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Dragon Quest…20

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

the crows were enjoying the french fries
they love those
don’t they
said the dragon
watching the birds
scarf down the potatoes
they love them
so do I
but finish the story
so you can go away
it will be my pleasure to leave
have no doubt about that
so once your species
increased in numbers
and made weapons
they hunted everything that moved
including us
they loved killing
did not like being killed
so we moved to a different reality
one where humans did not exist
so you moved where
my species doesn’t exist
and then…
see how easy it is to cut to the chase
I despise you
you are crude
gross and…
I’m gross
in what way am I gross
you moronic skinny dragon
I told you
I am not skinny
I am built for speed
I know some dogs
who weigh more than you do
there are no dogs who weigh more than I do
this is a fact
and I will no longer respond
to your insults
he said
so we moved
but trouble started
between the dragon clans
things were difficult
and fighting broke out
my father
King of the Green Dragons
won many battles
but my mother
he paused
and my father’s rage
too much to contain
the dragon nodded
dragons mate for life
so my father came to your reality
and searched for a human
he could trust
to hold his power
until he could return
and reclaim it
it seems that human
was your father
my father had put his power
into the statue
and apparently
gave it to your father
for safe keeping
he meant to get the statue back
but he never did
now I fear he’s dying
his lack of power
is causing him to fade
I don’t think he has long
I can get the statue back to him
she said
giving the silver dragon to him
I hope he feels better soon
just like that
asked the dragon
you aren’t going to ask for anything
in return
why would I do that
it’s not mine
it belongs to your father
as the current owner
you may ask for anything
I don’t want anything
so finish eating
then go back to wherever you go
and take care of the baby dragon
Dusty landed on the pizza
and started eating
did you eat all of your own pizza
the crow nodded and continued to eat
who do you hunt
asked the dragon
those who harm others
those who don’t belong here
and just come to feast
no matter their species
even if they’re just visiting
you have special weapons
and magic
your gun
never runs out of bullets
it does not
and it has ammo
for different species
have you ever killed a dragon
a dragon has never caused harm
I don’t hate you
I know
tell me
what’s going to happen
to the sister who took the baby
she will be banned
from traveling outside of our reality
is that all
I don’t know
but she is a princess
and she is young
all that princess stuff
is a waste of time
if you ask me
I do not disagree
but it is what we have
change it
can you change your
good point
the bird has eaten the rest of the pizza
he does things like that
and this is the longest goodbye ever
perhaps we do not want it to end
he said
a sword appearing in his hand
take this
it will protect you
if it begins to glow
 danger is near
it can cut through anything
and if someone takes if from you
it will disappear
and reappear in your hand
I want you to  have it
he said
placing it on the table
thank you
she said
picking up the sword
aren’t you going to argue with me
no way
she said
grinning at him
what is it called
it’s name is Eternity
he stood up and bowed
should you ever need my help
you have but to mention my name
I don’t know your name
so I think you’re safe
it is Emerald
I do have one request
name it 
when she is older
will you tell Coral Reef
about Wave
and what she did for her
I will
you have my word

he said
touching her cheek
may I ask something from you
like what
a kiss
didn’t we already do that
she said
but just to be clear
you do know this is not
 a story about romance
don’t you

It’s our story
we can make it into anything
and everything is about romance
then he took her in his arms
and kissed her
while Dusty flapped his wings
and pretended to vomit
on the cardboard
that once held the pizza
you should go
as you wish
he said
farewell Hunter
farewell dragon
and he was gone
she turned to the crow
and said
the barfing was funny
now tell me how my mother
was involved with the crows and ravens
a story for another time Hunter
said the crow
bad guys are approaching

Dragon Quest…19

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

she went to the balcony
and waved at the dragon
he looked around
then realized she was waving
at him
he can’t be that dumb
can he

she asked one of the crows
the crow cawed
and shook his head
she waved the dragon
over and he took off
from the roof he was sitting on
changing into a person
when he got close enough
to the balcony
to land safely
we need to talk
she said
if I come inside
are you going to shoot me
how should I know
I guess it depends on what you 

say or do
what does that mean
it means
you’ll have to take your chance

how’s your wing
I hate you
she snickered
it’s not funny
it kind of is
she grinned
pulling out a kitchen chair
he sat
I was talking with the Great Mother
and she said
you talked to Her personally
She told me about my parents

the gifts
and that your father lost a lot of his power
and that balance has to be restored
She didn’t tell me what would happen
if it wasn’t
She said I had to work with you to fix things
so here I am
when did you see Her
last night

he shrugged
do you know where your father
got the statue
I was a kid when he gave it to me
I didn’t ask where it came from
he just told me to always keep it with me

and to never lose it
Dusty landed on the table
shook his feathers
and told the dragon
to tell her the story
what story
she asked
the dragon cleared his throat
and began
long before the planets
were in their current positions
you mean a really LONG time ago
that’s exactly what I mean
a really long time ago
he said sarcastically
when dragons owned the sky
there was chaos
everything was in turmoil
forming and un-forming
the worlds had yet
to make up their minds
but the dragons didn’t care
they flew where they would
making fire their own
they breathed it in and then out
and we became
along with everything else
basically a creation story
are you going to keep interrupting me
I don’t know
are you going to keep giving me a history lesson
the dragon
let out a sigh
then said
it was beautiful
there was no sky
not as it is now
but the dragons were happy
and free
when things calmed down

our kind made their home
on what you call earth
it had everything we needed

our species broke off and became
the dinosaurs you all love so much
interesting creatures 

but they could not transform
then your species arrived

they had no skills
we watched them stumble
and die
killing each other
even then
but we did not interfere
not to be rude
but could you get to the point
or are you trying to put me to sleep
this IS the point
you miserable human
I’m going to order a pizza
for us and for the birds
pizza is good for any meal
or even a snack
since I’m hungry 

and don’t have any food
in the fridge
that’s what we’re having

so while I’m calling
think of how you can tell me

what happened in a hundred words or less
I hate her so much
he said to the crow
if you cause her harm
I will peck out your eyes
one by one
and eat them
then I will continue
tearing you apart
a little at a time
considered yourself warned
so I would be very careful
what you say to me
I’m glad we cleared that up
you should be
said the crow
you should be

to be continued…


Dragon Quest…17

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

she hitched a ride
got home
and settled the birds
on the balcony
and opened a jar
of peanut butter
she put an english muffin
into the toaster
and grabbed a carton
of grapefruit juice
out of the fridge
the bell tinged
and she made a
of sorts
then she sat down
at the table and
thought about
what she could do
to help Wave’s mother
cope with the loss
of her daughter
a crow
at the balcony door
she let him in
and saw the dragon
on the roof of the building
across the street
she held up her hand
like a gun
and pulled the trigger
then she and the birds
went inside
and she locked the door
she got the statue off the shelf
and stared at it
what did you give to me
father mine

what were you thinking
what does this do
what is it for
and why did you think
I should have it
the dragon
felt warm
in her hand
what do you 
have to do 
with the dragon’s father
what power do you have
and how can I access it
she was suddenly exhausted
so she picked up the dragon
and dropped onto the couch
she was asleep within minutes
the crows gathered around her
and the dream began


to be continued…

Dragon Quest 16…

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

the dragon landed on the highway
and waited for her to run into him
she did
he was pushed back
leaving deeply rutted claw marks
in the street
she got out
and looked at the front of her car
we need to talk
he said
she got back into her car
and tried to start it
the motor decided
it was better to
so it did
you’re wasting time
 go away
I want to know how the statue
came to be in this reality
and when and where
your father got it

she started walking
three crows
began to follow her
she thanked them
and kept going
the dragon
in human form
trailed after her
she turned
and shot him in the leg
he shouted
and fell to the ground
she kept walking
one of the crows
went to the dragon
and pecked at him
then he flew back to her
two more crows joined them
the dragon
turned into his
dragon form
and started healing
he watched her walk
surrounded by black birds
as she grew smaller
his wound closed
he shook himself
and took to the air
she turned and
shot him in the wing
once again
he found himself
on the pavement
she didn’t slow down
she said
I told you
it was a birthday gift
I liked dragons
not dinosaurs
I know that it has power
I don’t care

that it was your father’s
I don’t care
that you want to know more
I only care 
that my best friend Is 
and if you don’t back off

I will
you don’t understand
he said softly
it holds much of my father’s
she shouted
leave me alone
or I will shoot you
through the heart
and the birds
will have whatever
parts of you
they like

to be continued…

Dragon Quest…15

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

you can’t have it
the statue is mine

my father gave it to me
and I don’t like you
not even a little
so fly away

and never come back
I cannot do that
I need to know how your father

came to have statue
she got into the car
slammed the door
and took off
the dragon flew next to her
she tried to hit him
but he seemed to know
when she was coming
and easily kept out of her way
which made her even more angry
she slammed on the brakes
when a troll stepped onto the road
he held up his hands
and she shot out of the car
could you possibly want
the troll put his arms down
and looked at his feet
the dragon landed on the road
and sat quietly
hey skinny dragon
she yelled
this is none of your business
get lost
the dragon stayed where he was
she glared at the troll
Mistress Hunter
we are sorry
about the loss of your friend
one of our kind was there
trying to stop the humans
our apologies
we failed
because of that
we are yours to call
should you need our help
she stared at him
then nodded
thank you
I accept your gift

and only in an emergency
shall I call upon you and yours
then it is done
said the troll
who turned
and went on his way
she got back into the car
and tried to ram the dragon
who took to the air
and circled her car
she stopped
took out her gun
and leaned out of the window
the dragon
flew off in the direction
she was headed

to be continued…

I really want a dragon…story poem


Dragon, Girl, Guardian, Fantasy, Mystic

I really want a dragon
with wings as wide as they can be
a fire breathing dragon
so we can roast marshmallows
when we please
I really want a dragon
a big one
nothing small
I’ll pet her in the morning
feed her cookies, tea and toast
and give her gems
or colored glass
whichever she’d like most
we’ll never stay in one place
unless she wants a cave
and I will call her Sweet One
regardless of her name
I really want a dragon
but Amazon said no
so I guess I’ll go
where dragons live
and find one on my own


Photo:  Pixabay

Fire Eater…

I might have wanted to be a lot of things during my life, but I can honestly say that FIRE EATER, was never one of them.  Nope.  It never crossed my mind.  Maybe if I got my wish and turned into a dragon…but that never happened, so…


Photo:  Cameron Venti

Dragons…a poem

Animal, Beast, Creature, Dragon, Drake

are made out of dreams
we remember them
and think them
back to life
so they can soar
and look after their

before we became killers
dragons were our friends
but once they saw the path we were on
they disappeared
their hearts broken
to see what we had become


Picture:  Pixabay

Here’s the thing about dragons…

Dragons are beautiful, powerful, loyal, true and loving.  They protect those they care about and will fight to the death to keep them safe.  They also have a great sense of humor.  Some people believe that dragons never existed, or that they did exist, but are gone from our world.  Still others believe that dragons are still alive, but on a different plane.  The truth is, they are very much alive and quite a few of them are living here among us.   Some live in isolated areas but others live out their lives along side of us…shape-shifters who raise their vibration levels enough that we don’t see them…unless they want us to.

Dragons are intelligent, fast, and playful but they don’t like licorice.   Red or black, they don’t like it.  They do like glitter, jewels, gems, gold and silver and they love to receive gifts.  As long as it’s not, you know, licorice.  They also love poetry and enjoy reading it aloud in caves, where their voices carry.

They have no desire to  come back to our world, to darken our sky with their huge, graceful bodies.  They play here but think that most humans are only good with catsup.  I told you they had a sense of humor.  Baby dragons are ticklish but adults are too big to tickle, so I don’t know whether or not they still are.

There are few rules, in Dragon culture. The biggest one is that they can’t steal from each other.  Several of the other rules are about bowing and holidays.

If you meet a dragon, it’s important not to show fear.  Just relax and be polite.  Rudeness is  definitely frowned upon. Dragons can be old-fashion, at times, and being respectful, is always a good way to go.   It depends on the dragon but some warm up to people right away, while others are a bit standoffish.

Pregnant females can be blindingly bright and they are usually surrounded by others.  Dragons don’t reproduce that often, so when a new dragon is born, it’s cause for great celebration.  If you’re invited to a shower, and can afford it, bring silver or gold.  Dragons realize that not all humans are able to buy expensive gems but as long as you bring a token gift, anything will be appreciated.  They love cookies, you just need to bring a lot of them.  A word of warning…stuffed toys don’t last very long.

There are different kinds of Dragons.  Warrior Dragons are enormous and have extremely thick, scales.  They are truly magnificent.  Their colors run from black and dark green, to gold and red.  They are the biggest dragons of them all and they protect all the other dragons form the outside worlds.  Their flames and roars can shatter a planet.  But they have a gentle side as well.  I think some of the dragons exist just to be magnificent.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think that I am.  When they sing, it’s overpowering because their voices are nothing like we’ve ever heard on earth.  When they sing the Universe sighs and it’s heartbeat slows.  That’s how wonderful they sound, even the babies.

Anyway, those are just a few things I thought you might like to know about dragons. My daughter and I are born under the sign of the Dragon, so they are quite dear to me.  Don’t believe any one who tells you they are bad.  They aren’t.  The only time dragons are destructive is when they have been captured and tortured.  When that happens, they are rescued as quickly as possible and taken to a cave, where they are surrounded by others.  They are fed and cared for day and night until they are completely healed.  It doesn’t matter how long the healing process takes.  That’s they way they are.  Oh, and the other dragons return to the place where the dragon was held and burn it to the ground along with any and all who were involved.  Justice is important to dragons.


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