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All Chicago Public Schools will be virtual, at least in the beginning, and maybe for the entire year, depending on how they feel the safety situation is.  Kids are testing positive, so are teachers.  Apparently teachers were talking about striking … Continue reading

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I just found out that one of the big colleges around here, will no longer accept credits from two-year Jr. Colleges.  They want the MONEY for all the classes.  So they will not accept English, etc., from those colleges.  They … Continue reading

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Looks like they are going to close schools in Illinois and Ohio until September. This year is pretty much shut down. I’m thinking other states will follow suit but, of course, I have no idea if that’s true. Meanwhile, my grandson is out partying. They are also going to close bars and restaurants, except for take-out…because the kids won’t stop partying. They are also telling people who can, to get their kids out of daycare. My daughter’s friends, daughter has a fever and she called the doctor but he won’t give her a NUMBER to get tested. Apparently you need a number to get a test. He said to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, if she does have it, she can be spreading. The Health Care System is not set up for things like this. It can overwhelm the system and people who are sick, for other reasons, may have a difficult time getting treatment. It’s kind of a mess. But my point was, school might be over for this term.

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Okay, so…school killings

So, eight more dead in school shooting in Texas*.  The solution…have SWAT bring kids to school in armored vehicles.  School would be a bunker with no windows, of course.  One door in, one door out, SWAT at the entrances and … Continue reading

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What if…

Felicia, (, told me about a program on Netflix called, InnSaei: the Power of Intuition.  Look it up, since I can’t seem to put the link on here.  Anyway, the program taught me a couple of importnat things. First, there is … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, the Play and the aftermath…

“Mr. Mark said the play was a success and we can help a lot of kids with the money we made.  The librarian gave us tons of books and the bikers picked them up and are sending them to kids … Continue reading

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“Our teacher is leaving on Friday.  Robert threw up on her new shoes after we all said we didn’t want to study flax anymore.   She said she hates being a teacher more than anything in the world.  We’re getting a … Continue reading

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Pixabay I think this is what it’s all about.  Earth, and everything on it, is just a child’s toy.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that we don’t know that it’s not true.  Maybe someday she’ll … Continue reading

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Outstanding, honest and true speech against education…she’s fabulous.

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