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This is a good TED Talk about gender identity and health care. The sound is tinny in the very beginning but it only lasts for a minute, then the sound is normal. I can’t imagine why this is even an issue, but it is. More discrimination for more people. This is a nice speaker. I like her and she’s trying to help people. Check it out.

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Humans are breakable. These are the fabulous screws in my college student grandson’s collarbone. He fell off his longboard. The surgeon was a true artist and all is well. Yay!

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Our bodies are kind of weird…

Our bodies are tough and strong, weak and fragile.  A true dichotomy.  We tear, break, get crushed and fall apart.  We can survive being shot, stabbed, beaten and a lot of other icky things, but a tiny, microscopic germ can … Continue reading

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Women’s health…


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Picture from:  Pinterest

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Okay, so Venice…

Admittedly it’s weird to be picked up from the airport by BOAT but there’s no other way to GET to Venice.  Everything is brought in by boat, including tourists.  The thing is, the population is dropping dramatically.  There are only … Continue reading

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The myth of PMS…a TED talk…this is such an important talk…please watch to the end.

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