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Without equal opportunities, equality can never exist.

Okay, so…Privilege

The one thing that people aren’t talking about, at least not that I’ve heard, is WHITE PRIVILEGE.  White privilege is the cause of many problems.  We can’t see it, don’t even know we have it, since we’ve never been without it, but like male privilege, white privilege gives power to certain people and not to others, based on the color of their skin.  Male privilege gives power to men based on their gender.

So while people are trying to recognize, and eliminate systemic racism, we have to  recognize white privilege, or nothing will change.  We must recognize white privilege and refuse to accept it, so that justice and equality can be served.  Men have to do that if women are ever to be free and equal, as well.

Privilege, is what the the elites believe they have.  They use it over all of us.  Privilege is POWER over those who don’t have it.

White people have it.  Men have it.  The rich have it.  People in power have it.  We need learn how to SEE it and get rid of it.

Up until two weeks ago, the police had police privilege.  Things are changing.  Privilege can lead to corruption or simply blindness, so that we can’t recognize the power we are GIVEN for no reason, other than the color of our skin, or gender.

Privilege always puts some over others and that’s a huge part of the problem.

So, when we talk about EQUALITY, we have to talk about PRIVILEGE.

Quote: Rosa Parks



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