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Nature is perfect…well, except for us, of course. Nice kitty.

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Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT mess with me…

Short-fur Black, Orange, and Gray Cat

Photo: Pixabay

All cats are natural ballet dancers and yoga masters…all of them.

white and brown cat on brown sand

Photo:  Rafay Saeed


EMILY rolling around on the patio…

Uber for cats…

gray tabby cat in yellow and black hand-case backpack

Photo:  KiVEN Zhao

Emily…instructions on how to stretch…3 pictures

First you walk to a comfortable place on the patio…


then you get into position…

then you turn into yoga cat and STRETCH…

Cats sleep wherever they like…

gray cat sitting on lying brown dog

Photo:  Glomad Marketing

You know this picture is all about magic…A poem

White and Brown Cat

a witch lives with me
we work together
in harmony
as it should be
what we do
is for the
good of all
and the harm of none
and you may well ask
how we know
what is good for all
well that’s easy
what we do is
loving and kind
life affirming
in a world
that is determined
to do the exact
I’m happy to be a
and she’s happy
to be my witch
merry meet
and merry part
and merry meet
blessed be



Photo:  Xue Guangjian

Welcome to the ancestral home…a very short story.

two brown cats wall decor

“Are those your parents?”

“No,” said the cat.  “They go way back.  You can tell by the clothing.  We don’t wear clothes any longer.  It slows us down and looks silly.”

“You look a lot like your female ancestor.”

“Everyone thinks so, and I have to agree.  I believe she’s my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, or something like that.  She was born in Europe and lived at the Court of someone,  but grew bored.   She started moving around and eventually, my family landed in America.”

“Do humans live in the house with you?”  asked the interviewer.

“No, of course not.  They come in to serve my meals, clean my litter box, do a bit of dusting and washing up, but that’s it.”

“I see,” said the man, scratching his chin.  “You have a beautiful family.”

“All cats are beautiful so, yes, I do.   And you can leave now.  It’s time for my friends to come over and scratch on the back of the chairs, then take naps.  Don’t come back, or I’ll bite you and,” said the cat, unsheathing his claws…”you know.”

“Got it.  Thanks for your time.”

“Just go already.”


Photo:  Erica Marsland Huyna





Okay, so…Emily and the tail.

Last night I went out to feed Emily and saw a tail coming out from under her tarp.  It wasn’t her’s.  It was a possum’s tail.  I shooed the possum away but Em was gone.  So, I immediately went to code RED.  Was she hurt?  How long was the possum eating her nighttime meals? Was that why she was out in the rain waiting for me by the door the other night?

Now, it’s very late and I’m outside calling her and looking for her.  The batteries on my tiny flashlight are dying.  I finally went back inside the house and waited for about fifteen minutes then went out again.  I called her, for awhile, and she finally came to me.

I started petting her, to see if she was hurt, or bleeding.  Argggg!  So we talked for awhile and she let me keep petting her.  Then I went in and got her late-night dinner.  I stood over her while she ate, which is what I normally do, but she wasn’t coming out because it has been too cold.

I found a raccoon in there once, as well.  Freaks me out when they are so close to her.  Her nest is big.  There’s a two room dog house under the heavy tarps, with heated beds.  Three other beds are scattered around under there, and her cat scratcher is there as well.  She can walk around and play, sleep in multiple beds and stay warm and dry.  There’s also an emergency shelter under my potting table, which is wrapped in a heavy boat tarp as well.  There’s a nice soft bed under there (off the ground) in a sturdy cardboard box.  Also dry, but no electric bed.  She has a heated water dish as well.

The electric beds are body activated.  If she’s not it, it turns off.  The heat starts a few minutes after she lays down.

I was petting her this morning and she’s fine.  I like possums and raccoons.  I used to feed them, but then it got to be a LOT of animals and skunks, as well.  So I had to stop doing it.  I don’t want them around her house.  Neither does she.  So, I’ll sweep and clean, the best I can today.

The tarps are really heavy, brown on one side and silver on the other, and they’re huge. I have absolutely no sense of how many feet anything is, so I bought gigantic, and it’s hard to do much with them when it’s cold.  When I put new ones on, or clean the old ones, they cover the entire gigantic patio  I can barely fold them. LOL  They looked a lot smaller folded up when I bought them.  Hahahahaha

I buy a new one every year and put the old ones on top of that one, so the wind and snow can’t get her.

The wind was clocked at 52 mph yesterday.  I don’t know where one of my flags went, but it’s gone.  Chairs were tossed around and so were a lot of other things, but her house was fine.  I have it bungie corded to heavy things and held down with a million rocks.  It looks terrible but it works.

Anyway, her house is possum free for now and I’m tired.  Street cats only have a life span of 2 to 5 years and she’s been in my yard for 9, so something is working.  She will NOT COME IN MY HOUSE.  After nine years of trying to get her inside, I’m giving up.  I read something that said some cats can’t do it and to leave them alone.  She’ll come in and sit inside and look out the open door for a few minutes, if I’m not in the same room, but she won’t stay in.

My cat’s okay, the sun’s out, the possum’s gone, and all is well with the world…for the moment.  And moments, seem to be all we ever really have.

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