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How the met…Neon

“Excuse me,” she said, dropping her keys on the bar.

“What can I get for you?” he asked, leaning toward her.

“Why do you love people?”

“Love people?”

“The sign,” she said, pointing.

“Oh, that’s just the name of the bar.”

“So you don’t love people?”

“No.  Do you?”

“A couple,” she smirked.  “But on the whole, no.  In fact, I can’t stand some of them.”

“Why not?”

“Oh please,” she said, making a face at him.  “It would be easier to tell you the two or three things I do like about humans.”

“Whiskey sour?”

“How’d you know?”

He shrugged, and placed the drink in front of her.  “I just know things like that.”

“So, it’s a gift?”

“More like practice makes perfect,” he laughed.  “And the owner of this place doesn’t love anyone at all.   However, he does love money and money comes along with people, so he hearts them.”

She nodded.  “That makes more sense.”

“Yeah.  I think so too.”

“My name is Kate, but you can call me Katie.”

“I’m Austin and before you ask, I was named after a street where my mom grew up.  Believe me, that was the best of the lot.”

“I think Austin is a nice name.”

“Thanks,” he said.  “Who, or what, are you named after?”

“I’m not named after anyone, or anything, that I know of.”

He nodded, and put a bowl of peanuts on the bar.

“Yum,” she said, grabbing a few.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“You mean I have to grow up!” he said, feigning shock.

“Well, you don’t have to.”

“Oh good.  You had me scared for a minute.  What do you want to be?”

“Free I guess.  But that can be a hard, so instead I’m a…”

“Let me guess,” he said, staring at her.  “You’re the new Janis Joplin.”

She burst into giggles.

“Okay, so, how about an animal doctor?”

“You mean a vet?”


“I’d be constantly crying and miserable.”

“You’re not a teacher, or a dancer, or…..”

“I’m a writer.”

“Wow.  I never would have guessed that.  What do you write?”

“Books,” she grinned.

“Are they any good?  Have I read any of them.”

“Sometimes and probably not.”

“I read Harry Potter.  All of them.”

She looked away, so he wouldn’t see her smile.  “Good for you.  How did you like them?”

“They were great,” he said.  So were the movies, but they changed a lot of things they shouldn’t have.”

“I agree,” she said, picking up her keys.  “Well, it was nice chatting with you.  Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.”

“Here,” he said, handing her a scrap of paper.  “It’s my number.  Call me.”

She took the bit of paper and smiled.  “I think I will.”

And with that, she was gone.


Photo:  Nathan Dumlao



It’s wherever you say it is…

Red and White Unks Restaurant

Photo:  Maksim Goncharenok


Do Something Great neon signWhat is ‘something great,’ and who defines the word great?  What’s great to one person, may not be great to another.  It’s weird, but everything is like that.  Definitions are…pliable.  They bend and stretch, sometimes in order to cover lots of very bad and hateful things.

Definitions also change as time goes on.  Words can become so over used, they are almost meaningless.  Take the definition of  awesome, for example.  Nowadays, everything is awesome. Gum, shoes, the end of the world, having a good pizza, pretty much anything at all…can be awesome.

Definitions are just one more reason we don’t always understand what other people are saying…and vice versa.  Nothing on this planet is here to make things easy.  Nothing at all.  Everything here is set up to make things as difficult as possible.  Sometimes even impossible…there’s a lot of that here.  A lot.


Photo:  Clark Tibbs




Wow…this is a sign that can be taken soooo many ways.  Who decides what anyone deserves, other than one’s self or a jury and juries are weird all by themselvesf.  Jury of a person’s peers?  They would have to be similar to each other in more ways than age, so that doesn’t actually work.  Socio-economic differences, race, gender, etc., mmmmmm lots going on there, belief systems, ethnic differences, right?

Anyway, when I saw this, all kinds of things went through my mind but I finally settled on cookies and cake.  Everyone deserves that at the very least.  I mean we could talk about corruption, pollution, violence and all the other things, and argue the points but I’m going with cookies and cake because it’s easier and it’s delicious.

I do know that as long as we allow republicans to walk free and run for office after the part they played in the Washington riot…and as long as people go to catholic churches where priests rape children…well, then we do DESERVE IT…we deserve the evil things we ALLOW them to continue doing.

Photo:  Jon Tyson

Neon…a very short story.

black flat screen tv turned on at the living room“What kind of place is this?” she asked, dropping her bag on the counter.

“What’s your story?”  We want to know,” he said, smiling at her spiked hair and dark eyes.

“Why do you want to know? And which story?”

“We’re collecting stories so that when we’re extinct, and another race of beings come here, they’ll find the stories and know what we were all about.  And we all only have one story, which is made up of the chapters of our lives.”

She stared at him.  “You’re kidding, right?”

“Why would I be kidding?” he asked, frowning.

“First of all you’re assuming the alien beings will be able to read our languages, or understand our spoken word, but most of all, why do you think anyone would care?”

“Every race will have an archeologist and everyone is curious.”

“No,” she said.  “That’s completely false.  You seem to think that we are important, that the rock we’re on is important, that our story is important, and I don’t think any of that is important.”

“You don’t know that and Aliens are already among us,” he said, tapping his pencil on the book in front of him.

“Then alien’s already know all about us.  If they live among us, they don’t need our stories after we’re dead.”

He started grinding his teeth.  “You bring up some good points.”

“What if the beings who come here later aren’t curious?”

“Impossible.  Every being is curious.”

“I would like to introduce you to a few people I know who could disprove that theory.”

“It’s not a theory, it’s a truth.”

“No.  It’s not.  It might be your truth, but it’s not a real truth, it’s just something you think you believe, therefore, you see it as a truth when it’s simply a personal opinion.”

“Why did you come in here,” he asked.

“I’m an archeologist and I was curious.”


Photo:  Etienne Girardet

Okay, so…Neon…LIFE GOES ON.

LIFE GOES ON, is a current fact.  Life doesn’t need us as a species, to go on.  If we become extinct, life will just make more life out of whatever’s available. That’s what this place is all about…making more of itself.  It’s all about reproduction and making stuff.  Facts are often temporary.  They change as things change.  What was once a fact is no longer a fact.  The fact that humans still believe things to be true, when they aren’t is just silly, but we never stop doing it.

People believed the world was flat and that we were the center of the Universe.  Neither of those things were ever true.  Same goes for god and all the other things people make up.  Racism, sexism and all the rest are based on lies, not on facts.

But we rely on facts, even though they may only be opinions.  We act as if what we know about the universe is a fact, until astronomers and physicists tell us “new” information showed them that the facts weren’t facts at all, so pardon our mistake, but here are the new facts.  I’ve noticed they are more careful about how they say things nowadays.

History books are lies, pretty much every single thing we have access to is an opinion, prejudice, manipulation, or tool for conditioning.  Today we have “fact finders,” so people can check to make sure the facts are facts, but who are the “finders?”  How can they check to find out whether facts are true or not?  Who checks the facts the finders use to check the other facts?

Sometimes we can see through the lies but that doesn’t really change anything, which is pathetic.  We’re a species that started out small and manageable, then grew until we became too big to move in any direction, or know what’s real and what’s not.

I remember when Deb and I were marching in Washington for CHOICE.  The crowd was gigantic.  Thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of people were there.  The group was so HUGE that you had to hold on to each other or you could easily be swept away and be unable to swim backward.  Once the crowd started moving it was impossible to turn them around, or do much of anything with them.  The crowd took on a life of it’s own and we could literally hear the chanting, wash over the crowd, moving as it went from front to back, because there were so many of us that it actually took TIME for the words to pass through/over us.

Thinking about that now, I can see how dangerous it was.  If anything happened, there was nowhere to go.  We were trapped in a sea of bodies.

But here’s the thing…lies and false statements keep growing until they are out of control and become facts that we can’t run from.  We can’t inform the hundreds of thousands of people that they are being conditioned and used by the lies they hear from the pulpit, the rich, and those in charge.  People get dragged along in the stream of false information.

Priests are still raping kids because that’s what they do.  Everyone in the church knows it and nothing is done, other than covering things up and paying people off.  Because that’s what the catholic church does.   It’s lies are believed, it’s secrets kept.

It’s like that with pretty much everything.  So, we pick and choose what we want to believe and think of as facts, when we have no idea what’s real and what isn’t.  All we have is information from people who may or may not know what they are talking about.  People who may want to use us for their own purposes.  You’ll notice that the news doesn’t come from the STREET, from the people are are IN THE NEWS.  It comes from the rich who own the networks and have their own agendas.

We are being played, everyday in every way, every day.  The rich, including the catholic church, continues to get richer and everyone else gets by.  I love that the pope asked the poor people to help the sick and really poor people.  I asked our guide, when we were watching the pope stand in the the tiny window at the Vatican and tell everyone to give more, what the church gives to the poor and she said, “They give nothing.”  But the pope has a cool bullet proof car, and satin robes, let’s not forget that, when he drives past the homeless in the streets.  Oh, and they have money to pay lawyers and silence people.  We need to remember that as well.

My fact is that the church controls and manipulates people to support it while hoarding, lying an raping kids.  A lot of organizations lie to get power and control.  The church is a business.  Think about the people the pope hung around with, you know, Hitler.  I’d tell you about it but you can look it up and decide what you want to believe, just like we all do, with everything.

If people stopped giving to the church, or evil companies who pollute and will not stop, things would be different.  Those who support the church are supporting rape, lies and greedy egomaniacs.  But those are just my facts.  Obviously, people still give their kids to priests and still support companies who destroy the environment. That’s why they both exist.

I’ve said this before, but have you seen any new Hummers on the road lately?  People stopped buying them and they’re pretty much gone.  There’s wasn’t a boycott, the cost of gas and other things convinced people to look elsewhere.   WE HAVE THE POWER TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE but we don’t use it.

Anyway, the reason I wrote this…LOL…is because LIFE GOES ON, but only for now.  In the end, as far as the current FACTS show, the Universe will die.  There will be NO light and it will be so COLD, we can’t even imagine it.  Dead planets and stars…dead everything in a pitch black sky…no movement, no life as we know it.  PITCH BLACK, FREEZING COLD STILLNESS.  DEAD.

Life goes on for the moment, would be a better way of saying it.  As our sun/star turns into a red giant it will eat the inner planets.  Oceans will dry up, everything will be gone.  We’re so used to life that even writing this, I feel as if we’ll be watching it happen.   But no one will be around to one will be taking notes, the sun will EAT the planets.  Then it will turn into a white dwarf.  And, as they say, that will be that.

I mean the universe is speeding away, faster and faster and no one has a clue what DARK MATTER IS, or DARK ENERGY.  It’s weird, but we have no facts, because we make everything up and then define it and sell it as truth.  And yes, if a tree falls in the forest, of course it makes noise.  It’s weird that we’re willing to die for things we make up.

But when you think about it, what else would we do if we didn’t kill each other and hate each other and give our freedom away to the rich greedy people.  If we didn’t work until we died, pray to invisible gods, build weapons and release killer germs into the air?  Seriously, how boring would it be to do whatever we want to do all the time?

I think people learned what life COULD be like, during the lockdown.  They don’t seem to want to go back to work for a paycheck that won’t even cover their basic bills.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.  People woke up.  Good for the people, but really bad for the manipulators.  Snicker, snicker.  Once eyes are opened…as the old saying goes.



Photo:  Andrea Santis






Eternity Now neon light sign

“What do you think that sign means? she asked.

“Maybe when you go in there, they kill you and then you have ETERNITY NOW,” he laughed.

“I seriously doubt that,” she snickered.  “I think it means that every second we’re alive, in this life, is an eternity.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Sure it does.  There is no time that isn’t NOW, at least that we know of.  If that’s true, then every moment is ETERNITY.”

“No,” he said.  “It means that time lasts forever.”

“Does time last forever?  How doe anyone know that?  That’s an assumption.  No one can prove that time lasts forever.  Nothing lasts forever.”

“We don’t know that either, so it’s all unprovable,” he said.

“When you think about it, everything could be unprovable.  Can you prove yesterday existed?  Can you show yesterday to me?”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous.”

“I don’t think I am,” she said.  “You can’t prove that tomorrow will ever show up either.  We just take those things for granted, but we can’t touch them.  It’s really weird.  Time doesn’t even exist in some places, according to astronomers.  Today and tomorrow are just divisions in the stream of time, that we made up.  Time itself isn’t broken up into days, minutes or anything else. Time just is.”

“Do you want to get a pizza?”

“No. Let’s get a dog.”

“Okay,” he said.  “Hopefully he’ll still be with us tomorrow.”

“If tomorrow shows up,”  she said.

“It won’t for some people.”

“That’s true, unless it will, just in a different reality,” she said.  “Let’s name the dog Rita, regardless of gender.  It’s such a cute name.”

“Okay,” he said.  “Rita it is.”


Picture: Andre Benz





purple Don't Just Exist neon signage turned-on

most of the time
a plant can manage to grow
where it’s placed
but in the right window
it will thrive
it’s like that for us
as well
don’t just exist
dragging yourself
through life
find your window
soak up the light
and thrive


Neon…Do what you love…as long as you don’t HURT anyone.

happy birthday to you signage

Neon…A short story

Illuminated Neon Sign

“Welcome to, IT WAS ALL A DREAM.  How many are in your party?”

“What party? There is no party. I came here to find out exactly what part of, it was all a dream, was the actual dream?”

“I’m sorry,” said the woman.  “What do you mean?”

What was all a dream?  I don’t think I can be much clearer than that.”

“Are you eating in, or taking out?”

“Neither.  I just want to know what part of it was all a dream, was the dream.” he said.  “It’s not a trick question.  Your sign said it was all a dream, but it doesn’t say WHAT was all a dream.  If IT was all a dream, then what is IT?”

“So, basically,” she said, putting her hands on her hips, “you want to know what the sign means.  You’re not here to eat.”

“Yes.  That is correct.”

“Sit over there, please.  Someone will be with you in…whenever.”


“Are you the person who wants to know about IT WAS ALL A DREAM?”

“I am.”

“What don’t you understand?” asked the woman, sitting down.  She placed the clipboard she was holding, on her lap.

“I want to know what the dream part of it was all a”

“It’s simple.  Everything is a dream.”

“Which part?”

“There is no part.  Everything you think is real, is simply a dream.  We aren’t even here talking, we’re simply manifesting the idea of two vibrations sharing a space and communicating.”

He stared at her.  “You think we aren’t here?”

“Well, obviously we’re here in a sense. But we’re dreaming that we’re here, and it feels as if we have physically manifested, when we’re just a vibrational construct.”

“So, if I kick you in the knee, as hard as I can, you won’t feel it?”

“I wouldn’t advise that.  What I’m saying is that a body without a mind is nothing but food for the birds.  The mind is elusive.  We don’t know what it is, or how it works.  We don’t understand how the energy that might be the mind, manipulates the brain to work for it.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Life is a dream.  Everything in the past was a dream and everything in the future will be dream.  You’re dreaming right this moment.”

“Maybe I should just get the pasta and call it a day.”

“I think that’s a good idea.”

“Will I be able to taste the food in my dream?”

“Of course.  It’s your dream, after all,” she said, getting to her feet.  “Is there anything else?”

“Extra bread.”

“Just tell your server.”

“Okay,” he said.

“I’d say it was nice meeting you, but we aren’t really here, so just enjoy your meal.”


Photo:  Nadi Lindsay




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