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If you’re wondering what to make for Valentine’s Day…here are some ideas from Bored Panda

50 Times People Made Awesome Snack Ideas For Valentine’s Day And Shared Their Pics So You Can Recreate Them Too

V Day is almost here…get ready for love…

Free Blue Heart Paint on the Wall Stock Photo

Photo:  Cottonbro Studio

Valentin’s Day is on its way…

Free Cute Puppy Wearing a Party Hat Stock Photo

Photo:  Anna Shvets

Poetry Slam…Holly and the gang, and long distant poems from Melanie…

The chicklets asked Holly to come on stage with them during the Poetry Slam.  She accepted their invitation and read poems from Melanie, who was snowed in and couldn’t make the party.

by Melanie

I’m sending love to every soul who lives and plays at The Coop
They work and learn and laugh and share
And they sure know how to have fun

 One thing I admire most is that they all know the scoop
They are kind, generous and show they care
Cause they know Love is love for everyone

Feathers, scales, fur both short and long, whatever skin you’re in
Everyone is welcomed there as family or friendAnd if you are hurt or sick or on the mend they will Love you even more

by Melanie

Love is such a little word
With various interpretations
But when it is said it has huge implications|
That can create many warm sensations

On this Valentine’s Day to all around the world
I’m wishing you a love that has firm foundations
Fills your life with good vibrations
and lifts you up without any complications

And now, poems from the chicklets…

by chicklet Bliss

are soft
and feathery
they have cute feet
and beautiful beaks
there are a lot of birds
at The Coop
and a lot of love
as well


by chicklet, Min

It’s okay to not want to be around others
all the time
it’s okay to want to be alone sometimes
to read or color
as long as you do your committee things
and play with others
it’s okay to be a lone chicklet now and then
but it’s nice when others ask you to go somewhere with them
even if you’re right in the middle of a good part
in your book
you should try and go


By Brutus

this is a good place
for dogs to live
we get along with everyone
and we do a lot of the work
the chicklets and the others
sometimes can’t do
we also help in rescue efforts
and save those we can
from Factory Farms
we always have a lot to eat
we get pets
we get love
and beak rubs from the chicklets
I’m happy at The Coop
everything good is here


by chicklet Peeper

fashion is important to Chicklets
it’s fun
and I like it
because getting dressed up
makes me feel like
um…makes me feel like
I can do anything
but sometimes I just like being
a regular chicklet
either way is fine
but I enjoy our Fashion
Costume and Sewing Committee meetings
we have ice cream afterwards
and that’s something to look forward to


As always, the audience gave the poets a rousing cheer, filled with peeps, chirps and many wing flaps.  It was wonderful and everyone had a great time.


Terri and Haze finished their on stage jump roping routine, while Muffin sat in her buggy and watched. When they were finished, they brought the baby chicklet back to the Nursery, so they could join the chicklets for Valentine’s Day fun.

Once again the Dance Club reprised their routine, to support DIVERSITY for all life. There was an early morning program for the youngest chicklets. It was wonderful. When the acts were over, the chicklets went down for a nap. They loved the dancers and were seen trying to do some of the dance steps, on the way to their nests.

IMG_2610 - Version 2

The Dance Club is very good, especially when it comes to working for Diversity.  They dye themselves different colors to represent everyone and everything, because they believe that our differences, when life affirming, make us stronger.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…a day of love and fun, hearts, chocolate, flowers, and dancing. A poem.

People, Friends, Group, Hands, Signs

that’s what what Valentine’s Day
is supposed to be all about
and for many
it is
people celebrate
new love
old love
gone love
no love
the kind of love
doesn’t really matter
we have decided
to set one day a year
aside for love
wouldn’t it be nice
if instead of individual love
we could spread it out
to cover the globe
if the haters could stop
hating and killing
just for Valentine’s Day
one day
without violence
or ugliness
doesn’t seem like
a lot to ask for
does it
but we all know
that it is
because in general
and in spite of what we want to believe
peace and love
never seems overcome
hate and violence



Photo:  Pixabay

Magnetic poetry…

Miss him every single day.

Love is often a bright idea…

Photo:  Lex Guerra


Last year, Resa made this beautiful painting for the Valentine’s Day party. This year, the chicklets are using it to welcome everyone to the Party Barn, on the big day. The chicklets love what Resa does for them and they can’t wait to see what she has brought for them this year.

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