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From: Candy (fb) The vet saved the swan’s life. When there’s love, it doesn’t matter what species one is.  Love covers all living things. ALL living beings. Even the ones people eat for dinner.


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Dogs really know how to have fun…they don’t hold back, they give 100% and they love everything.

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From Candy…

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Horses are amazing…they make the world a much better place.

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This perfect picture, from Pixabay, is incredibly beautiful. I would like to see a raccoon in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film. I think it would be fabulous. Rocket would love it. Hahahahaha. Groot.

I would call her Star, because she burns so brightly in her beauty.  She’s a scholar and knows everything about Magic.  She is loving, kind and fair.  She is perfection.

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Isabella…Giraffe and Teacher

Isabella has the most beautiful eyelashes.  Whenever anyone points that out she says, “Oh piffle. All giraffes have long eyelashes, it’s part of being a giraffe.”  And, she believes that all giraffes have “interesting and lovey, spot patterns,” as well.  … Continue reading

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Amazing beauty…Grace, peace, it’s all right there in the perfection of this incredible living being

Picture:  Pixabay

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