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Spread Peace for Artist 4 Peace

Bling made this beautiful artwork to spread PEACE in the world. Thank you Bling.

Amanda Williams

Amanda liked to build things.  She designed and built a treehouse in her yard.  It had three bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living room.  Two of the bedrooms were for her cats, the other one belonged her.  She was an only child but she knew that if she had a brother she wouldn’t let him set foot in her space.  The brothers of all of her friends broke everything they touched and made a mess.  Amanda was neat.  She liked to know where everything was, that way she never wasted time looking for her equipment.  She painted the entire treehouse white, inside and out, but the roof was teal because that was her favorite color.

Alexander and Victoria, the aforementioned cats, loved living in the treehouse.  Birds were everywhere and even though they promised Amanda they wouldn’t bother them, they enjoyed stalking and chasing them away when she wasn’t there.  Sometimes the cats slept together, curled up on the floor, or on Amanda’s bed, but generally they liked having their own rooms.

Amanda’s parents, Colin and Fay, were happy that their daughter enjoyed making things with her hands.  They often wished the tree house was larger because they would have liked to stay there as well.  It was only later that they found Amanda’s portfolio which, many years later, sold for well over eleven million dollars and is now housed in the Museum of Architecture in New York.

Amanda grew up and designed and built some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  No one ever got in the way of her dream, instead she was allowed to find her own way, right from the start.  When she speaks at colleges, or at conferences, she always tells everyone to follow the thing that drives them.  To do the thing they can’t live without, the thing that makes them want to get up in the morning and forget about going to bed at night.   And she always tells people just to be themselves.


Pink rose…

Quote from…PINK


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Words to live by….

In the center of spiral Galaxy NGC 3521…this is gorgeous! From Astronomy Picture of the Day

Two crows and a cat…




Two of the three crows who were here and the cat (upper right bleached out by the sun), didn’t seem to bother them at all.  The crows landed and started eating.  The cat walked out from under a bush and sat at the edge of the patio, then walked to the food dish.  The crows watched her but didn’t fly away.

This a bad picture but I had to stand very far from the window because crows notice everything and take off if they see movement.  Sorry about that but it’s the best I could do.  Everyone is here all the time and I think the crows recognize the cat.  They are okay with me if I’m in the yard but they don’t like movement in the window.  They sit in the tree and wait for me to put cat food and peanuts out for them.  They caw and call me if I’m late.  It’s very exiting to have them back (they are the three babies who were here in the summer).



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Dark Sand Cascades on Mars…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

Duck, duck, goose…


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Love is all around us…if we would just open our eyes.

Quote from: Margaret Atwood


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