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Okay, so…

Last night there was a woman on the news.  I don’t watch the news, but it came on when I was out of the room and when I walked in she was saying that she miscarried and her doctor couldn’t LEGALLY perform a D & C, to help her.  She had an ultrasound, then was told she had to get another one from someone who did not take care of her.  She was terrified about what could happen to her while she tried to find someone to take the picture.  She said she thought she could die and leave her 2 year old daughter, because she couldn’t get proper care.

She called a number of places but they were all booked up.  Finally, she got into a clinic, but their first appointment was in 3 days.  She went there and was “ESCORTED” to the door, while the anti’s screamed at her, calling her a murderer, a baby killer, and other various things.  The woman was suffering and filled with anxiety about not getting proper care and losing a child she and her husband wanted.

After having another test, then waiting for the results, to prove she didn’t self abort, she was finally able to get treatment.

She said she is terrified to try to have another child and go through this again. She is afraid she could die, and they are thinking of moving out of Texas because of their horrible experience.

THIS is what republican men are doing to women’s lives.  To the lives of families.

Cat in box…

orange tabby cat in brown cardboard box

Photo:  Timo Volz

Dragon Quest…3

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

you will not ride on my back
why not
I’m here to find the egg
not become a carnival ride
why did you guys leave here
the records aren’t clear on that point
it just states that you left
these skies were ours
then your species came along
he sneered
how rude
No I mean you
you’re rude
I could kill you
for speaking to me that way

so you said
where did your princess
last see the egg
she’s THE princess
not MY princess

and she went to see a film
how did she fit into the theater
she morphed
into a person
you can’t possibly
believe a dragon
could fit into one of your
ugly little buildings
you live in a cave
am I right
he growled
and she thought she saw a few scales
appear on his face
okay so we’er not here to talk
about architecture
did she leave the egg in the theater
she doesn’t think so

so dragons have bad memories
dragons don’t have bad anything
we are perfect in every way
of course you are
she laughed
putting her sword
back in its sheath
are YOU laughing at ME
he said
outrage in his voice
I am
you’re funny
she snickered
where did miss princess go
after the movie

she flew over the lake
in the moonlight
did she have the egg with her
she thought so
she is young

and being in this place
can sometimes 
lull a dragon
into a state of
a state of
peaceful reflection
in other words
she was high
from just being here
and wasn’t paying attention
so is it possible

that she dropped the egg
while flying over the lake
that may have happened
how long was the princess gone
from you plane
two of your nights
where did she sleep
I don’t know that she did
but we have to find the egg
what’s the rush
it’s going to hatch
in twenty-four of your hours

To be continued…


dragon:  Pixabay

Street art…

girl holding bag wall painting

Photo:  Jon Tyson

Grl Power…

girl wearing white and black sweater doing peace hand sign

Photo:  Kiana Bosman

Just a reminder from the chicklets…



Quote of the Day — Yahooey’s Blog

“Whether or not Big Brother is watching us, we certainly have to watch him, which may be even worse.” — Wilfrid Sheed, “The Aesthetics of Politics,” Essays in Disguise

Quote of the Day — Yahooey’s Blog

Dragon Quest…2…a story poem.

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

will you quest with me
asked the dragon
I can’t answer your question
until I know what I would be
getting into
it’s an honor to serve a dragon
you mean with mayo

on rye
perhaps I should just kill you
for insubordination
you can try
she said
lifting her sword
you can just tell me about your quest
You have no manners
and if you think your tiny weapon
could possible hurt me
you are not very intelligent either
he glared at her
paced back and forth
for a minute or two
then stopped
and said
I’m looking for
a dragon egg
is it old
where do you think it might be

how did it get here
why is it here
I don’t…
he said
holding up his hand
you just have to help me find it
you don’t have to know
anything about it
says you
tell me the background

the dragon hissed
which looked funny
coming from a person
princess Pea
left their family cave
in a fit

and took her sister’s
egg with her
she came home
but without the egg

and she doesn’t know
where she left it
so basically a brat
had a temper tantrum
took something
that didn’t belong to her
then lost it
crude as that may be
that’s basically what happened
I’m in
In what
I’ll do it
I’ll quest with you
but I still want a ride

to be continued...



Dragon:  Pixabay

The dragon quest…

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

she heard the flapping of wings
and looked up
the dragon was gliding
through the trees
not an easy thing to do
considering his enormous size
and the density of the forest
she was crouched behind a tree
watching him
he wasn’t like the dragons
she’d heard about
he was sleek
and lizard like
he radiated peace
not violence
he probably felt smooth
to the touch
I know you’re there
he said directly into her mind
you can’t hide from a dragon
surely you know that
If I knew that
she thought
I wouldn’t be hiding
behind this tree
she pulled her sword
from its sheath
and held her breath
you can only hold your breath
for so long

she stood up
and stared at him
what do you want
she asked
he dropped to the ground
and landed on two feet
a handsome man
who bowed to her
I’m on a quest
and I would like your help
I don’t do quests
she said
he laughed
you have a sense of humor
that’s good

you’ll need it
can I have a ride
she grinned
still holding her sword
a ride

a ride on your back
he took several steps away from her
You dare ask a dragon
for a ride
is that a bad thing
as if I am some kind of
pack animal
well you can fly

and I can’t
humans have no respect
for others
If you’re looking for respect
I hope you can time travel
back to the fifties
I can see why the elders
left this place
so can I
she said
so what’s the quest

to be continued…




Okay, so…cities

So, here’s the thing.  I read so may blogs that have gorgeous photographs of forests and streams and words that tell everyone about the beauty of nature and how peaceful it is and how calming and wonderful (that, was a run on sentence).

But I rarely, see anyone writing about the majesty and beauty of cities…of skyscrapers, or the noise and wonder of millions of people, mostly getting along, or ignoring each other.

When I’m downtown (Chicago) I love to stand on the corner across from The Art Institute and just close my eyes and take it all in.  The music of cars and voices, the smell of gas fumes, and flowers, hot tar and horns.  It’s fabulous and makes my heart skip a beat, not because I’m being poisoned, but because I LOVE IT!  I love skyscrapers.  I love being in skyscrapers and looking out at the city/lake.  I love the crowds, the noise and the incredible dance of people avoiding each other on the sidewalks.  I love all of it.  I love the huge flower baskets, the banners, the Bean, the Bandstand.  I love the LAKE.  I grew up at the North Avenue Beach.  I love the rocks and I LOVE the pigeons and the people who feed them.  I love the city.  It’s calming, energizing, fulfilling and MY lake is as sweet as any stream, even it it does eat people and keep them forever.  There’s a dangerous vibe, a love of life feeling, a mixing and mashing of cultures, art is everywhere, and again, the pigeons, who have a city attitude. And yes, the attitude is wonderful and familiar and it’s toughness and brutal and kind and sweet and it gives me so much more than a quiet day in the woods could ever give me.

I took this picture a couple summers ago.  So beautiful to me.  Standing next to a skyscraper makes me feel safe and puts people in their place as the tiny ants that they are.  The huge buildings are sentinels who guard the city and Her people.  Sure, there can be violence, but there’s violence in the woods as well.  It’s all about what you’re used to.  It’s all about what you love and know.

There’s beauty in everything, and everything feeds someone, fills their needs, wants, desires, idea of beauty.  Not everyone loves forests and streams.  They can actually creep some of us out, creating feelings of isolation and impending doom.

I know some people hate cities.  I can understand that.  The thing is, no one gives cities enough credit, so I just thought I’d let everyone know that cities can create their own kind of peaceful beauty.  You can listen to its sounds, that are just as calming as a babbling brook, if that’s what you’re used to.  If that’s what makes you smile.

Chicago is just a different kind of wilderness.  Wild, untamed and definitely mine.  It makes me feel invincible.



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