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There’s something beautiful about this picture.  The colors, what looks like mercury, wet silver and gold, lays on top.  The splatter, the palette…it takes my breath away.   AnthonyArnaud Pixabay

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Quick sketch…3 pictures

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She said…

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One of my Word Pictures…

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Words from the street…

Art matters.  Art makes a difference.  Art is a revolution.  Make art. Photo:  Utopia By Cho Unsplash

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Art imitating life…

This art installation feels as if it’s showing us our true selves.  As if we are looking at a foreign landscape that is earth.  Bending forward, curious as to what it is we are seeing.  We are disconnected from everything … Continue reading

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An older piece of Halloween artwork…I REALLY love cardboard

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it’s time to make ART in ALL it’s FORMS to spread the word that we HAVE HAD ENOUGH   Photo:  Krisztian Matyas Unsplash

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Saw this on my walk yesterday…:)

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