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Dreams…a poem

tell me your dreams don’t leave anything out give me all the details everything and I’ll wrap them in clouds tie them up with sun beams and keep them safe until they’re ready to come true   Picture:  Pixabay

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To sleep…perchance to have sweet piglet dreams.

  Picture: Pixabay

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Dreaming of elephants…a poem

if you’re dreaming of riding an elephant it’s always a good idea to wear blue and a hat is a nice touch as well because elephants have a very keen fashion sense and if one is not properly attired well … Continue reading

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Dreams…a short story

“WAKE UP!” screamed a voice, making me squeeze my eyes closed even tighter.  “CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?  WAKE UP NOW!” I turned over, pulled the blankets over my head, and hoped the yelling would stop. “DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s nice to have uncluttered dreams…

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in my dreams fairies ride on dragonflies and unicorns wear armor angels dance on the heads of pins and blue birds carry happiness tucked neatly beneath their wings starlight can be kept in jars to light a traveler’s way and … Continue reading

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Dreaming…a poem

and when we dream is where we go our real life where we are asleep dreaming that we are here on earth  

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This was a dream I had the night before last…The story was all there, words and everything.

The little boy stood on the sidewalk, in front of his house, screaming at the top of his lungs. “HELLO!  WHERE IS EVERYBODY?” he yelled.  He was trying not to cry.  He called out names, and continued to shout, until … Continue reading

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No matter that the world is overcrowded…one can always find a quiet spot to dream…


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Okay, so, the dream…

I’m interested in a LOT of things but dreams are extremely low on the tenth page of my list. I think most dreams are about the parallel lives we are currently living, while others are actually trying to tell us … Continue reading

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