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A very short story about GOD…

“Why do you always tip-toe past the cat, when she’s on the chair?” he asked. “Because she might be sleeping,” she answered. “She’s always sleeping but even if you wake her, she’ll just close her eyes and go back to … Continue reading

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Emily’s summer nest… put the cushion there to dry, after a rain storm, but she loves it and she’s the boss, so the cushion stays where it is…

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LOOK!!! Emily finally jumped onto the new cushion…Yay!

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It rained and I was drying out the cushion and found Em sitting there waiting for breakfast…

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Em is so happy to be out on another warm beautiful day.

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A good place for a nap…it’s foggy because I took it through two windows. Pillow is too big. It’s no longer there.

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Emily and I played for a long time this morning. She got LOTS of pets and we walked around and looked at everything, only stopping when she dances around my feet for more pets. We had a wonderful time and I was following her, or she was following me. She’s such a great cat. Putty in her paws, putty in her paws. Sigh. (2 pictures) Garden hasn’t been cleaned yet.

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