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Boy in cafe at Barnes…Journal page


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Journal page…I do these really fast…really fast. It looks it too…LOL

I was reading and the character in the book looks like this to me.  So I just did a quick line drawing and he came to life.

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I made these and they were printed in a magazine. Using regular paper lunch bags they are a great way to bring a gift plant to someone. Just roll down the top and rubber stamp the name of the plant on the bag. I made them for Ivy, etc. Just using the one right now. :)

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I jotted this down when I went to make dinner and realized that I had run out of grillers (veggie burgers)! LOL


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It’s so cool how the gel ballpoint (Pilot G-2) runs when wet. It’s fabulous and muddy and fun…journal page

The chicklets are usually on my mind, especially when I have a pen in my hand.  I like fast and messy, so this suits me just fine.

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These are the journals that were published in Somerset magazine…4 pictures

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Gertrude Stein…

I have a couple books on Stein that I picked up for practically nothing, at the library sale.  I haven’t read them and probably won’t because every time I come across something about her, I like her less than I … Continue reading

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