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The Swimming Committee, made up mostly of ducks, is thinking of doing a swimming routine on stage at the Bunny Party. The Stage Crew is working our the logistics.

The party is over for the younger chicklets, so the closing song is just being sung by the Chickmas Angel. Please sing along to the tune of: CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE. THANK YOU FROM THE ANGEL.

Chickmas time is here
memories appear
of those we love
and those we’ve lost
we hold them all so dear

hoofs and paws are light
feathers dance at night
talons strong
tap out this song
birds peep with all their might

lambs and cows and goats
all dressed up in coats
bunny ears
and lots of cheers
will echo through the years

Ravens dive and twirl
mice all roll and curl
roosters crow
and hens chirp low
all welcoming the Light

we all wish for peace
violence to cease
cages gone
we don’t belong
on plates don’t eat our feet

that’s my Chickmas song
time to run along
you are loved
my song’s your hug
stars glitter bright above



That was transltead from the Angel’s CHICKMAS SONG (she wrote it herself)

Peep peep peep chirp
chirp peep
peep peep peep peep
peep chirp, tweet, peep
chirp chirp peep peep

tweet, warble, chirp chirp
peep, peep chirp peep
chirp chirp
peep peep chirp peep
chirp chirp chirp peep peep



Merry Chickmas to one and all…

On the way to a late breakfast…

After the party last night, the hens knew some of the chicklets would be sleeping late, so breakfast is still on going.  Pancakes and cornbread, cookies and cereal, and more treats from Holly.  Beth is going to have another Story Hour this afternoon, just for the babies and those in the hospital.  Resa is going to give the Sewing Club some lessons on seams and hems.

Tonight is the big Chickmas Party, although last night was amazing.  The sing-a-long lasted much longer than expected, since everyone was having so much fun.  None of the acrobats fell and THE NIGHT BEFORE CHICKMAS was acted out perfectly.

All of the guests are having a wonderful time and if the weather permits, the horses said they will give everyone rides.

So Chickmas should prove to be another wonderful day at The Coop.


A photo on the wall in the kitchen…so the chicklets can see it in the morning at breakfast.

The Chickmas Angel wrote a poem, so she is opening the gala event, a well as closing it later,with a song.

said the angel
peep songs of joy
and peace
of kindness
and sharing
of gentleness
and love
not only at
but all year through
chicklets are
pure of heart
as are the warming bunnies
the horses, lambs
piggies and ducks
all living beings
should be treated
with respect
because the
Chickmas Angel
said so
and she knows it’s true
because she wrote this poem herself
the hens watch over us
and the roosters
wake up the sun everyday
we rescue those
who need help
heal those we can
and we keep our feathers
so on this Chickmas Eve
know that
you are all beautiful
and loved so very much

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHICKMAS by the Poetry Club and the Media Committee…9 pictures

It was The Night Before Chickmas and all through The Coop

The chicklets were playing with their hula-hoops

Some stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Chicklemas soon would be there

The chicklets were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of cornbread danced fast in their heads

The hens in their kerchiefs, the roosters in caps, didn’t have time for a long winter’s nap

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter they ran to the window to see what was the matter|

And what to their wondering eyes did appear but a miniature sleigh and one tiny reindeer

As they drew in their heads they heard a new sound and saw Old St. Chicklemas, when they turned around


There were gifts for the chicklets, the hens and the cats,

the dogs and the roosters, the horses and bats.

The cows and the goats, the birds and the ducks,

even the pigs and the squirrels were in luck.

All were included, it’s always that way,

and everyone there had the best Chickmas day


The end


The chicklets are finished with breakfast and are on their way to practice their poetry on stage. The Stage Crew will set up the final props for the Big Show and by this afternoon, the party will have started.


The chicklets are on the way to the gym so they are ready for their tumbling routine, on stage.

The Chickmas Angel…

Sweet Pea is the Chickmas Angel this year.  She’s very happy about that and the Stage Crew made sure the straps that will be holding her up, during the show, won’t hurt her wings at all.  She’s going to chirp a Chickmas song at the end of the gala event and everyone is looking forward to that.

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