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Signs…a poem…3 pictures

I’ve carried lots of signs
for lots of reasons
in lots of places
marched with others
for lots of reasons
in lots of places
in crowds so enormous
the risk of being
trampled to death
was very real
that’s what we do
we carry signs
or flags
or wear buttons
or make posters
for our front doors
or wear ribbons
or go door-to-door
or pass out leaflets
at train stations
or on the street
or make phone calls
or donate time
and money
to make it
even if it no longer works
is all we have
those who hold
the power
over all of our
and the lives
of our children
loved ones
cats and dogs
our environment
the innocent
and the earth Herself
in their greedy hands
we do those things
because we can’t do
anything else
we have given away
our power
and this is what happens
when people are



Photo 1:  Markus Spiske
Photo 2:  Bruno
Photo 3:  Philbo

all from:  Unsplash

The people don’t want war, but it never seems to matter what the people want…insane men with power decide who lives, who dies and what happens. And we never learn from that. Until we do, it will never stop.

Black and White No War Text

Picture:  Cottonbro


Wave, Water, Sea, Ocean, Pacific

Picture:  Pixabay

Work hard, stay humble, says EVERY, rich, powerful, white male in the system, to those they make money off of…how stupid is this saying….thoughts.

2019 calendar on white table

I was looking for an interesting quote and saw this.  How humble are the people running the show?  I bet they MADE UP this quote.  The guys in charge, including the religious ones, want everyone to work hard and stay stupid…oh, sorry, I mean stay humble, so they can travel the world and get richer, on the work and humbleness of others.

I also saw, TIME IS PRECIOUS.  I’m never sure what precious time means.  To me it means everyone quitting their jobs and going to the beach.  That’s how precious time should be spent, at least in my mind.  Not in a cubical, looking at  a screen, for minimum wage, and answering to someone else all day, then dragging your body home exhausted every night, just to do the same thing THE NEXT DAY.   Right?  For many, the eight to twelve hours a day they spend at a job that is slowly killing them, is time they want to go by as quickly as possible.  If time is precious, most people are WASTING IT BIG TIME.  Well, they’re being forced to waste it in order to survive.   Which is fine, but then don’t talk about not wasting precious time in books and on calendars, because a lot of people working three jobs are too tired to do anything but spend their precious time sleeping and doing chores, if they have any time off at all.  The system is set up so people have as little precious time as possible because happy people are hard to bully and control.. Precious time gives people time to think and that’s always a threat to the establishment.

Anyway, most of the sayings encouraged people to give up and blindly support those at the top, just like the one in the picture.  How many humble republicans were there in the senate, during the riot?  Oh, yeah, NONE.  They were the one’s who incited the riots and voted against EVERYTHING that was for the people.  And, in case you didn’t notice, none of them were punished, or held accountable for what they did.  See, when you’re rich and powerful, you can do anything you want to do, and there are NO logical consequences.  No consequences at all. Consequences are only for the masses, or the herd, as they like to call us.



Photo:  Manasvitas


Love…and what the world needs now.

Friends, Cat And Dog, Pets, Cat, Dog

We need more love in the world.  We need more kindness.  We will never love everyone.  It’s not possible, but I think we can be a bit more kind and polite.  No one can even define what love means.  Ask the billions of people who are divorced about their definitions.

We can be kind to strangers, without loving them.  We don’t have to love people to open a door for them.  Love isn’t something everyone can do, or give, but kindness is. Being polite doesn’t carry any meaning and it’s short term.  We can’t love everyone, and not everyone wants to be loved by others.  That’s an IMPORTANT point.  Many people do not want someone’s love, or attention.  Kindness is a different thing, but even then, people have to be careful not to intrude or over step their bounds.  Every word has its own definition.

We need to be more realistic about what is possible.  Loving everyone is not possible.  It never was and never will be.  We can’t even protect children from their parents.  We can’t actually DO anything, to stop the hatred and violence that is everywhere, so loving everyone is a joke.

We need to come up with better solutions and get real, if we truly want things to change.  We need to forget about loving each other and try for something that’s possible.  Being polite.  Being kind.  And even then…what will we do with those who are filled with hatred and violence?  Those who only want power over others and more for themselves?

Look at it this way.  When someone is simply kind, it can make the news, because it’s that rare.  Think about that.  An act of kindness can be newsworthy, in a world where hatred and violence are the norm.

We need to forget about love and just try to be more polite until we can think of something better.

And, by the way, the cat in the picture could take the dog in a second.  The cat has all the power.  All she has to do is change her mind about being civil, and the dog’s toast.  Just like in human life.  Exactly like in human life.  It’s not the one who has the most toys who wins, it’s the one who has the most power over us.

Superheroes come in all shapes, ages and sizes…

Super Woman painting

Picture:  Ras Jayamaha

My kind of Barbie…

Doll, Zombie, Horror, Evil, Halloween

I reallllly don’t like zombies.  They truly creep me out…big time.  But for some reason, the zombie Barbie is less dangerous than the one below  Even zombie Barbie has perfect hair, however.

Beauty, Barbie, Pretty, Doll, Charming

This Barbie is far more dangerous to a girl’s wellbeing. This Barbie is the standard bearer for beauty.  She’s far more dangerous for women in general.   Perfect Barbie teaches girls how to sell themselves in a society that won’t pay them enough to take care of themselves.   Beauty Barbie also teaches girls how to hate themselves.

Maybe we should let our zombie sides loose and kill the beauty side of ourselves, and see what happens.

This picture shows how very young girls are set up to be unpaid labor and mothers.  And you can write to me and tell me how much you loved being a mother, which has little to do with the fact that we are set up and brainwashed.

Twins, Girls, Girl, Aor, Love, Dool

Even at the earliest age, boys play with THINGS that give them freedom.  Things that teach independence and how the outside world works.  They do not play FATHER games, with dolls, or anything else.  They play with war toys, guns, tanks, trucks and nothing they play with makes them feel inadequate.  The male dolls are tough, not needy.  They don’t spend all day primping, so they look gorgeous for OTHERS.   There are NO male Barbie dolls FOR them.   None of their toys have to do with cooking or cleaning.Thomas And Friends, Toy Train, Boy

Toys are the earliest brainwashing tools for teaching sexism.  Walk down the aisles of toys and see all the Little Pony and doll items.  Frilly Princess capes and baby dolls, strollers, highchairs and bottles, all setting little girls up to be HOUSEKEEPERS AND MOTHERS.

There are absolutely NO TOYS AT ALL that teach boys how to be fathers.  NONE.  Boys are taught strength and violence.  War and power.  They are superheroes.

Girls wash the floors in high heels, which are also sold in the girls toy aisle, by the way, along with tiaras and jewelry.

It’s an outrageous manipulation that we are led to believe is our INNATE nature.  Just one more lie that traps women into the lowest unpaid work, and makes them dependent upon others, while they carry and deliver the next generation into the hands of a government that will steal their children and send them to fight and be killed in wars, for profit.

Will people EVER wake up?

Pink and blue…we are color coded at birth.

After we are coded, we are immediately treated accordingly.  This is one reason society doesn’t like yellow and green people, who refuse, or cannot fit into the pink or blue system. They are considered DANGEROUS because the people in power don’t know how to brainwash them.  IT’S THE SYSTEM THAT’S DANGEROUS, not the people.  YOU MUST SEE THAT, if we are ever to be free.

There are no toy aisles for those who do not fit into the pink or blue categories and for that I am grateful.  I know how difficult it must be for those who represent new and brave groups of people and I support their struggle so that others can be free.

We must reject the things that are being done to us by others, for their benefit.  It’s cruel and hateful, as well as destructive and deadly.

all pictures from:  Pixabay



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