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We do indeed…see what we want to see…see what works for us as individuals…see what fits into our own little realities…

Blue Denim Collared Top With We See What We Want Text Overlay


Photo:  Julia Kuzenkov

Oink and art…from: Bored Panda

This Pig Enjoys Painting And Has Become The World’s First Pig Artist

These are beautiful…from: Bored Panda

I Am A Concept Artist And Here Are 30 Of My Magical Illustrations That Helped Me To Stay Calm And Positive

This is Trudy..she’s going to visit the chicklets and see if they need any help decorating for the Chickmas party.


True enough…

You Are What you Art poster

Photo:  Bekky Bekks

I think Mt. Rushmore needs to be redone. It needs to be more realistic and hour heroes need to be REDIFINED.

vehicles parked in front of graffiti

PHOTO:  Nelson Nbongala

One more from: Bored Panda…snicker, snicker

30 Sarcastic ‘Texts From Your Existentialist’ That Might Make You Laugh, Then Cry (New Pics)

Photo of mother and child…better than all the paintings in museums.

Adult elephant standing above baby elephant on pasture

Photo:  Rachel Claire


Orange Red and Green Abstract Painting

you can have the old masters
the portraits
the saints
all their amazing detail
give me color
and boldness
something to see for myself
don’t spell it out for me
just let me fall into the painting
and find my way home


Photo:  Steve Johnson

Support local artists…

man in gray t-shirt and orange cap sitting on chair


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