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TED Talk…

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Girl from Tibet…gorgeous in every single way


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PLEASE sign this petition to impeach judge john mckeon…he gave a man who brutally raped his 12 year old daughter time and time again, 60 days with 17 taken off for being held. Please read this and sign it. Thank you.

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Friendship doesn’t recognize color…it recognizes hearts

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American children…


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This is how I raised my daughter…I’m so proud of her. Seriously, she has done it all, even thought she did it mostly for me. She has never left my side. Everyone has always said, “she’s the perfect child,” and they are right. She is. She is truly fantastic. We were at a rally for Carol Moseley Braun.

  I have gotten her arrested, and put her in danger.  I’m a terrible mother. Really.  I am.  Her personality is different than mine.  But I dragged her everywhere, when she was a teen, so she would never be weak, … Continue reading

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