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the orange one’s reign of terror is over…

yayayayayayayayayayaya   Steffi Pereira Unsplash

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I see you…

beauty, grace, charm, cuteness, and love all rolled up into ONE adorable kitty   Henda Watani Pexels

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Bast…the great Cat Goddess

Photo:  Anderson Martins Pexels

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She’s tiny but fierce…a poem

you’re never too small to let your voice be heard never too tiny to be fierce and stand up for what you believe in you’re only as strong and wild as you think you are be brave and let your … Continue reading

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Focus…cats are experts

Photo:  Mlezekieze Pixabay

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cats are the shape of LOVE they are exactly what love looks like when you see a kitten you know what love feels like   Photo:  Martin de Arriba Unsplash

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Three pictures of Emmie playing today…we had fun

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One of my granddaughter’s cats. He is exceptionally expressive…and terrified of pretty much EVERYTHING.

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Two pictures of Emily telling me that she’s hungry…

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I was up at 5:30 feeding Emily.  She ate a little.  I went for a quick walk, showered, got dressed and went outside to catch my cat and take her to the vet.  I was taking to my daughter and … Continue reading

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