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Anytime you stop thinking the world is weird…think of this pretty beetle.

Bug, Weevil, Scarab, Insect, Creature

The chicklets are recruiting talented friends for the Vegas Party this summer.

The chicklets have asked their friend Blue to help with the party.  He agreed, and everyone is very excited.  He’s multi-talented, magical and plays a mean sax. He will also be happy to give the chicklets rides and he’s always willing to light the bonfires, or roast marshmallows..


One of my indoor plants is blooming…Yay!

“The dog can’t go for a walk…he’s busy,” said the cat. “I’ll let you know when he’s free.”.”

Photo:  Louis-Philippe Poitras


Never be afraid to be who you are. Let your steampunk self out to play!

Man in Black and White Feather Headdress

From: Astronomy Picture of the Day…

Animation: Black Hole Star Shredder

How many times have I told you not to stick your tongue out at the camera?

shallow focus photography of dog and cat


Photo:  Anusha Barwa


woman in black and white dress walking on sidewalk during daytimeEveryone said Kevin was quite negative.  He tried hard to stay in focus, for his face and body to be recognizable in a way that matched the others around him, but he simply kept fading, his energy leaking into the atmosphere.

He finally had to admit that he was just what people said he was…Negative.  He felt normal, but realized that he looked like a cutout.  A faded cutout.  There was nothing to be done about it.

At one point he ate six banana’s everyday, because a doctor told him it might help.  But all it did was attract monkeys, which was strange, since monkeys didn’t live in his area…but there they were.  It was kind of scary, so he stopped eating bananas, even on his cereal.  After awhile, the monkeys returned to wherever they came from, but a mystery had been born…the neighbors didn’t understand.

After trying everything anyone could think of, Kevin finally decided to travel the world to look for a woman who was as negative as he was.  Six months later, his grandmother received a postcard that simply said…no luck, so far.  But his grandmother usually said, “Sometimes being a little negative, isn’t all that bad.”  Kevin is a good boy, and it wasn’t his fault about the monkeys.”


Photo:  Matt Moloney


THIS…is fantastic…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day.

North Star: Polaris and Surrounding Dust


man in gray t-shirt and gray pants walking on gray concrete pavement

the artist
the art


Photo:  Juhø Man

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