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Emmie’s sweet paw prints…


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Where are you? I’m hungry and I can’t open the door and even if I could, I don’t know how to open the cans of food. I could always tear a chair apart and try and eat that, or I could chew on the dog, eat a plant, or hide your sock. Up to you, cuz I CAN get through the window. Mew. Don’t tell the dog cuz he thinks he’s safe. (Add maniacal cat laughter). Mew


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If there is a heaven…it looks just like this


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Emily has her own way of telling me when something is wrong…

When someone is in her house Emily comes to my door and looks inside.  Then she looks at her house.  If I don’t go out  immediately, she walks to the entrance of her house and looks in.   Then she comes … Continue reading

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Emily (today) and her winter house…

Below are photographs of her house.  I know it looks awful, but here’s the thing.  The part that’s sticking up, on the right, in my potting table.  The bottom shelf is off the ground and one of her electric beds … Continue reading

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Yes, cats can build snowcats…

Rubber stamps rerun

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Dreams DO come true…meow

Pixabay This is the most wonderful picture.  The cat is surely saying, “Can you believe this?  LOOK what I have!  This is the best thing EVER!  Snacks in FLOATING BUBBLES!  MEOW!  Oh sure, I’m definitely a vegetarian, I’m just sayin’.”

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