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May all your dreams come true…

Dog, Sleep, Dream, Night, Woods, Winter

Picture:  Pixabay

Sweet dreams…

white cat sleeps under white comforter

Photo:  Kate Stone Matheson

To sleep…perchance to dream…

Photo:  Samuel Regan-Asante

Sleep…a poem

grayscale photo of girl sleeping on white pillow

in our dreams
we can fly
or be superheroes
we can see
rocket ships
are filled with
and sometimes
with friends
dreams can be visits
to another time
and place
one we remember
when when we are
are drifting
when we are
not fully
a different home
one as real
as the one
we know
when we are
in our dreams
whether we remember them
or not
we can drop into
parallel lives
glimpses of the past
and the future
some dreams
can be scary
so it’s a good thing
we always have a sword
at our side
some dreams are fun
but the thing to keep in mind
is that we all have them
each and every one of us
are part of being human


Photo:  Annie Spratt

How to dream and make wishes come true…instructions and a poem

  1.  write your wish on a sheet of paper
  2.   fold paper into the shape of a boat
  3.   repeat wish several times out loud
  4.   place the paper boat in a pond, a river, stream, lake or ocean
  5.   go to asleep and dream of your wish coming true as it’s carried away

dreams are made
of hopes and wishes
of imagination
and thoughts
that may not be
exactly what we
really want
or need
but sometimes
the only want to find out
is by having them come true


Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov

Wild Horses…a poem

Horses, Galloping, Running, Stallions

wild horses
race through my dreams
kicking up dust
their manes flying
wet on their backs
the sound of their
pounding like thunder
in my ears
as they
remind me
to stay free



Poto:  Pixabay

Dream Rider, a short story

“Uh, who are you?” he asked.  “Better yet, what are you?”

“Which is it? Who? Or what?”

“What,” he said.  “What are you and why are you here?”

‘I’m a Dream Rider, and this looked like an interesting dream.”

“You’re in my dream?”

“Do you feel awake?” he asked.  “Is this a place you would be, if you were awake?”

He thought for a moment, looked around and said, “This kind of looks like Gringotts, from Harry Potter.”

“I think that might have been your destination, but this isn’t Gringotts.”

“Why would I look for Gringotts?” he asked, rubbing his nose.

“No idea,” said the Rider.  “Lots of people dream about Harry Potter, but they’re usually kids.”

“I seem to dream about, The Lord of the Rings.”

“I know,” said the Rider. “I’ve been in some of those dreams.”

“You have?”

“Pretty boring, actually, you don’t have a flare for the dramatic.  Maybe you should stick with things less magical.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, something dull and low budget.”

“I think you should leave now.”

“I’m just trying to help,” said the Rider.  “Don’t try action dreams, or dreams where there are heroes, because you really won’t be happy in those.  Unless you want to be one of the unknown characters that gets eaten by a monster, or…”

“I get it!” he said.

“Maybe you could be the butler in a mystery dream.  A butler that isn’t the murderer.”

“Maybe you could get lost.”

“You could try harder, you know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You could be a hero if you weren’t so afraid of everything.”

“I’m NOT afraid.”

“Okay.  If you say so,” he mumbled, turning his horse around.

“Where did the horse come from?”

“The horse came from where dreams come from.  Everything comes from there.”

“Where is there?”

There, is inside everyone, and everything.  The Dream place is in each things thoughts.  There are daydreams and night dreams and in between dreams.  What you think of as reality, is just a collective dream.”

“I think I’m waking up,” he said, stretching.  “I also think I believe you.”

“If you dream of something fun, or exciting, I’ll come back and we can talk some more.”

He nodded and rolled to his side.  Then he opened his eyes and took a good look at the dream he was waking up to.


Photo:  Ekrulila





of soft caresses
and hugs
good food
and a soft bed
of running free
of hearing laughter
and your name
called by
someone you love



Photo:  Fabian Gieske

Okay, so…

I’ve had two reoccurring dreams in my life.  One is horrific and the other one is this…

I’m standing on a hill holding my mother’s hand.  It really is my mother.  I’m about six.  She’s wearing a plain cotton printed “house dress,” like the one’s they wore in the 40s, I think.  I don’t know what I’m wearing.  We are staring out over the land, which is all jagged black glass.

My mother is a scientist.  The only people alive are scientists.  I can see the building we all live in, from the hill.  The sky is thick dirty orange.  We never see the sun or what was once, so I’ve been told, a blue sky.

She is thinking.  I am quiet.

Children are born to become scientists, and continue the work.  There is no childhood, there is only the work.

All I can see in the dream,  is the black glass, and the weird light from the dome, far down the hill.

I know my mother, as well as the others, is trying to find ways to bring the earth back to life, even in the smallest way.  Some of the scientists were prepared for the “Event,” they warned everyone about years ago.  That’s why we have food…seeds from the seed bank…as well as everything else in the building.

I am going to be the kind of scientist my mother is.

The entire dream consisted of us standing on the hill holding hands, looking at the jagged black glass.  But there was a breeze, because her hair and her dress were moving.  She wasn’t wearing a coat, and she didn’t seem cold, so it must have been warm.

We just stood there.  I’m not sure she even knew she was holding on to me, she was so lost in thought and what if’s.


My grandson called me on his way home from work, just now, and he asked me if I had seen, or heard, the latest climate change report…that it’s too late, and the water will keep rising and he kept talking…but just like that…

I was back in the dream….standing on the glass hill, holding my mother’s hand.


Fire Eater…

I might have wanted to be a lot of things during my life, but I can honestly say that FIRE EATER, was never one of them.  Nope.  It never crossed my mind.  Maybe if I got my wish and turned into a dragon…but that never happened, so…


Photo:  Cameron Venti

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