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Art is real…

red and blue stickers on pole

Photo:  Markus Spiske


Free Neon Sign In Art Museum Stock Photo

Photo:  Nici Gottstein

Art…from Bored Panda…

This Nigerian Artist Learned How To Paint With Fire And With Pyrography, He Creates Hyperrealistic Portraits (38 Pics)

Tote Bab…

Photo:  CrowN

Artful banister…so beautiful.

a building with a green roof and a balcony

Photo:  S. Tsuchiya


Free A Neon Signage Above the Painting Stock Photo

Photo:  Ivan Samkov

This is a painting that screams city…parts of the city that most people don’t see when visiting. It’s at night, shuttered, faceless, longing, defeated. It jumped off the screen at me and I told it not to give up..

Free Blue and Cream Abstract Painting Stock Photo

Photo: Steve Johnson

From: Bored Panda

24 Inspiring Illustrations By Andrew Scott That Might Make You Reflect On Life

Book review…

This is a well made book.  Dense, heavy and honest.

At first I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling weird while reading it and then I realized that it was because Judy was telling the truth, about herself, her life, and the male dominated world of art.

Sh doesn’t make excuses for men or the critics. She names names, calls things what they are.  She’s loud and forward.  She knows who she is, deep down inside. She does the work.

The press tried to destroy her, men and women alike.   But she never gave up.  She was misunderstood and attacked by critics who were afraid of her work, as she sometimes was herself, because of its strength and power.  Many just didn’t have the ability to see what she was saying through her art and were threatened by it.  Some still are.

Often broke she kept going. Struggling, but working and spreading feminism wherever she went.

There is a happy ending.  That’s unusual for a woman artist.  The fact that she has been recognized while she’s still alive is kind of amazing.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in art, feminism, the art world, critics, the erasure and destruction of female artists, the prejudice and sexism attached to everything, and a spirit that just would not lay down and die.  Judy Chicago is an example of one who made it, in spite of those who tried to destroy her.


Merry, merry…

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