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The party continues…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPopsicles, chocolate chip cookies, roasted corn and lots and lots of cake and ice cream.  The chicklets are so happy.  Mrs. Peck and Mrs. Cluck, Juan’s chickens, stopped by for a bit of cake.  They were anxious to get on the road, however, because Mrs. Peck doesn’t like to fly.  Bobby and Mimmi are having a great time.  The goats and two of the skunks said that it’s the best wedding they have ever attended.  I think most of the guests feel that way.

The Wedding Party

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe bride and groom, Mimmi and Bobby, the cat, Munch Cake, flower girl, Buttercup, Adeline, the pig, Matthew, the baker and Flower, the newest chicklet at The Coop.

The bride decided to forego weeding garb and just be comfortable on a very warm day. Everyone one was delighted with that choice but Buttercup chose to wear her new skirt anyway. Sparrow was up early and painted hearts on Bobby and Mimmi for this very special occasion.  The bride wore her great-grandmother’s pearls and those who wished to do so, wore flowers in their feathers.

Flower was asked to be part of the wedding party because she represented hope for chickens everywhere.  Hope that they will one day be free from torture and death at the hands of humans.  Flower represents freedom and beauty for chickens everywhere and she is a shining example of perfection.  She is also adorable and was very happy to participate.  Not knowing what was expected of her, she sat very still until the vows where exchanged.  After the ceremony Mimmi rubbed beaks with her and told her that she was truly a beautiful chicklet.  She gave her a locket, in the shape of a heart, and showed her how to open it.  Inside was a kernel of corn to remind her that all those who lived at The Coop would never go hungry.  She said that the kernel was a reminder that all who came to The Coop would be welcomed, fed, accepted and loved and that what was the Wedding was all about.  Flower nestled agains Mimmi and sighed.  Mimmi put her wing over the chicklet and told her she loved her and to never forget that.  Then one of the older chicklets set off a cherry bomb and the festivities began in earnest.

Poets, Sweet Pea & Snapdragon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe poets did a fabulous job.  The hens appreciated their loving words about the beauty of eggs and the joy of new chicklets.  There was much wing flapping when they were finished speaking and it was truly, a very special moment for everyone.

Okay so…

now that I know how to get the pictures on my blog.  I’m going to get busy with the Wedding.

Breakfast is over and everyone enjoyed it tremendously.  The food was delicious (the homemade granola was a big hit with almost everyone),  and the entertainment was wonderful.  I think some tears were shed when the chicklet choir sang an original love song dedicated to the bride and groom.  Rene, who put down his spoon, but was careful to keep his foot on it, gave a beautiful talk about friendship and love at The Coop. He received a standing ovation and was so overcome with happiness that, after picking up his spoon, he had to sit down for a few minutes.

After breakfast the Wedding Party had their photo taken.   Sisters Sweet Pea and  Snapdragon gave another poetry reading about the joy of living and the beauty of eggs. The hens squawked and stamped their feet in appreciation, when the reading was over.

The weather is perfect and the big moment is at hand. Oh, and one of the baby goats ate a box of fireworks, what a kid.   Everyone told him to stay away from fire for the rest of the day.  His mother had a long talk with him and it is hoped that he will mind his manners, at least for the rest of the day.   Unfortunately, he was seen looking at the cake for a very long time, so three chicklets took him to the pond so that he could watch the rubber ducks float around instead.   Must run, so much to be done.



SleepyBecause of the wedding, there have been many parties and festivities at The Coop, most of them lasting well into the night.  Hay rides and bonfires, meals, play and quite a bit of work, have kept the chicklets very busy.  Tonight, when it was time for the chicklets to go to bed, several hens noticed that Rene was missing.  After an hour’s search Fred finally found him asleep under one of the dessert tables. Everyone was quite relieved and it was decided that the chicklets should take a nap tomorrow, so they aren’t so sleepy.


Kitchen crew, well some of them anyway, getting ready for tomorrow

Kitchen crew, well some of them anyway, getting ready for tomorrowNorman, librarian and expert on moss, Abagail, teacher and badminton champion, and Rene, are all part of the kitchen crew.  They are getting flowers ready for tomorrow’s  tables and they are working on the sign that lets everyone know what time meals will be served.


Late night guests

Late night guestsTimmy and Lucky arrived during the night and were led to their quarters by Sunny and Moonbeam.  Most of the expected guests have arrived.  Everything is in place and there are only a few last minute details that need attention.  The happy couple is spending their time with their lovely guests and making sure that everyone is happy and comfortable.  Some of the gifts are going to be opened later this evening or early tomorrow.  There is going to be bonfire at midnight and songs will be chirped but no marshmallows will be served.  Roasted corn will be on the menu and, of course, there will be cake and ice cream.


Getting ready for guests

Getting ready for guestsSeveral goats and horses are coming in late tonight.  Ivy is getting food ready for their late night snack.  Carrots, apples and hay, with sugar cubes for dessert.  Everyone is excited and waiting for their arrival.


Misty & Melvin

Misty & Melvin

Misty & Melvin are in charge of the mailroom  It’s their job to get the Wedding Invitations out before the middle of next week.   You can imagine how busy they are, even with a staff of seven.


The decision…

Finally! I’ve been waiting for the boys to get out of their wedding meeting all day long.  They just exited from the back door and it looks as if this is what they have decided to wear to the wedding.  I don’t know how the girl chicklets are going to feel about it.  The boys think the girls should wear a bow or flowers and that’s it.  They don’t want to don heavy clothing because of the warm weather.  They are afraid the wee chicklets will faint.  So they are going with blue ties and stockings and red shoes.  Tiny Peanut asked if he could carry a flower for the bride and everyone thought it was a brilliant idea.  I can’t be sure if this is the final decision or not but, at the moment, it’s the only decision we have.

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