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Okay, so…

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If you listen to scientists talk about planets and moons, gravity and all the rest.  you will hear them say, “The Moon was trapped, captured by Neptune’s gravity.”

Trapped and captured.  When I hear that, or read it, I immediately feel sorry for the moon, since it was TRAPPED and CAPTURED without it’s permission.  I mean, it was floating around,  minding it’s own business, and suddenly, it’s in ORBIT around a planet.

I’m thinking the moon is a rock, and probably doesn’t care, but still…those are bad words…trapped and captured.  I don’t know what other words we could use, since the moon, or rock, was just passing by on it’s way to someplace else, but by passing too close to a planet, it became a prisoner.

Which, makes me realize that everything is a prisoner of everything else. Things are always capturing our attention, or trapping us in dead end jobs or lives or whatever.  We’re trapped on this planet, trapped by gender, race, age, and everything else.  We’re trapped in the Milky Way and the Universe itself.

Our language gives us a window into what/who we are.  The words and definitions we have made up are a reflection of our lives and how we see the world.

For Americans, it’s never good not to have  choices.  So, I automatically feel bad for the moon, even if it is a rock, even knowing that if it wasn’t trapped by Neptune’s gravitational pull, it may have wandered off and collided with something gigantic and been smashed to bits.  Still…trapped and captured, those are things horror movies are made from.

These are the things I think of when someone says, “We are all one.”  Not that we actually have anything in common, other than the obvious, but that we’re all trapped, captives, prisoners and probably a video game gone wrong.

I think the meteor hit way too early (yes, there were supposedly 5 extinctions, or maybe we’re going to be the 5th one.  I read it but forgot it).  Anyway, the dinosaurs should have been allowed to live for another few hundred thousand years.  They didn’t damage the planet and weren’t even thinking about leaving it to go somewhere else.  They were just minding their own business, killing, each other now and then and taking care of their kids.  No made up governments or religions, no hatred or anything.  It’s too bad they couldn’t paint on cave walls.  That would have been really cool.   They could have painted each other, but why?  When it comes down to it, they were out foraging and looking for water, or the next best thing.  Just like humans, but in a less destructive way.

They didn’t keep pets, or tie other dinosaurs to trees or kill them because they wanted their stuff.  There was no STUFF.  Think about that.  NO STUFF AT ALL.  They all lived with what they were.  Nothing to carry or drag along.  No cleaning or cooking or going to the store for food.  No changing sheets and wondering if the kids were on time for school.  They just walked along, admiring the view and wondering who they would come across to have for dinner.  The herbivores were looking for leaves.  No business meetings, or appointments, just a walk through the world with an eye out for predators.  Kind of like women live all the time, the predator part, I mean.

Now is when the meteor should hit.  Look at us…we’re what came after the dinosaurs.  What will come after us?  I wonder if whatever it was will be nice?  Maybe large chipmunks, or fish who could breath out of water.

They would have to be small, because the oxygen levels are so different than they were when the dinosaurs and gigantic everythings roamed the earth.  So, I think that’s over, unless something changes.

What if something comes drifting along and gets trapped or captured in our gravitational pull?  What if we wake up one morning and there’s another moon and our tides are like, “What the…”

I don’t really believe in the Big Bang.  I think something was ALWAYS here.  I can’t believe in nothing.  It just seems insane.  Not all scientists believe it either.

And what about Nessie?  Is she really living in the Loch?  If she is, she’s smarter than we are, being able to avoid technology and all of our poking and prodding.  What if she exists in  parallel worlds, so she’s only in the Lock when she’s here, and she disappears, when she goes home to the other world?  That makes sense, since parallel worlds are simply membranes hanging next to each other.

But I don’t want her to be captured or trapped.  That’s why all the “OTHER” things that live here hide,   We all know what we do to things we don’t understand.  WE TAKE THEM APART.  We don’t study flowers where they grow, we pick them and watch them die.  That’s what humans do…they turn living things into dead things.

How badly would another moon screw us up?  How big would it have to be to get caught by gravity, rather than crashing into us.  How close would it have to be to realllllly play with the oceans and everything else.  All those cool science fiction drawings/pantings of worlds with multiple moons and planets, never address those things.

What if moons can think but they can’t go in reverse?  What if they can’t steer and just drift, unable to turn away from something they know they’ll hit?  We don’t actually KNOW for sure what other things can do.  We measure things by our own brains, which, if I may say, hopefully cannot be the best there is.   Maybe rocks think, but just more slowly, or perhaps they have a different agenda or vocabulary.

We know people are living on the moon.  There are pictures of smoke stacks and machines, all kinds of things that the government hides.  The people who do the photo doctoring have come forward and told us they do it.  Our government should be renamed and called THE BIG LIE.

What it we start painting on cave walls again?  Look how safe and how long that artwork has lasted.  Well, until WE found it, now it’s being destroyed.  Why do we want to look at everything?   People go into the caves to look at hand prints and their breath destroys the art but do they care?  Nope, they just want to see bats, even if they heat up the caves and kill them.  Cuz THAT’S what we do.  We KILL things and don’t really care.  We’re doing it all the time, even as I type.

People can pretend that we’re really nice and have pot luck dinners and feed the homeless (that we have put on the streets) but we are basically destroyers.  Ask the polar bears, or anyone who lives in the ocean, or the forest that’s being clear cut.  Mmmm, actually look at the air we breath, the food we poison ourselves with, the water we drink.

Until everyone, or at least most people admit what we are, we can’t help ourselves and we’re all trapped and prisoners of our own lies and denial.

We make up stories to tell ourselves why things are the way they are when in reality, we really don’t have a clue.   Why is that so difficult to accept or understand.  People can believe in invisible gods but not what’s right in front of them.

I guess for some people, it’s just too scary to admit we don’t know anything and therefore some guy in the sky will save everyone.  Well, he can save the people who believe in him.  The rest of us will just find out what’s going on by ourselves.

We’re all trapped in this universe and we don’t actually know why.  Everything single thing that exists, is trapped.  Nothing has a choice.  You know that, don’t you?


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Random thoughts…

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I think I’ll hang twinkle lights all over the house to offset the grim, dark, rainy, fall weather.  The only thing that would make things even better, would be to adopt 1,000 cats.   But even I think that’s too many cats.  Maybe.   Besides, it’s probably against zoning laws to have a flock of felines living in my house.  Although how anyone would know how many cats lived in my house, is beyond me.  It’s not as if the government has a cat counter or anything.  Anyway, The twinkle lights would make me think about christmas and that’s closer to spring, so that’s a good thing.  The bad thing is that I’d probably start decorating for christmas way too early and then take everything down before christmas actually arrived, because I was bored and tired of it all.  I’ve done that before. I have a problem with things moving too slowly.   I have absolutely no desire to slow down, I’d rather everything sped up.  Anyway, I’m going to dig the twinkle lights out of a box and get busy, since the forecast looks miserable, unless you love constant darkness, or the color gray.

I watched JULIE & JULIA last night.  Meryl Streep’s voice…all that screeching, high pitched noise, shrieking, hysteria, and constant fake laughter, was really hard to take, even though she did a fantastic job as Julia.  I don’t know how anyone could actually live with the woman and not wear earplugs.  Tucci was outstanding, as her husband.  He never ran from her, covering his ears.  He loved her and accepted her the way she was, screeching voice and all.  But screeching doesn’t bother some people, it’s a personal thing.  I can’t listen to a soprano sing either.  Like fingernails run down a blackboard.  Anyway, I’ve read about Julia’s life in Paris, because I love Paris, not because I care about food.  I skipped parts of the movies where they were killing and cooking animals.  Apparently Julie (Amy Adams), felt bad about boiling the lobster to death, but she did it anyway.  Which goes to show that no one really cares who they kill, in order to satisfy themselves.  Really sad. Way too terrible.

The Durrells in Corfu. Photo: John Rogers/Sid Gentle Films & MASTERPIECE

A long time ago I read a book about the Durrells in Corfu, so I was excited when the series started on PBS.  It’s wonderful.  The third season started last night and it was the first episode that I didn’t like.  The cast is fantastic but the mother can be intrusive and suffocating, and the opener showed just how much.  I almost turned it off but I like the show so I just turned off the sound now and then instead.  It’s a terrific series and a lot of fun.  I liked the book too.

Murphy Brown is back on TV.  Yay!









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