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This is Sunny…another feral cat. She’s so beautiful.

This is Hero, another one of the feral cats. Sweet boy. 2 pictures

So easy to fall in love…

Photo:  David Clode

Seriously…how cute is this?

Photo:  Rafael Forseck

While this is certainly number one on the list, it never hurts to add chocolate, books and ice cream. Seriously…start with the cat and go from there.

Mid-coated Brown Cat

Photo:  Alena Koval

Dogs ask for three things: love, kindness and a bit of food. Two of those things are free. You can always tell everything you need to know about a person, by the way he treats his companion animals. Always.

Schäfer Dog, White Dog, Dog, Mammal

Photo:  Pixabay

Cats always find the LIGHT…

White and Orange Cat Lying on Floor

Photo:  Thomas Anunziata

No matter cats are doing…they’re doing it perfectly and looking gorgeous.

white and black cat on white textile

Photo:  Jonathan Cooper

Picture perfect…

Otter standing near cave entrance surrounded with rocks

Photo:  David Selbert


Dog, Field, Animal, Snout, Head

dogs don’t care
if one of their ears droops
their hearts are far to big
to worry about silly
unimportant things like that
they don’t care
what we look like either
everything is beautiful
to dogs
all they care about is
and not necessarily
in that order



Photo: Pixabay

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