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From their own lips…a very short story

Pixabay   “Why am I naked?” “Babies are often naked and that’s the way you were painted.” “I’m freezing and I look ridiculous.” “I wish I could help you.” “You could share one of the multiple layers of clothing you’re … Continue reading

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The Inbetween…

Pixabay KAZ They were there, when the tomb was opened.  Perfectly preserved.  Books, before books were born into the world at the hands of humans.  They didn’t know how it was possible. The tomb was intact,  Yet there they were, … Continue reading

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Lunch hour…

“What happened to your ear?” “It’s a long story,” said the man, his ginger hair pushed to the side. “I have an hour for lunch and I see you sitting her every day, reading and writing in your little notebook.” … Continue reading

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Photograph by:  Debbie The beings who existed on Swirl were happy and lived long and wonderful lives.  It was always 75 degrees, except where it wasn’t, and the atmosphere was perfection.  The rain, when it fell, was warm and made … Continue reading

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“Hello,” he said. “Uh, excuse me,” she snarked, giving him a wide birth. “Can you help me?” She ignored him, clutching her purse tighter and increasing her pace.  Why does this always happen to me? she wondered.  “I’m not sure what … Continue reading

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The Story…

“Grandmother,” said William.  “Tell me the story.  Please.” William’s grandmother smiled.  “Pull your chair closer, and bring your blanket.” “Okay, I’m ready,” said William excitedly, straightening the blue blanket over his legs. “Once there was a place, a country really,” … Continue reading

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The Manuscript…

“Please sit down,” said the man in the muddy brown suit, pointing to the hard wooden chair.  “I’m only seeing you because my partner insisted upon it, I hope you know that.” “I understand,” said the woman, her hair white, … Continue reading

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