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Melanie’s poems are being read by Flicka, a new calf. It’s her first time on stage. She said she’s not afraid, because she’s surrounded by love from everyone at The Coop. Flicka and her mom were rescued from a factory farm…poems by Melanie speak to that time in her life.

He was named Robert and he could’ve been called Rob or Bob Robbie or Bobby or even Bert (thank goodness he wasn’t called Bert) but instead, and I never knew why, they called him E I asked him once what … Continue reading

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Acorn and her little brother Cloud…story below

Acorn asked St. Chickmas for wings, a ballet skirt, and ice skates, which she received.  She’s very excited and has worn her gifts since she opened the boxes.  She’s been walking around in her ice skates since Chickmas Eve, waiting … Continue reading

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Robin is another artist at The Coop. She received new paints and brushes for Chickmas and has been busy ever since. (see story below)

I took Robin to see Monet’s Garden, a couple of years ago.  She’s been painting this way ever since.  She loves black paint and said she likes the way it muddies the other colors.  The chicklets are going to set … Continue reading

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Star Bright and his friend Anita…Chickmas gifts.

Star Bright’s little sister, Mint Leaf, is learning how to knit and sew.  She made Star Bright’s sweater for Chickmas and Anita’s scarf as well.  They are both very happy with their wonderful gifts and the chicklets are delighted with … Continue reading

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Lacy received two beautiful scarfs for Chickmas and, since she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, she wore both of them at the same time.  Her hat matches perfectly and the other chicklets think she looks fine.  Lacey is quite … Continue reading

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Merry Chickmas…from the chicklets.


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The Eve before Chickmas…(reblog)

Twas the eve before chickmas and all through The Coop the chicklets were peeping and looking for loot they ate all the cookies the bread and the corn and nothing was left for the next Chickmas morn   the hens … Continue reading

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