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This is my bird Spot. He was a display piece in the window of a West Elm store. I saw him a fell in love. I tried to buy him but he wasn’t for sale. But…the man said that after the holiday, when they changed the display, he would be. So, I left my name and number and he called and Spot moved in. He’s such a delightful companion. He’s not perfectly balanced, but then what is, in this world, right?


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Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

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Jelly fish…two pictures…these are from before but I just found them again, so I’m reposting

I don’t know if fish like jelly but some must or they wouldn’t be called Jelly Fish, right?  Anyway, I was thinking about that when I painted these, just for fun.  

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Don’t just sit there…create something:)

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Collage…Happy Boo Day…

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Sing a rainbow…

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