
he gave people
what they wanted
his heart and soul
and they loved him for it
some said Jimmy
when he played
because the creative fire
inside him
could not
be contained by a mere
human body
that was Jimmy alright


Ava…Just a tiny story

man in white dress shirt

Ava was different
than most
she stayed by
which was better
for everyone
at least everyone
who was alive
you see
Ava could see
the dead

and the
could see



Photo:  Jakob Owens

I really want a dragon…story poem


Dragon, Girl, Guardian, Fantasy, Mystic

I really want a dragon
with wings as wide as they can be
a fire breathing dragon
so we can roast marshmallows
when we please
I really want a dragon
a big one
nothing small
I’ll pet her in the morning
feed her cookies, tea and toast
and give her gems
or colored glass
whichever she’d like most
we’ll never stay in one place
unless she wants a cave
and I will call her Sweet One
regardless of her name
I really want a dragon
but Amazon said no
so I guess I’ll go
where dragons live
and find one on my own


Photo:  Pixabay

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