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The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“You guys are crazy,” he said, watching her sit down.

“I know.”

“You always say that you know things, but you don’t do anything about…anything.  If we get a bad cat in the hood, he doesn’t stay long, that’s for sure.  He has two choices, leave, or die.”

“Cats are different than people,” she said, putting his dish of food in front of him.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am about that.”

“I can understand why.”

“You know that if you let a bully win, he’ll become an even bigger bully,   If you give him your lunch money, you’ll be hungry forever.  You can’t let someone else make the rules.  I didn’t realize the whole world was, chicken.”

“Chickens are nice.”

“Okay, then I didn’t know the whole world was filled with idiots.”

“That’s better.”

“He’s threatening to nuke someone.  He’ll do that every time wants something, from now on, if you don’t stop him.  And while you’re all flapping your lips, people are suffering, fleeing and dying.”


“I think there’s something truly wrong with all of you.”

“There is.”

“The people who are fighting for their lives are brave.  The rest of you are cowards.”

“That is not true.  Our soldiers can’t go there and help without permission.  If they could go they would, and they would save people.  Our soldiers are brave. They can’t go by themselves, even if they want to.  It’s the government.  Most governments are poison.  You can see all the talk, which does nothing, as they LET people die.  I wonder if they know that one of them will be next, and no one will help them either.”

“Cats were here from the very beginning.  We saw dinosaurs.   We were bigger then, because of the high levels of oxygen, but we were here.”

“Everything was bigger then.”

“That’s true.  We have cat stories handed down to us from those times.”

“You do?”

“Why are you surprised?  Do you think your species is the only one with an oral history?”

“I guess I never thought about it.”

“You people don’t think about anything, or anyone, but yourselves.”

“I think about all of you, and I fight back.  People work hard to help those in need.”

“Right, and people are IN NEED, because of the way things are run.  The inequality, the governments and the elites, who take everything they can from anyone they can.”

“We’ve been over this before,” she sighed.

“Other countries are the same, you know.”

“I know.”

“Things look good form the PR departments but that’s all fake.”

“And you know this how?” she asked.

“We have relatives everywhere.  Cats are even in the White House at times.  They hear things.”

She nodded.  “Treats?”

“What do you think,” he said, moving closer to her.

“The weather is supposed to be nice for a few days.”

“While people are dying in the Ukraine?”

“Yes.  While people are dying all over the earth.”

“You know,” he said, rolling over, “it might not hurt to give everyone some catnip.”

She smiled.  “That’s a great idea, but it doesn’t really work on us.”

“Wow,” he said, looking for more treats.  “Bummer.”

“I brought a catnip mouse for you.”

“Can I see it?”

“Of course,” she said pulling a tan mouse out of her tote bag, and giving it to him.

He sniffed it, then rolled on it and threw it in the air.  “It’s okay.  I’ll keep it.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, laughing at him.

“This mouse is like the rest of the countries.  What they offer isn’t real, it’s just pretend, like this mouse.  All of you are pretending to help a country that was attacked by a bully, and all you do is give them fake mice.”




Chicklets for peace…



Imagine all the people…

A Single Bloom~ — (more of Cindy’s gorgeous photographs…each one more beautiful than the next)

Can brighten, our day. But seven, makes things, positively sunny! Cheers to you, from the happy flowers~

A Single Bloom~ —

Three Silver-eared Mesia — retireediary

Three Silver-eared Mesia — retireediary

Some of the chicklet, and their friends are ready for bed. A few of the recovered babies, from the raid, are sleeping with them.


From the beautiful and loving IZ, a song for the moment. He is missed…a pure heart, full of love. We shouldn’t have to find peace over the rainbow, but maybe for the world, that’s all there is.


My friend just texted that 6,000 protesting Russians were arrested.  How brave they are, knowing there will be consequences, in a country that rules with an iron fist.  What courage, to stand up for what they believe to be right and just.  All of them, as well as the other thousands who have been arrested, are true heroes.

They are an example of the best of humanity.  It’s easy to be loud and protest, when you know there are no deadly consequences, believe me.  It’s a different story, when your life is on the line.  True bravery.

She also said UPS and FEDX are no longer delivering to Russia.  And, Switzerland said it’s thinking of cutting off access to the bully’s funds.

One gentleman commenting on my blog said, that the bully is cremating the bodies of his dead soldiers, so the Russian people won’t see the bodies, or body bags, and know what’s actually happening.

My friend said they are figuring ways to get weapons to the Ukraine fighters and it sounds as if they have plans.

I hope all of these things are true, and I’m so happy to see people all over the world standing up for the people in the Ukraine.  I’m sorry for those who have been lost. When this is over, I hope we send crews to help them rebuild, and begin again.  Strong, brave, incredible with a president who loves the people and isn’t hiding like ours would be.  What an incredible example of what a president could be.

I have to say this, because I know it to be true.  People/heroes, who have been jailed for standing up for the rights of animals and other issues, get accolades and praise, but after awhile, they are forgotten, but for a close few.  They are jailed and punished for their beliefs, while life goes on around them in the outside world. Those feelings of support are not sustainable, and the brave person often ends up forgotten and alone.  We need to remember that.  We need to do something to keep brave people alive.  We need to write to them, do anything, to let them know that we support them and they are not forgotten.

The brave pay, and everyone goes on living, forgetting that their lives are better, because of those who paid the price.  We can’t keep letting that happen.  Remember the sacrifices people choose to make, without reward, for the good of others.  It’s so important.  True heroes don’t do what they do for rewards, they do it because it’s the right thing to do.  Because they can’t do anything else.


And now…for something cute, from Bored Panda, just to show you I am not always SCREAMING ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD! Even if that’s what I want to do.

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