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I don’t know what it is about stuffed animals but I love them.  I’ve never lived without them.  These are on my dresser because I can hear their hearts beat.  The bear was sitting on top of some things in a check out line, someone changed their mind about bringing him home.  Lucky for me.  Debbie was with me and she just stared at me until I picked him up, tucked him safely in my arms and had to admit he was waiting for me.  He knew I wouldn’t see him in the store, so he got someone else to pick him up and carry him to the check out aisle.  He knew I would find him there.  It doesn’t matter to me that other people don’t think they are real.  I know that they are.  I know that they feel love and and joy. I know that they are happy when they find their spot in our hearts and I know that they give comfort when it’s needed.  They are magical beings, here to make life more beautiful and that’s exactly what they do.

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