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Okay, so…

Pixabay Okay, so, according to Active Wild, dinosaurs lived and ruled the earth for 165 to 177 million years.  They ate, slept, had kids and did their thing.  They roamed the earth, crossed land bridges that popped up here and … Continue reading

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A wonderful TED Talk…

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Okay, so…

We don’t seem to realize that the only reason we exist is because of the perfect mix chemicals/gases, the right amount of oxygen, the perfect temperature, distance from the sun, our orbit, our position in the Milky Way, and all … Continue reading

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This is a TED Talk. This scientist had his words changed by the government and when he spoke out NASA and the White House said he could no long speak without their permission. He went to the newspaper and both rescinded the gag order. He has been arrested for telling the truth. Our government punishes those who come forward to save the planet and tell us what is truly going on. You might want to watch this one.

Why I must speak out about climate change

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Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking and it seems to me that the reason we don’t take care of the earth (as a species, not as individuals), is because we aren’t actually invested in it.  We can’t, or don’t, see the BIG PICTURE … Continue reading

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Earth…you know, the place we live and can’t actually leave…

Pixabay There is a belief that animals won’t soil their beds/where they live, unless they are sick.  If they do that, they need to be taken to the vet.  Where can we send not my president and all the people … Continue reading

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