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sorry, but I wouldn’t want to…

hang with Darth he wheezes way too much and has major ego issues besides his helmet puts me off and the cape well really it’s so yesterday and all that who’s your daddy stuff is just silly no one knows … Continue reading

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Maiden, Mother, Crone

The trinity

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First chipmunk picture of the year


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Preparing the entrance…

for the party The Welcoming Committee is trying out a new idea for the entrance to the Easter party.  There is an ancient tree that guards The Coop and the chicklets are decorating it with lights and plastic, wing-painted easter … Continue reading

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I lived in Harry Potter’s world…

for years through all of the books and all of the films and all of the troubles and triumphs I roamed the halls of Hogwarts and laughed and worried in all the right places I fell in love with every … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to:

René Decartes He thought, therefore, he was he was, therefore, he felt he felt, therefore, he knew pleasure and pain he knew pleasure and pain, therefore, he thought he was b. 1596 please have cake in his honor

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Remodeled bird house…

now a squirrel house The squirrels gnaw the opening to the birdhouses until they can squeeze inside.  Then they take over and move in.

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ohhhhhhhh, cookies.

it’s good to be grown up

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White carnation


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