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I am cat…hear me roar…

Never interrupt someone who’s reading…

Photo:  Vadym

How sweet is this…

Dog, Cat, Animals, Bull Terrier, Pets

Photo:  Pixabay

To brighten your day…from: Bored Panda

130 Cats Acting So Cute, People Just Had To Stop And Snap A Picture


Emily was playing, and heard a noise. She tears the feathers out of all her toys and I find them all over the house.


New frame for an old picture of Emmie.

Spring is in the air, at least for a few days, and it’s a lazy, happy, take deep breaths kind of day…

Ginger cat sleeping along stone wall

Photo:  Marstion



“I don’t LIKE tuna fish!” (Cat training her human)

Animal, Cat, Mammal, Feline, Species

Photo:  Pixabay


Emily has staked out the family room rug. It’s getting grubby fast, as you can imagine,, but I’m afraid to vacuum and terrify her. Not the best photo but she’s playing with her toy, so…

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