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Deb found this for me, when we were at the bookstore…deckled edges and illustrated…3 pictures

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The book of life…a poem

life is a book with only one page where the words disappear as soon as they are written but then how could it be any other way since the past is gone and the future has not arrived one word … Continue reading

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Book…in French…I do not read French

So, I picked up this book yesterday, at Half Price Books.  It’s in French.  It’s obviously about food.  The word passion is always a good word, so how bad can it be, right?   I thought bouffant was a hairstyle but, … Continue reading

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I’m reading a lot of books at once, which I always do, but this is a huge book and I’m starting it after I finish NINTH STREET WOMEN.  I may have to start it before that, thought, since, I can … Continue reading

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Almost finished…Yay!  What a fabulous book.  Just love/d it.  Only 150 pages to go…yes, it’s a very long book.  Must read for women artists.

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This is a beautiful and informative book. The color didn’t turn out, the cover is actually BLACK, but the pictures are beautiful and it tells a in few words (3 pictures)

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I picked up this wonderful book yesterday. Each picture, of a worn and extremely well loved stuffed animal, has a full page and on the opposite page there are a couple very short paragraphs of explanation. 2 pictures, front and back covers

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