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If you really want to “get away,” this is the way to do it.



When is the exact moment that love and enjoyment turn into abandonment, broken and forgotten?  Is there a certain second, a thought, or a decision?  Someone brought a chair to this house.  Maybe a person ran down the staircase, excited to answer the door, welcoming guests to a dinner party.  Unhappy people don’t usually paint their walls green.  Was it death, divorce, a sudden move, that left this house to fend for itself?

If someone fell in love with the house and gently restored it, it would bloom and become beautiful once again.  Is that what love is?  Does it matter that someone might fix it up to sell for profit, never really seeing the beauty of the house itself?  What if it’s torn down to make room for something new, leaving it forgotten forever?

Houses know love and they know sadness as well. I talk to my house.  Tell it I love it, thank it for taking good care of me and I say goodbye and hello, when I leave and return.  Houses have feelings and they can be unhappy if there’s fighting and hatred, violence and misery.  Our emotions stain their walls and floors, seeping into the studs and foundations.  If we want to live in a happy place, we need to love where we live and make sure our space knows how we feel about it.

These things can apply to people as well.

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