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stop lights…a brief message

woman in yellow and black floral dress standing on sidewalk during daytime

When you think about it…we’re no different than rats in a maze.  We are conditioned to stop at red lights, and for good reasons, of course.  But we cross the street if no cars are coming, even it the light is read, because we all want to get to the cheese.


Photo:  Anasthse Maragos

Okay, so…

Lights, Holiday, Bright, Glow, Celebrate

I got a neighborhood newsletter in my email today and it said that people are putting up holiday lights to cheer everyone up.  I thought it was a great idea, so I hope people join in.

I love the balcony singers from Italy, but that’s not possible where I live so this is something more of us might be able to do.  I mean I do have a great tambourine  and a shakaree (sp) made from a gourd and beaded, but if I stood out in front and just started using either one…mmmm, not a good idea.  Lights I can do.

So, let’s be creative and try and have some fun.  My cousin said they are all putting hearts in their window, so the little kids can count them and see them when they go for walks.  We need to do SOMETHING, since we don’t know how long we will be locked in.

Any ideas are welcome.

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