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Justin’s artwork

Superhero Justin, youngest grandchild did this.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that the kids are so artistic and have so much fun creating things.  So cool.

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Clean up time

Watercolor pencil

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Sweet fuzzy friend

caterpillar How cute is this little one????  So fuzzy and adorable.  Jesse,  AKA Goose (granddaughter),  took this picture.  Thank you Jesse.

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I was in the…

poetry section of Barnes and Nobel today when I realized that all the poetry I could ever want was being written by brilliant bloggers who were fresh honest and prolific I walked away smiling and grateful for all the words … Continue reading

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Hand art

pen This is what my granddaughter does during class…she draws…all the time…on everyone.  This is her hand.  I’m so proud of her:)

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Kitty, kitty

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Vicious Beast, AKA Maggie

VB She’s calmed down a lot and she eats better, now that Sophie, the cat, has moved in.  I love to visit and hold her in my arms, baby style.  She’s my sweet grandpuppy.

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