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Blogger oldmainer said he thought we could keep the “classic” Editor…so

I looked again and he’s right.  I read the material on the new Editor from WP and we can keep the old one, if that’s what we want to do.  It doesn’t say HOW we get to do that, but I’m hoping that on June 1st they will tell us.

So, thank you oldmariner.  You were right.  We do NOT have to acvept the changes they will be offering.  I just hope it’s easy to keep what we have. 🙂

Okay, so…

WordPress keeps telling me we’re getting a new editor thing on June first.  ALL of us are getting it.  But what if some of us don’t WANT IT?

Life should be about CHOICES.  I don’t like it when WordPress just changes my stuff because they just want to do it.  Sure, it might be better, but what if it’s not and what if I don’t really care and I like things the way they are?

No CHOICES!  They should have buttons to click on.  One for, NO I DON’T WANT THE NEW EDITOR, and one that plainly says, YES, I DO want the new editor.

I really don’t want to figure out how to do things I’m already happy with.  I have not  liked some of the changes they made before.  I don’t like the tiny pictures, instead of the full sized ones they used to have, so we have to open all of them.  I don’t like that when I go to press like I have to be careful, or I’m suddenly on someone else’s site, because all the people ahead of me are shown, right in the same spot.  I don’t like that they move things around, when I’m asleep.  I want them to just let me be.

I want the choice to refuse their changes. I don’t like not having a choice.

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