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Emmie came in from the cold to start breakfast but ran outside and waited to finish on the patio…at least she came in for a minute or two.


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This is my granddaughter’s cat, Twenty-One. He’s still a baby and loves his giraffe. He carries it with him and plays with it all the time.

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Emily has me trained to perfection. Another morning where I was standing in the rain, waiting for her to finish her breakfast UNDER her tarp where she was safe, dry and surrounded by heated beds. When she was finished, like a good servant, I removed her dish and let her go back to bed. I was wet and chilled but she was full and happy and that’s all that really matters.

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Cats make everything more beautiful just by being there…

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Blue and white…

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Emmie after breakfast…

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Chip, my cousin’s sweet fourteen year old cat, left this plane this morning…this is for him.

the stopping of a heart like the silencing of a startled bird’s beating wings   never to begin again   yet the memory of one who was loved lingers on forever  

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