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Moon over Makemake…from Astronomy Picture of the Day. This is so cool…it doesn’t evenlook real.

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Strange day…Miles and Lexi…Part 8

Fluffed out to twice her size, KiKi hit the window liked a battering ram. She climbed up one side of the drapes and hung there hissing and clawing at the glass. Lexi let go of Miles and ran to her. … Continue reading

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spring is dragging her feet   I think she must have been hanging around with fall while she was away for the winter   green things are starting to grow but there’s a cold chill in the air and it’s … Continue reading

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Snack time…(2 pictures)

It’s staying light longer and the possum is used to it being dark a lot earlier.  The sweet baby comes around six and eats whatever is around.  She, or her family members, also come back when it’s dark.  Emmie doesn’t … Continue reading

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Pink carnation…

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she walked along the seashore picking up small shells and admiring their beauty   some she dropped into her pocket to add to the collection she kept in an old clear Mason jar on her desk   the sun danced … Continue reading

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At their peak, no civilization ever thinks they will end up like this…but they do.

Picture from Pixabay

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Ginger napping in the yard.

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Strange day…Miles and Lexi…part 7

“Cats,” said Lexi, tearing long sheets off a roll of paper towels. “Do you need any help?” he asked. “No thank you.  I’m quite good at cleaning up fur balls,” she said, staring at KiKi, who was busy washing her … Continue reading

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Quick watercolor pencil drawing…

I just did this while I was on the phone:)

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