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Evert girl and females of all ages, should have this book…it’s wonderful

This is a beautiful and powerful book filled with wonderful photographs and quotes from strong and gorgeous girls who haver personal power in spades.

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Kids, Life and Outer Space…

“Why are you being so stubborn about this?” she asked. “It’s not possible,” he said. “It’s not only possible, it’s true.  The universe in infinite.” “Nothing’s infinite.” “The universe is.  Mr. Barnes said it was true.” “He doesn’t know what … Continue reading

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Kids, Love, Cats and The Future…A short story

“Will you love me when we grow up?”  he asked, hopefully. “How should I know?”  she said, staring at him.  “That’s years and years away and I don’t love you now.  I mean you’re a good friend and if you … Continue reading

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Kids…A Short story

“What happened?”  he asked, staring at the body in front of him. “He’s gone,” she said. “Where did he go?” “No one knows.” “But he was here a minute ago.” “Yes, well, he’s gone now.  His body stopped functioning.” “But … Continue reading

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Pinterest Quote: Neil Giaman Art by: Chris Riddell

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Quote: bell hooks…loved her books

Pintrest Quote: bell hooks We destroy creativity, imagination and critical thought in children as a matter of course.  It’s so they FIT IN and don’t go against the status quo.  It’s so they know their place.  It’s like giving … Continue reading

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Quote: Robert Grillo

Pinterest We teach our children to allow/accept the slaughter of living beings. We feed fear, torture and death to them and by doing so, we destroy their innocence and love for all living beings. Adults do that to their … Continue reading

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