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Things you don’t want to know but should…humans use the earth as a garbage dump. We do really destroy everything.

Source:  ADBUSTERS Magazine

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If you see this…it’s already too late.

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Peregrine Falcon…(picture from Pixabay)…so,

…thanks to PBS, I now know that this amazing bird can top 200 miles an hour in a dead dive.  How fantastic is that?  She fold her wings to her body and just DROPS out of the sky.  Her nostrils … Continue reading

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Everyone dances…it’s what we all are…the beat is inside each of us.

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American eagle…

I think the eagles are getting a petition together to no longer represent America.  They said they’re horrified by what we have become and don’t want to have anything to do with us any longer.  I don’t blame them at … Continue reading

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Must be god walking on water…

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