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The game…

People Standing on Road Close-up Photography

life is a game
the earth
is the board
are the pieces
we move


Photo”  Henry & Co

The true definition of what life is like…a poem

purple and white happy birthday neon light signage

we pretend
that we make choices
that we have control
at least a bit of it
but life is set up
to play with us
like any game
life just laughs
and yells
here I come
and we
do what we have to do
in order to
keep playing


Photo:  Jon Tyson

Life…3 pictures

Retro, Background, The Consignment

what if we do live in the
how can we possibly know
perhaps we need to contact
Keanu Reeves
if anyone should be able to
figure it out
it would be him

Lights, Night, Neon, Light Trails

what if all we are
is a bunch
of squiggles
random lines
or numbers
a video game
played by others
who use each of us
as their pawn
in the game
and when we die
they just reset us

Smoke, Abstract, Girl, Portrait, Witch

we like to pretend
that we know what we are
but we don’t
we could be anything
we don’t even know the
right questions to ask
don’t know where to look
to find out what’s real
and what’s not
we don’t know what
or who we are
maybe that’s because
we don’t actually


All pictures from: Pixabay

The Queen…

Lack of Chess is fatal.

the Queen said
I wil not fall
so she sent her pawns
and rooks
her knights
and bishops
to defend her castles
and and finally
as he other side fell
she turned to the king
and said
when will you grow up
I’m so sick of fighting
your battles for you
then she moved across the board
reorganized her troops
and wondered why
she hadn’t stayed

Chess…a poem

Tabby, Cat, Chess, Game, Strategy, Pet

had no idea
that when he rescued
from the shelter
she would
beat him in chess
every time
they played


Photo:  RickJBrown

Years ago, I made up a feminist game called, SHEROS…I just came across the photographs. It was fun. 3 pictures


This is an ad in a magazine for a BOARD GAME, for PRIDE AND PREJUDICE…I couldn’t believe it. LOL But for all you Jane Austen fans…have at it.


Love is a game…sometimes you win…sometimes you don’t…but life’s a game, so you may as well play, because if you win…well, it’s a BIG win.

Tic Tac Toe, Love, Heart, Play


Recreation Court Child School Drawing Game

Boys don’t play hopscotch.  It’s too complicated and mystic.  There are no holes into which a ball will fit, no sticks, bats, clubs, nothing to throw, beat or kick.  There is no physical contact.

Hopscotch takes a different kind of knowing and finesse.   There is no gear, no costumes or uniforms.  You don’t need playing fields or arenas.  A small piece of chalk and pebble is all you need to begin.  You can play anywhere you can draw the outline.

Hopscotch is elastic and while the rules stay the same, the meanings of the game changes, according to the girls who are playing.

Hopscotch includes a philosophy of balance, concentration, determination and magick.   It’s the magick part that’s a secret.

For more about boys and hopscotch…Eddie Izzard does a fabulous riff on it.  If you’re interested.

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