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Art…a pretty short story.

“WHAT is that horrible noise?” asked the woman, putting her hands over her ears. The museum guard just shook his head.  “It’s the guy from Edvard Munch’s painting, THE SCREAM.  He keep escaping from his picture. “Seriously?” asked the woman.  … Continue reading

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One of my old watercolors (reblog)

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Another one of the books I’m looking forward to reading…

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Really looking forward to reading this one…

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I think this is a realistic picture of what life around us looks like…we just can’t see it with the eyes we have. That’s why people are so excited when they see color. That’s what makes art important. It shows us what’s going on around us.

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Life and art…

Life is just like this picture.  We’re all thrown together, pushing and shoving, and looking gorgeous.  Without every color, life would be flat and boring.  All the colors are needed to make true beauty.  We should celebrate our colorful existence … Continue reading

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From Candy…

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