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Banned books…

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Books…the path of my life…

Laura Kapfer Unsplash

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Cats and books go together…like…well…like cats and books…I mean I could say peanut butter and jelly, but that’s too sticky. Cats and books are a perfect combination of beauty and love. Really…that’s what they are.

From:  Flicker

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Okay, so…books

I’ve been writing about the books written for women.  Sure some of them mirror the lives of some women, depending on who you are, where you live and what you do, I guess.  A lot of women are cheated on, … Continue reading

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Have you ever noticed…BOOKS

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED… …that there are no books about men moving to small towns after finding out their wives were cheating on them. …no books with men returning to their childhood homes to live with their mothers, or fathers, … Continue reading

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The Floating Book…the whole story.

She held her breath when she saw the small bookshop. She had been disappointed before, so she didn’t want to get too excited.  She travelled a lot and everywhere she went, the first thing she did, after dropping off her … Continue reading

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after midnight in bookstores everywhere magic happens books come alive and ideas fly through the air dancing mixing and growing until dawn arrives and the words return to their assigned pages to wait for the right person to come along … Continue reading

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Communication…books…a poem

books are just the ideas or findings of other people it’s a way of communicating it’s not any more or less real than anything else book are simply the thoughts of those who wrote them meaningless unless they speak to … Continue reading

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Books…a sign…poem

it doesn’t matter how battered the sign how ragged or worn to those who love the touch of paper and the printed word bound by covers the word BOOKS is simply irroestiable   Photo:  César Viteri Unsplash

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The guests have arrived and the HALLOWEEN PARTY has begun…The first activity, will be held after breakfast. Story time…with Beth

Beth reads at all the parties.  Halloween is no exception.  Everyone at The Coop, including the guests, love her stories.  She brings her own books, so no one knows what to expect and that’s part of the surprise.  Some of … Continue reading

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