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I really want a dragon…story poem


Dragon, Girl, Guardian, Fantasy, Mystic

I really want a dragon
with wings as wide as they can be
a fire breathing dragon
so we can roast marshmallows
when we please
I really want a dragon
a big one
nothing small
I’ll pet her in the morning
feed her cookies, tea and toast
and give her gems
or colored glass
whichever she’d like most
we’ll never stay in one place
unless she wants a cave
and I will call her Sweet One
regardless of her name
I really want a dragon
but Amazon said no
so I guess I’ll go
where dragons live
and find one on my own


Photo:  Pixabay

Fire Eater…

I might have wanted to be a lot of things during my life, but I can honestly say that FIRE EATER, was never one of them.  Nope.  It never crossed my mind.  Maybe if I got my wish and turned into a dragon…but that never happened, so…


Photo:  Cameron Venti

Dragons…a poem

Animal, Beast, Creature, Dragon, Drake

are made out of dreams
we remember them
and think them
back to life
so they can soar
and look after their

before we became killers
dragons were our friends
but once they saw the path we were on
they disappeared
their hearts broken
to see what we had become


Picture:  Pixabay

Here’s the thing about dragons…

Dragons are beautiful, powerful, loyal, true and loving.  They protect those they care about and will fight to the death to keep them safe.  They also have a great sense of humor.  Some people believe that dragons never existed, or that they did exist, but are gone from our world.  Still others believe that dragons are still alive, but on a different plane.  The truth is, they are very much alive and quite a few of them are living here among us.   Some live in isolated areas but others live out their lives along side of us…shape-shifters who raise their vibration levels enough that we don’t see them…unless they want us to.

Dragons are intelligent, fast, and playful but they don’t like licorice.   Red or black, they don’t like it.  They do like glitter, jewels, gems, gold and silver and they love to receive gifts.  As long as it’s not, you know, licorice.  They also love poetry and enjoy reading it aloud in caves, where their voices carry.

They have no desire to  come back to our world, to darken our sky with their huge, graceful bodies.  They play here but think that most humans are only good with catsup.  I told you they had a sense of humor.  Baby dragons are ticklish but adults are too big to tickle, so I don’t know whether or not they still are.

There are few rules, in Dragon culture. The biggest one is that they can’t steal from each other.  Several of the other rules are about bowing and holidays.

If you meet a dragon, it’s important not to show fear.  Just relax and be polite.  Rudeness is  definitely frowned upon. Dragons can be old-fashion, at times, and being respectful, is always a good way to go.   It depends on the dragon but some warm up to people right away, while others are a bit standoffish.

Pregnant females can be blindingly bright and they are usually surrounded by others.  Dragons don’t reproduce that often, so when a new dragon is born, it’s cause for great celebration.  If you’re invited to a shower, and can afford it, bring silver or gold.  Dragons realize that not all humans are able to buy expensive gems but as long as you bring a token gift, anything will be appreciated.  They love cookies, you just need to bring a lot of them.  A word of warning…stuffed toys don’t last very long.

There are different kinds of Dragons.  Warrior Dragons are enormous and have extremely thick, scales.  They are truly magnificent.  Their colors run from black and dark green, to gold and red.  They are the biggest dragons of them all and they protect all the other dragons form the outside worlds.  Their flames and roars can shatter a planet.  But they have a gentle side as well.  I think some of the dragons exist just to be magnificent.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think that I am.  When they sing, it’s overpowering because their voices are nothing like we’ve ever heard on earth.  When they sing the Universe sighs and it’s heartbeat slows.  That’s how wonderful they sound, even the babies.

Anyway, those are just a few things I thought you might like to know about dragons. My daughter and I are born under the sign of the Dragon, so they are quite dear to me.  Don’t believe any one who tells you they are bad.  They aren’t.  The only time dragons are destructive is when they have been captured and tortured.  When that happens, they are rescued as quickly as possible and taken to a cave, where they are surrounded by others.  They are fed and cared for day and night until they are completely healed.  It doesn’t matter how long the healing process takes.  That’s they way they are.  Oh, and the other dragons return to the place where the dragon was held and burn it to the ground along with any and all who were involved.  Justice is important to dragons.


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