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Beauty in black and white…

Bird, Vulture, Ornithology, Bird Of Prey

Photo:  Pixabay

Flamingo…I love this picture…it’s wonderful

Bird, Flamingo, Animal, Beauty, Pastel

Photo:  Pixabay

Night owl…

Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Owl, Bird

Photo:  Pixabay

Messenger of peace…its message lost, on a world full of war.

Bird, Dove, Fly, Nature, Wing, White

Photo:  Pixabay

Looks as if someone was able to escape from the game, ANGRY BIRDS…

Photo:  Lukasz Rawaun

Bird…a poem

Free stock photo of aircraft, airplane, bird

to be but a
feather on the wing
of a bird
through the air
spread out
before her


Photo:  Anna Rye

Beauty…close up.

Photo:  Łukasz Rawa


the beauty of nature
is not only seen
we feel it
deep inside ourselves
it speaks to us
of home


Photo:  Daniil Komov

Why this bird sings…

I sing
because I can
I sing
because I’m happy
I sing
because my heart is full
of joy
and love
I sing
because I can fly



Photo:  Natalya Letunova

A toucan, in living color…

Toucan, Bird, Exotic, Colorful, Beak

Photo:  Pixabay

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