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it’s funny how so many people think wearing a mask takes away their freedom when they don’t have any problem taking away freedom from women minorities the elderly Native Americans gays & lesbians immigrants and the poor they don’t seem … Continue reading

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America…A story poem

lies were everywhere having been unleashed by the government to control the masses they floated on waves of negative energy and smoke entering peoples thoughts twisting them turning people into living zombies willing to follow those who had climbed out … Continue reading

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America…best read out loud and fast SLAM IT

it’s one more lie that the meek will inherit anything at all it’s a false promise to keep people quiet hoping for a payoff at the end because that’s what RELIGION is all about payoffs at the end promises that … Continue reading

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From: Resa…read it and see it through German eyes who recognize Hitler when they seem him.

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From: Candy

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Uncle Sam…

he’s not my uncle I never even liked him he points way too much looks stern and mean he want us to go to war to fight to kill other people to die for him I don’t think he’s ever … Continue reading

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It’s okay, baby she said holding his hand don’t worry look up and see how beautiful everything is look around all you see is magic I know you’re afraid but I would never let anything happen to you she stopped … Continue reading

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America…BBC News

I was watching the BBC news, since it came on after the International Jazz Day, and cringed, to hear the clown in washington tell people to drink, or inject, bleach, or cleaning products on their program.  Then he once again … Continue reading

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The Letter…

Dear America: Please consider this my official letter of resignation, effective immediately.  You will no longer be allowed to use my picture, name or species, as your US logo.  You are destroying the environment as well as the wildlife. I … Continue reading

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VIRUS: Incredible as it may seem…

the time for CLOWING around is over AMERICA finally met something it couldn’t BOMB OR SHOOT TO DEATH

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