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Mimi is head of the menu committee for the Valentine’s Day Party.  She had the same job last year, so she knows exactly what to do.  Since last year’s menu selection was  fabulous, everyone is wondering what she will select … Continue reading

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Story time with Beth…

After a delicious breakfast and a fun slide show from Melanie, the chicklets went to an early Poetry Slam.  It was short, since the big Poetry Slam is later this evening, so afterward they went to the reading room for … Continue reading

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Every living being knows how to love…We think we understand other species when we don’t even understand ourselves. EGO TRIP…we need to stop that.

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When I look at this poor house, through no fault of it’s own, it started to die, because no one loved it.  It stopped being cared for. I think relationships are like that.  If love isn’t cared for and appreciated, … Continue reading

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Have fun…

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After Breakfast the chicklets and their guests were in for a treat…Melanie sent pictures for them to see, flashed onto the entire kitchen wall. Everyone loved them and it was the perfect way to start Valentine’s Day. Thank you Melanie…chirp, cheep and wing flaps.

For the Warming Bunnies… For the chicklets

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Couples…Valentine Day thoughts (dark)

So many people choose to live their lives fighting and blowing up at each other.  Lives filled with anger, rage, dread, hatred and pain.  Manipulating each other and  causing  nothing but fear, cruelty, frustration and suffering.  Normally, one person (almost … Continue reading

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I just received the below in a newsletter. PLEASE do this simple thing and send a valentine to Major White. Please read the below and, if you would, put this request on your blog and let’s try and make this his best Valentine’s Day EVER! THANK YOU

Special Request:   In case you haven’t heard about this on the news, I’m going to share it now in this newsletter.  There is a gentleman from the US Marines who will be turning 104 years old on his birthday; Major … Continue reading

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Happy V Day…

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Sage and Peaches are sitting in the Love Boat. The Stage Crew built it for the Photo Booth at the Valentine’s Day Party.

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