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Hey, look at me. I’m JUST LIKE YOU, but in a different body. You humans are the ONLY ones who don’t understand that.

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This is Effie…my granddaughter’s cat…


This is Sunny…another feral cat. She’s so beautiful.

While this is certainly number one on the list, it never hurts to add chocolate, books and ice cream. Seriously…start with the cat and go from there.

Mid-coated Brown Cat

Photo:  Alena Koval

Cats always find the LIGHT…

White and Orange Cat Lying on Floor

Photo:  Thomas Anunziata

No matter cats are doing…they’re doing it perfectly and looking gorgeous.

white and black cat on white textile

Photo:  Jonathan Cooper

And when I’m elected PRESIDENT there will be a mouse in my cabinet…really, there will be (snicker, snicker), at least for a little while. Naps will be mandatory, and dogs will fetch things for us. Humans will open cans and bags of food and life will be good. Oh, and everything will be soft.

Cat Yawning

Photo: Serena Koi


Orange Tabby Cat on White Table

I cherish my privacy,
and woe betide anyone
who tries to interfere with that.

–Jeff Beck


Photo:  Matthias Oben

Nature is perfect…well, except for us, of course. Nice kitty.

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Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT mess with me…

Short-fur Black, Orange, and Gray Cat

Photo: Pixabay

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