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Okay, so…First tornado alert of the season, last night…and then there are Superstorms…

I just watched a program on PBS about THE RISE OF THE SUPERSTORMS.  Because of what we did and continue to do, the horrific category 5 hurricanes that hit the coasts, etc., will not only continue, but get worse and … Continue reading

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Freedom…we have to protect the oceans and all who live there.

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Click to stop Dakota Access pipeline

Dear Georgiann, I write to you today to ask you to lend your voice to our new call against the Dakota Access pipeline. For though our resistance at Standing Rock could not keep the oil away, if you join with … Continue reading

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So, I’ve been thinking.  Nature doesn’t need anything to exist.  It doesn’t need libraries, books, plates, cups, cars, boats, shoes, clothing, or  ANYTHING AT ALL.  If it stops raining, it just turns into something else.  We do too, if we … Continue reading

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The blue planet…

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a blue planet hanging in space flying around circling a star and dragging a moon along with it the tiny planet had everything it needed to be beautiful healthy lush rich in life forests … Continue reading

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We have to work together to keep life safe…

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When it’s too late…

when it’s too late it’s too late I don’t think people understand what that means if the bees are gone we starve we can’t magically bring them back overnight we can’t bring back polar bears clean oceans or those who … Continue reading

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