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Have you ever…

Have you ever noticed how humans are always reaching out to other species?  Pictures on the internet show us feeding horses, goats, llamas, cows…pretty much ANYONE. We’re always trying to pet them, hug them, hold them, touch them, kiss them, … Continue reading

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Life…a poem

we are as much a part of nature as the trees and land as the birds and sky but we have forgotten our place forgotten to love and respect our MOTHER forgotten to care for our PLANET most of all … Continue reading

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According to washington there is no climate change…

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the cosmic egg breaks the tree rooted in earth grows paridise reborn

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The humans are gone, there’s time for us…

Picture:  Pixabay

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This is a PBS show on Climate change…the facts. It’s excellent.

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From: Bored Panda (the white stuff you see on one of the pictures, in the water is a bio hazard, is foam that is dangerous, from industrial pollution, etc.

11 Before-And-After Comparisons Show The Positive Effect Of Quarantine And How It’s Reducing Pollution

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Social Distancing…

  Picture: Pixabay

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Mother Nature had an understudy an intelligent and hard working female who was in charge of urban areas cities really BIG cities some small cities as well but most of of her time was taken up with BIG CITIES because … Continue reading

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In the words of Freddie Mercury…I want to be free

most of us want to be free some people think the best things in life are free that only works if you have enough money to notice the free things I wonder if homeless people feel free on a cold … Continue reading

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