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born on a gray and rainy day RAIN loved stormy weather she adored thunder lightening and rainbows the smell of wet grass on dewy mornings she walked barefoot through puddles and only used an umbrella when she was forced to … Continue reading

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Bernard wasn’t a very large bird as a matter of fact he was a bit small he certainly wasn’t a raptor or even a tiny bird of prey he didn’t have the size the strength or the talons for it … Continue reading

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It’s okay, baby she said holding his hand don’t worry look up and see how beautiful everything is look around all you see is magic I know you’re afraid but I would never let anything happen to you she stopped … Continue reading

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Mary Alice Livingston…

Mary Alice Livingston had a passion for books she spent all day buying them and all night reading them never realizing that there were other things she could have been doing when told that she had no friends or chances … Continue reading

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The moon and beginnings…

the moon belongs to everyone anyone can get there as long as have a ladder that’s long enough well one that wouldn’t fall over when standing up which might be a PROBLEM but that’s not the ONLY PROBLEM there’s always … Continue reading

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Moving…A Story poem

being alive means moving from light to dark and back again from carrying heavy loads to putting them down we exist in the unknown in a fraction of a second like a photograph there is no past or future that … Continue reading

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Life…A Story poem

he watched the whale and elephant float through the air he wasn’t sure were they were going but that happened a lot nowadays beings simply wandering from one place to another carried across the sky by balloons or other devices … Continue reading

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The great escape…A story poem

the turtle daughter of the Great Turtle who holds up the world was good friends with Dee Dee a young elephant they were often seen together laughing and playing but one day Dee Dee was trembling with fear her friend … Continue reading

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Mary Cassett…A story poem

I  wanted something different I made my own path I did not marry or have children I was the only American and the only woman to be part of the IMPRESSIONIST movement in Paris and yet my work has often … Continue reading

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Artemisia Gentileschi, Artist, A story poem…

yes I did dress up and go to him I had only one thing on my mind his death he was a danger to our entire community killing at will taking what he wanted someone had to do something so … Continue reading

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