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From: Bored Panda

Japanese Artist Depicts Cats, Dogs, And Other Animals Using Watercolor Flower Arrangements (30 Pics) 

TIMELESS….I went to a FRDIA KAHLO exhibit today…3 pictures

I love this photograph of Frida.  It was HUGE.  They had several gigantic photographs of her and they were wonderful.  I took lots of pictures and I learned things.  Not surprising, since we seem to always be learning things, right?

One thing I learned was that she started her diary, after she was on Meth for her pain.  That might explain why it looks like something Timothy Leary would draw, if he could draw.  I have a copy of her diary (book), and it’s in living and sometimes bloody color.  Check it out, if you want to see how her mind worked.

People truly love Frida.  Of course it’s easy to love her and she has become a symbol for women and freedom everywhere.  She is a woman artist who refused to stay in the basement of museums, unknown and lost to us.

All in all it was a nice exhibit.  I’m happy I went.  But the paintings that were shown were not her best works.  The exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Center, years ago, had the actual paintings we all know and love, and believe me, once you spend time with those, you never forget them.  Today’s paintings and drawings were actually disappointing.  I seriously doubt that Frida would want us to see a couple of the drawings. 

There was a small hallway dedicated to Diego, but I don’t like him, so that was a quick look, although I did take a picture of him when he was young.

The photographs were interesting and nice.  Some as small as a match box.  A copy of her bed and clothing, as well as the cages she wore around her body were also there.  Everything was a copy.


more to come

This is Ducky…and here’s his story…

Ducky read a book about school and patrol boys and girls.  He was very excited and went to the Costume Department, with his drawing of a patrol belt.  The chicklets in the Costume Department were happy to make the belt, according to his instructions. It only took them a couple of days.

Once he had his patrol belt, he immediately ran into two rather large problems. One, school was out and two, there aren’t any real streets at The Coop, just paths and lanes.  Ducky was disappointed and everyone could tell that his dream wasn’t coming true.

So, the Stage crew stopped working on the sets for the Vegas Party and made a street sign for the path in front of the kitchen.  Now, several times a day, chicklets line up behind Ducky, as he stands by the path, and wait for him to give them the all clear, so they can cross to the other side.

Ducky is thrilled, and the chicklets are happy to help him fulfill his role as Patrol chicklet.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help out a friend who’s looking for a rainbow.

These are GREAT…from: Bored Panda

What Happens When You Combine Famous Paintings And Pop Culture: This Artist Answers That Question (111 Pics)

Fun…from: Bored Panda…

Art Historian Goes Viral For Hilarious Tips On How To Become An ‘Art Expert’ 

These are really cool…from: Bored Panda

74 Unsettling Yet Intriguing Photo Manipulations Depicting Russian Streets Featuring Gigantic Animals By Vadim Solovyev (New Pics)

These OIL paintings are absolutely INCREDIBLE!

72 Surrealistic Oil Paintings That Capture The Fierce Beauty Of Wildlife By Jon Ching


I just came across this old artist trading card I made a long time ago…

Imagine art…

Photo:  Bob Osias

These paintings are wonderful…

This Social Health Worker Creates Surreal Illustrations About Our Society (64 Pics)

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