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Tango, the dance of love with feathers…

Common Heron, Birds, Egret, Wings, Wild



man and woman holding hands

He held out his hand.

She took it.

He pulled her to him.

She leaned into his body.

He ran his hands down her arms, his breath soft against her neck.

The music started.

Her heart sped up.

He snapped them into position.

And they began to tango.

Two bodies moving as one.

Passion unleashed.

Promises made…with no words spoken.


Photo:  Serhii Kindrat

Dance…a poem

we all dance
to a different drummer
we each hear music
no one else can understand
because each note
and every beat
is tailored
just for


Photo:  Leon Tiu

When all else fails…

brown door with Dance neon lights

Photo:Georgia de Lotz

The final act, the spine tingling, EGG DANCE, by the FABULOUS Resa…2 pictures

Resa’s Egg Dance is something the chicklets and their guests look forward to seeing each year.  And every year The Resa’s Egg Committee, makes a different Egg for her.  It’s a wonderful experience.  Magical, really.  Everyone loved it.  It was the perfect ending for the entertainment portion of a perfect day.

This is Resa, last year:

It’s a dance of rebirth and new beginnings.  It takes about forty-five minutes.


After the wonder of the the ballet and Egg Dance, everyone will catch their breath before treats and time to discuss the events of the day.  Then there will be another Story Time, and another pajama party.

The chicklets hope that you all had fun and a wonderful Easter Day.

The sun is almost down, and the easter ballet…begins

The chicklets, along with Beth, Holly and Melanie, danced the Easter Bunny Ballet, in the main entertainment Barn, for an extremely enthusiastic audience.  It’s the first time humans have been included in one of the dancing events.

It was a free form ballet, to music by Queen. The women not only danced with the chicklets, they picked them up and twirled and leaped with them in their arms.  It was a beautiful thing to see.

Post script:

The dance lasted for thirty-seven minutes.

The ballet received five curtain calls and much wing flapping, as well as peeps, chirps and MANY other sounds, made by all the others in the barn.

A smashing success.  Thank you to all those who participated.  Chirp.


Welcome to the entertainment extravaganza…

Part of the Welcoming Committee is here to invite you in to the entertainment barn for the amazing Ballet and Egg Dance. It’s going to be wonderful, so please, enjoy yourselves.

First up is the Poetry Slam.  After which, there will be a tribute to the Warming Bunnies, who work tirelessly to heal and bring happiness and joy, to those around them.  It will be awhile before the headline dance routines take place, but have fun at the opening acts.

It doesn’t matter where you are…when tango hits…you dance

couple dancing photographPhoto:  Nathana Rebouças


Man and Woman Dancing on Stage

he spun her
onto the dance floor
a hush fell over the room
dance with me
he said
pulling her close
she nodded
as the music began
they melted
into each other
their steps in sync
each movement
the dance went on
and on
and when
it was finally over
he bent toward her
and whispered
my love
tell me
your name



Arial ballet…Gull Lake…(swans are optional)

Fly, Canada Goose, Conjugal Love, Always

Photo:  Pixabay

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