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Love…a story poem.

gray concrete statue of man holding stick

she was beautiful
everyone said so
she was intelligent
everyone said that as well
but she couldn’t
settle down
she was restless
spending her time
talking to
even worms
she spent hours
with cats
mice and dogs
she wasn’t interested
in people
they didn’t
understand her
when she spoke to them
about the beauty
that existed everywhere
about the wonder
of it all
about the fact
that we were killing
including themselves
so she continued to
walking here and there
her body growing
and heavier
as people shunned her
and her radical idea
that animals
should have the same rights
as humans
and that the earth should be
and cared for
so she took
side roads
and were there were
no roads
she made her own
going deeper
and deeper
into the world
of nature
where leaves
brushed lovingly against her
and birds sang
their lullabies
to her as darkness
and her heart
opened to everything
around her
but she continued
to grow
as she realized
that nothing
was changing
the killing
and destruction
as it always had
and then
one morning
she found
that she could
barely move
she smiled
and the deer came closer
so did the raccoons
and opossums
the skunks
and the snakes
the butterflies
fluttered around her
and all of the living beings
of the forrest
came to watch
as she turned
to stone
before their eyes
but not before
she tore open her
with her bare hands
in order
to let the love in her
to touch those she cared for
most of all
and when it was over
and she was as still
as death
the creatures
sang to her
and sent
their blessings
and thanks
for all she had given
to them
because all living things
other than humans
that love truly given
is the greatest
gift of all

Photo:  Marianna Smiley

A story poem about choices…

she stared at the sign
for awhile
thought about her options
as if she hadn’t done that
a million times already
but as always
she came to the same
she had done everything
she came here to do
she was tired
with life
that she thought of
as a video game
where she was just
one more character
she sighed
ate a chocolate covered
she had in a white
bakery bag
it was good
she sipped her tea
and stared some more
at the sign
they were all over the city
Exit signs
that is
she wondered if
Entrance signs
might take her someplace
completely different
but then shook her head
and licked the frosting
off her fingertips
she’d probably miss donuts
rain storms
first snow
and a few other things
but like sitcoms
better to leave
while people still wanted more
she had hit her peak
she was sure of it
she ate another donut
crushed the bag
and tossed it at a garbage can
making the basket
she raised her arms
and made a sound
like a crowd roaring
she grinned
life was funny
but there was a flip side
there was always a flip side
she took a small journal
out of her pocket
and drew a couple of pictures
wrote a couple of notes
then left the book and pen
on the cafe table
it was time
she paid for the tea
got up
and walked across the street
she stood in front of the gaping
dropped her bag
heard it hit the cement
and walked through the EXIT
into whatever came next
thinking of how nice it was
that the city provided an
easy way out
for those who
wanted to move on


Picture:  Betty Sayles

How a boy got his dog…a story poem.

Free Animal Boy vector and picture

look what I found
he said he didn’t have anywhere to live
so I told him he could live with us
because we have plenty of space
especially in my room
he said his name is
and he doesn’t like hot dogs
but he does like almost
everything else
I love him more than anything
in the entire universe
but don’t tell dad I said that
because he might feel bad
so I’m going to show him
where he will be sleeping
and if you have any food
he would like that
since he hasn’t eaten
in awhile
he said he’s been living
in the bushes
since his mother left
and sometimes
people are mean to him
so I said we would be
good to him
and pet him a lot
and probably kiss him too
and he said that he was okay with that
so call me when dinner is ready
and Douglas and I will
come downstairs
love you mom
Douglas loves you too


Picture:  Pixabay

Three camels and a wise guy…a story poem

a group of people riding camels across a desert

three camels
one wise guy
who never stopped
to ask for directions
still wandering the desert
looking for a baby
born under a star
women took over the Inn
rebuilt the entire place
got rid of the manger
built an air conditioned barn
for the animals
and started a clinic for women
while two of the wise guys died
while walking in circles
and listening to the camels laughing


Photo:  Hunter So

Red…a story poem.

Free vector graphics of Little red riding hood

Red Riding hood loved wolves
she loved cats too
but wolves were her thing
she had taken down
a huntsman or two
during her lifetime
on her way to  visit her
who had a nice assortment
of guns
as well as chocolate
covered cupcakes
which were everyone’s
when women
write their own stories
the bad guys never win
you don’t need upper body strength
to shoot someone
you just need a steady hand
a good aim
and a bit of practice
it never hurts to have a
wolf pack backing you up either
remember that
the next time you take a short cut
through the forest


Picture:  Pixabay

Each of us a story in time…short story poem

a ladder leaning against a bookshelf filled with books

each of us a story
a book
captured in time
no two alike
pushing the next generation
of tales forward
changing the font
and plots
according to
what is taking place
in the lives
of the living


Photo:  Bree Anne

The World of Fairy…a story poem.

a group of mushrooms sitting on top of a forest floor

the wee folk
live among us
hidden from sight
darting here and there
taking what they will
they live in a world
because we
took the upper realm
and left them nothing
but the underneath
they will never forget this
you can’t trust them
no matter how beautiful
they are
no matter what they say
they will not rest
until they have
for what they lost


Photo:  Lance Reis

The rabbit…a short story poem

Boho, Bohemian, Nature, Forest, Animal

the small rabbit
stopped and listened
something was different
it was too quiet
she wasn’t sure
what the right word was
to describe what she was sensing
she just knew
that change was coming
she only hoped
it was for the better


Illustration:  Pixabay

Runaway…a story poem

Keywords, Old-Fashioned, Child

Devin was unhappy
he wanted to see the world
but his parents
said they had to work
and couldn’t travel
all the time
even though they wanted to
they took him to the beach
and to the amusement park
but they never went to
or London
or Africa
where the elephants lived
so one day
Devin packed what was important to him
in his suitcase
grabbed his stuffed rabbit
and left the house
while his mother was making
he had four dollars
in his pocket
but had no idea
if that was enough
to get him to Africa
where the elephants lived
he saw a bus and asked
the driver if he went to Africa
the driver smiled at hiim
and told him to go home
since he couldn’t get to Africa
from where he was
and he wasn’t sure
where the elephants were either
since he had never been to Africa
after asking a lot of people walking by
Devin realized that it wasn’t that easy
to get anywhere at all
no one he spoke to
even knew where Africa was
and no one knew where he could
find elephants walking around in
America either
this was an eye opening experience
for Devin
he realized that people didn’t
know very much at all
so he sat on a bench
and thought about his options
after twenty minutes
he was cold
and hungry
he wondered what his parents
were having for dinner
it was then that he decided
to postpone his trip
and do some research
before he set off again
so he went home
put his rabbit back on the bed
and went down to the kitchen
his mother smiled at him
and handed him two carrots
one for him
and one for his rabbit
she told him he looked cold
and asked if he had opened his
bedroom window
he told her that he didn’t open his window
he went looking
for Africa and the elephants
she laughed
kissed him
and told him to wash his hands
since dinner was ready
as he walked away
he realized that no one
really knew what was going on
with anyone else
and that was something
he would have to think about
maybe he could figure it out
on his way to Africa
perhaps the elephants
would be able to tell him
why everything was
so crazy
he felt better
now that he had a plan
and he was happy
since they were having
mac and cheese for dinner
so he tucked the second carrot
into his pocket
wiped his hands on his pants
and sat down in his chair
wondering if elephants
liked noodles


Photo: Pixabay

A Christmas story…

christmas village wallpaper

the town was all sparkly
covered with snow
the fairies were happy
their eyes all aglow
the humans are playing
they don’t know that we’re here
so maybe we’ll fool them
and steal their cheer
a cat over heard them
he smiled with glee
he’d hang them as ornaments
on his person’s tree
so he crouched
and he wiggled
his excitement
was high
he grinned at a fairy
looked him right in the eye
I won’t let you ruin Christmas
he said
smacking his lips
cats rule this world
so I’ll give you a tip
go back to your own land
if you’re going to be mean
or I’ll get all my friends
and we’ll make quite a scene
the fairies were angry
as was their way
but finally gave in
said they wanted to stay
said the cat
but just so you know
I’ll be looking at you
wherever you go
the fairies all nodded
and danced
dropping dust
we’re going to play
the cat said
if you must
and that’s how
the fairies and cats
play each year
but please keep their secret
they don’t want humans
to hear



Photo:  Roberto Nickson

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