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gnome standing on green grass during daytime

Has anyone else noticed that we have been invaded by Gnomes?  They are everywhere, on everything.  Christmas was all about Gnomes.  They even took over Santa’s position as number one.  I had a hard time finding things WITHOUT Gnomes on them.  If this keeps up, we will soon see Gnomes strapped into car seats, their pictures  in photo albums, and Gnomes will start being named after dead relatives.  Everyone will have their own personal Gnome, who will probably have better health care than the people they live with.

Do people love them because they’re cute?  I mean they are, but come on, they’re Gnomes, and like fairies, they come from other countries, other cultures, and we are hoarding them, like crazy.

It worries me that when people lose interest, there will be a Gnome massacre.  Gnomes will be seen face down in alleys, garbage cans will be loaded with Gnomes.  Humans have the attention span of gnats, so Gnomes won’t be around any longer than anything else.  Then what?  Maybe someone will collect the unwanted Gnomes and send them to warehouses where they will be stored with the unwanted flash fashion we throw away after it falls apart, or is worn once.  Warehouses filled with things no one wants, but had to have.

Gnomes keep gardens in good order, they work hard, and they are currently all over everything for Valentine’s Day.  And yes, store shelves are filled with Valentine’s Day products.  Some stores actually have spring items for sale…in the dead of WINTER!   So, Gnomes with hearts, are now on pretty much EVERYTHING.

I just hope they don’t know what a short shelf life they have.  Humans live in a disposable world…the planet, and every other living thing on it, including humans themselves, are disposable.  The Gnomes don’t have a chance, but  maybe they’ll see Cabbage Patch dolls, or Tickle Me Elmo’s, in the heaven of discarded toys and things we had to have for five minutes, but no longer desire.  Who knows?  Not me, that’s for sure.

Look, I have nothing against Gnomes.  I think they’re cute.  I just think we are leading them on, that’s all.  Imagine the heartbreak when the next big thing takes their place.

Photo:  Sara Mae

Okay, so…blog Cookies…

Chocolate, Chips, Cookie, Sweets, Pastry

There are a lot of blogs I would like to look at and follow, but when I go to them, they all have COOKIE WARNINGS on the bottom, so I just go away.  I don’t get it.  But I’m afraid to go to their site again.  They say that if you continue to visit, you automatically agree to something about cookies.  I don’t want cookies, so I’m sorry if I don’t stop by.  My computer got screwed up by them one time, so I don’t follow blogs with the warnings.  It’s too bad, some blogs look very nice, but not going there.

This looks like a place Miss Marple would live…Mary Mead

Photo:  Julia Solonia

This picture makes me think of where they’re dumping the body…

Photo:  Alex Sh

Remember…not all who wander are lost…

Photo:  Emmanuel Hernández

Mushrooms…a poem

selective focus photography of gray and white mushrooms

standing tall
they huddle together
delicate bule caps
for all to see
their beauty


Photo:  Alonso Romero

A street of NO, NO, NO, NO…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson


My fridge…

Denim…one of the greatest things ever.

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Is this a perfect, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, moment, or what?

Photo:  Cade Prior

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