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A letter…

black Fayorit typewriter with printer paper

I’m typing this letter
because you can’t read my writing
don’t feel bad
I can’t read it either
I’m fine
sort of
eating lots of chocolate
taking time to smell the roses
not literally
of course
since I can’t smell anything
I mean I try to smell them
it’s just that
you know how it is
I’m writing
making things
and dwelling
upon the fact
that our country is
in front of my eyes
but there are carpenter bees
drilling away in the garage
they are big and fuzzy
I know you’d like them
and there’s a guard bee
who protects the others
I say hello to him
every time I see him
because he’s beautiful
it could be a her
I don’t know how to tell
it’s okay if the bees live with me
I’ve been thinking a lot about
Flying Monkeys
and have come to the conclusion
that all girls should
get a few of them on their first birthday
they’ll be completely trained
and can be used to attack bad people
including government officials
I planted the garden
kissed and petted the cat
numerous times
I think she knows I love her
I saw a crow yesterday
I miss them
There were millions in Paris
but ours never really recovered
from that horrible bird flu
it’s been hot and sunny
it’s wonderful
but the seasons are mixed up
so we’ve had summer
and next week some of spring
will be with us
I’m going to play in the dirt
I saw a huge worm
the other day
I put him in a safe place
although this is earth
so there are no safe places
not really
I hope you get this letter
I’m not sure where to send it
your ashes are scattered
so you don’t have an address
I just assume you’re around someplace
and will find it
I’ll write again soon
love you
miss you
hope you’re happy
I think when you died
it was such a great loss
that the world tilted a little
I could be wrong
but maybe that’s part of what caused
climate change
it seems true to me
I just don’t know how to prove
those kinds of things
if you get a chance to write
please do
thanks for sending all the


Photo:  Colin Lloyd

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