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You can feel the beauty…

Photo:  David Clode

This is Bullet…a poem

selective focus photography of brown birdtiny sparrow
brave and daring
like a bullet
you shoot
through the air
wings tight at your sides
waiting for the right moment
to open them
and fly

What a beauty…a pretty bird.

green and yellow small beaked bird on twig

Photo:  Zdenek Mačhacek

To soar…

bird flying near mountain during daytime

Photo:  Kiril Dobren

Delicate beauty…

Egret, Flying, Fog, Dawn, Sunrise, Grass


Photo:  Pixabay


Sadie, my daughter’s cat, watching the birds at the feeder…

How sweet is this? Such a pretty girl…

green and black bird in close up photography

Photo:  Chuttersnap


Today is: National Save the Eagles Day…seems we have to save everything from our own species.

Eagle, Bird, Animal, White Tailed Eagle


This is how you dress up for New Year’s Eve…

Bird, Africa, Dove, Blue, Nature


Goldcrest, Bird, Regulus Regulus, Animal

wasn’t a very large bird
as a matter of fact
he was a bit small
he certainly wasn’t a raptor
or even a tiny bird of prey
he didn’t have the size
the strength
or the talons for it
but the one thing
did have
was style
he wore his head feathers
in a kind of mohawk
which got him
a bit of attention
even among his own kind
he longed for a faux
black vest
adorned with patches
but alas
he knew it would just
weigh him down
and make it
impossible for him
to fly
so he was satisfied
with his
golden feathers
and his beautifully
outlined eyes
because the truth is
we all have to work
with what we have
and Bernard
is a shinning example
of being cool
even when you belong to a


Picture:  Pixabay

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