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Fun and interesting TED Talk

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Don’t follow someone else’s ego…ever.

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Think about it…

From:  Pinterest One of the reasons people don’t like to hear or face the truth is because they are more comfortable believing the lies.  A lot of people don’t want to have to change the things they believe.   … Continue reading

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The kitchens…Cuneo Museum 4 photograhs

The room farthest away is the kitchen where the food was cooked.  The closer room was the “plating” room.  The food was passed from the first kitchen to the second through a small square door over a counter.  The doors … Continue reading

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“What about the bodies on the cement?” asked 903, looking over her shoulder. “What about them?” said Rickie. “Are we just going to leave them there?” ‘Yes, along with the thousand others who are on earth right now.  Once we … Continue reading

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Lynds Dark Nebula 1251…Astronomy Picture of the Day…cool

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Profit…2 pictures

Picture from:  Pinterest And as long as we have war…we will have this, because this is the truth about war.  The children ALWAYS pay for the things adults do.

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Vote…not because we have good candidates but because brave women fought, were imprisoned and even gave up their lives, so that we, women, could do it.

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the lightening outside has been eerie made up of colors that are strange and unfamiliar storms move in and out quickly but the grayness stays behind while wind rocks the trees tearing leaves from their branches and nothing can stop … Continue reading

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