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This is so beautiful, yet alien…

pink sky
no life
as we know it
and the only sound
that of the wind
and the whispering
of the stones



Photo:  Valerila Neganova

Okay, so…

Everything alive on this planet is only here because conditions are right for that particular life form to exist.  Anything that can’t live here because of the environment, isn’t here.   We can’t breath underwater, without gear, and fish can’t breath out of it.  Both of us would die in the other’s environment.  Conditions and environments are everything.  Change any important part, and we can get sick, or die. 

We are currently changing everything.  We ONLY exist because conditions support our ability to survive.  If conditions change, other things will take our place.  Things that can survive in that new and different environment.  It’s already happened, here, millions of years ago.  It’s happening right now. 

Species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, because of habitat loss, poison, and serious changes in the weather.  We are altering the environment and species are dying, or already extinct. We are getting sick, asthma, upper respiratory illnesses seem to be more common. We are doing this to ourselves, and to all the other innocent living beings/things. We know we are doing it, yet we refuse to stop doing it.  We are committing suicide and taking everything other living thing with us, which, in the end, will make room for brand new species to emerge.  Species that can survive in an environment that is different than the one we are currently destroying.


Plant trees…it will help.

People Planting Together

Photo:  Anna Shvets

Tipping points…3 pictures

person raishing his hand

Once a Tipping Point has been reached, things change.

In my opinion, our world is currently facing two Tipping Points, from which we may never recover.

One:  Never ending war, run by dictators, in a world afraid to do what is necessary to stop them.  The slaughter of innocents.

Two:  Environmental catastrophes.   It’s already too late for some species, and the impact of weather, due to global warming, has already begun. Scientists are predicting a catastrophic future.  Starvation, refugees, flooding and more deaths, to mention a few.

traffic light sign underwater

From above closeup of white cracked surface of dry brown ground with parts of died plants


Photo 1:  Valentin Salja

Photo 2:  Rachel Claire

Photo: 3  Kelly Sikkema

Earth…a poem

Globe, Earth, America, Usa

I wanted to write a poem
about a lovely
blue planet
in a sky full of stars
a planet teeming with life
in it’s beauty
but then I realized
I would be writing a dream
for while the lovely blue planet
was truly spinning in a sky full of stars
diversity was hated
and so was life
and greed
weren’t just destroying
life forms
they were destroying the planet
and few seemed to care
red flags
and wake up calls
were everywhere
but people turned a blind eye
to the obvious
lived in denial
or a world of lies
and still the planet
spun through a sky
filled with stars
a gift
that was never
never loved enough
never tended
or cared for
a planet that met all of our needs
but was ravaged and pillaged
poisoned and starved
while the few shouted
and held up their pictures
and grafts
showing the destruction
and the many did nothing
while a powerful few
danced on the
money held tightly
in their
clenched fists



Photo:  Pixabay

On the edge…a poem

Nature, Trees, Outdoors, Exploration

life hangs on
no matter where it is
as the ground falls away
the roots of trees
hold to the soil
they can find
a flower will grow
in the crack of a sidewalk
life hangs on
striving to
except for us
we are the takers
of life
in all its forms

Background, Wallpaper, Skull

Pictures:  Pixabay

What I saw today…

My daughter and I went to a museum exhibit today.  It was a truly painful experience, especially the first work. I didn’t take many pictures, because I was kind of heartbroken and felt heavy with grief.

The first pictures, looked like EKG’s but they were actually the songs of birds, shown in that form  The first work was called THE LAST SONG.  There was also a video which was so sad, I can hardly write about it.  A beautiful male bird, the last of his kind, calling for a mate that would never arrive, because of us.  They showed him singing, and on his tree, calling, not knowing he was the last of his species.  I couldn’t take any pictures.  It was just so terrible.  So incredibly sad.  There were more works of art just like it, in different colors.  Bird song that will be gone forever, because of us.

It was such a profound and horrifying experience.

This work showed the beautiful reefs  (center) and how they are all dying now,(shown by the white edges. Dying, because of US.

These LITTLE SUNS, have a solar panel on the reverse side, so people who have no electricity, can press the center, on the front, and have bright light, so they can see at night.  At least for awhile.  The light is VERY bright and focused, but people can read, or at least see, because of them.  If you buy one, one is given to a family for free.  They can be purchased on Amazon, for $26.95.  That information was told to us, it was not part of the exhibit.  They were not looking for money or anything like that.  My daughter looked it up when she got home.  It was just to show how people are trying to help those without light.

There was a series of photographs showing how terrible our diet is and what it does to the earth itself.  Froot Loops.  The pictures were inspired by landscapes.


Processed meat. Bad for us, bad for the planet


I should have taken more photographs.  The main exhibit was of photographs taken in Florida.  Lush, but very dark, and the disappearance of birds.  The speakers (there were two, poured out bird sounds, and fish underwater sounds)

There was a wall full of textiles based on the temperature over the years, in the place where the exhibit was being held.  The different colored yarn stood for each temperature and it was clear to see how much things have changed.

Lastly, there was an arrangement of plates, hung on the wall.  Each a picture from NASA.  beautiful off world prints, on PAPER PLATES.  They were beautiful and you would never know they were made on paper.

There was more, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get that video out of m head.  Seeing him calling for a mate, not knowing he was completely alone.  The last of his kind.  Just broke my heart.

The truly terrible things we do.  We are heartless in our cruelty.  So selfish and out of touch with nature and those who are part of it.  Greed and ego. We are the killers…of pretty much everything and in the not too distant future, we will be alone, by our own hands.

I apologize for any mistakes in the above.  I just can’t reread it.  I’m so tired from the trauma of it all.  ART had a very loud and powerful voice.  All of us need to start SHOUTING, and speaking for those who cannot save themselves from us.

Stone art by my granddaughter…in Las Vegas.

Out on a walk and she built this rock tower.  🙂

Humans always leave something behind…a poem

Beach, Shore, Destination, Paradise, Sea

humans leave their mark
wherever they go
things that are HUMAN MADE
things that wouldn’t
without us
things that don’t
belong in nature
our footprint
covers the entire earth
we have no concept
of fitting in
we simply
take over
more often than not
what nature has made

If we keep destroying the environment, pretty soon, it’s going to be…and no amount of tilting the pinball game, will save us.

Yellow and Green Led Light

Photo:  Cottonbro

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