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Denim…one of the greatest things ever.

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Is this a perfect, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, moment, or what?

Photo:  Cade Prior


People need a CAT HUG jar.  When you gives you special attention, take all the feelings you feel and put them in the jar.  When you need extra love, pull a hug out of the jar and then everything is better.

Watercolor pencil and pen

Have a fabulous day…and try not to think about staying in so much and if you’re in Chicago…don’t think about the snow. Other than that…read.

Freedom fighter in anonymous mask on red background

Photo: Anete Lusina

A bear, a penguin and a Meerkat get together for a chat and a human shows up…how do they get rid of him?

person standing on brown rock formation during daytime

Photo:  Intricate explorer


The Mouse gets around…

Great shot…

green tree in front of brown concrete building

I love this photo.  It’s so New York.  But where’s Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?  I can’t see things like this without thinking about the film,  YOU’VE GOT MAIL.



Photo:  Ronny Rondon

Directions…don’t really exist.

Here’s the thing, the earth is a round spinning  rock, and yet everyone, no matter where they are located on the planet, thinks that they are standing UP.  So UP, is in every direction on the entire planet at the same time.  This, of course, makes down, the exact same way.   Therefore, there is no up or down, there’s only space.

We are a sphere, moving in space where up and down do not exist.  Yet, we talk about them, as if they’re real.  The person on the other side of the earth from you is not upside down, anymore than you are.  There’s just space, without direction.

Directions on earth were made up to help us get from one place to another but in reality, they don’t exist.  Like a lot of other things we believe are real…but aren’t.

Think about it.  Who decided which way was east?  I don’t think the Lucy, one of the first people to exist, thought about it. Neither did those who came right after her.  Someone made up the directions.  Someone made EVERYTHING UP.  So, whatever you believe doesn’t actually exist outside of the things that have been made up.  That’s the truth.

I don’t know, it’s just stuff I’ve been thinking about today.

Things I found out last night…PBS

When this pandemic is over, 50% of the world’s people will be living in poverty.

They also said that seniors will have a much longer time indoors than others, when restrictions are slowly lifted.  They will be in danger longer than anyone else.

Awhile ago, I wrote about humans and how it takes them FOREVER to actually grow up.  I found out why.  It seems that when we’re growing, we actually stop for a bit, because our brains need all the energy to do its thing, making synapses and working hard.  Can’t do both things at the same time, so there is a pause in bone growth, so the brain can have all the energy.  That makes sense and they said humans take longer to grow than any other species to reach maturity.  We knew that, of course, but now we can understand what’s going on a bit better.  Still, we spend most of our time just growing, learning and by the time we get the hang of it…it’s all over.




The past…

Photo Camera, Photography, Old, Retro

I’ve read so many things that say the past is not the past, that the past should stay in the past, don’t drag the past around with you and all the rest.  I’m sure you’ve heard or read the same things a million times.

But here’s the thing.  We actually ARE the past.  We are from Lucy and the first people ever.  Our genes carry the past around with them.  Without the past, we wouldn’t be here.  The past is the basis for life.  We build upon it, making it newer, stronger, smarter (questionable), and even taller.  The past moves through time in everything that is.

When looking at our genes, scientists find Neanderthal.  That’s the past manifesting in the present.  It seems weird, I admit, but it’s true, none-the-less.  Diseases from someone long gone, suddenly show up in someone today.  Talent, that seems to come out nowhere, shows up in a child who is writing music at the age of six, never knowing that a long lost relative was an amazing musician.

The dead leave us notes that can be read through us in the present.   All kinds of weird things that show up in us, are things sent to us from the past.

We will send things forward, even as we disappear.  Our new mixture, stirred with those from the past, will move on to show up in someone new, a thousand years from now (if we still exist).  So the past really IS never gone, we’re carrying it around with us and giving it to the those who come after us.

Just something I was thinking about.


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