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Rodin’s study for The Thinker

IMG_2289Musee Rodin, Paris, France


Statue in the Musee Rodin, Paris, France



Taken at the Musee Rodin…Rodin’s Garden in Paris, France


Statue in Rodin’s Garden, Paris, France



I love this fairy skirt so much. I know fairy skirts look exactly like this…they have to…from Rodin’s Garden in Paris


White flower…Rodin’s garden, Paris

Statue in Rodin’s garden…Musee Rodin, Paris

IMG_2264The flowers, the statues, the design, all fit together perfectly to make Musee Rodin a beautiful place to be.


Flower…Musee Rodin’s garden


Flower from Rodin’s garden, Paris

The Thinker…Musee Rodin, Paris

We all know what he’s THINKING…He’s thinking about getting some clothes because he’s really tired of freezing all the time.  He wants an umbrella or some kind of shelter.  Okay seriously, I love the Musee Rodin.  Rodin is an interesting man.  Clamille Claudel, his student, lover and muse was actually more interesting because she was a woman sculptor, pretty much as talented as he was, but she was destroyed by society because of the times she lived in.  Times when women weren’t ALLOWED to be talented, brave or creative…but I digress.  They have changed things around, at the Musee Rodin, since I was here last.  It’s nice but I did like it when his work wasn’t behind glass but right in front of you.

The garden is fantastic and I have lots of photographs of his statues and the beautiful flowers living there.  I would never miss going to Rodin’s, it’s wonderful and it’s tucked away, where tourists don’t seem to look for it, so it’s not as crowded as a lot of other places.  It’s beautiful and even the gift store is fun.  Anyway, if you go to Paris stop by and enjoy this wonderful place.

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