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Atwood…The Testaments…because I don’t have ENOUGH STRESS in my life…if it’s too horrific, I’ll stop reading it.

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Battle Ground, by Jim Butcher…

Butcher doesn’t lose any time starting the battle and it lasts for almost the entire book.  Amazing how so much fighting can make you want to skip pages, since fighting is fighting and even that gets a boring.  He’s very … Continue reading

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Last night I watched a documentary on ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY, the author of, THE LITTLE PRINCE. I always have a problem with those programs.  All the people who spoke, had a reason and meaning for everything in the book.  They … Continue reading

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The book…a poemstat

the book is dangerous enough to have a room of it’s own because true knowledge and magic can change the world so it’s kept under lock and key guarded by icky rich old status quo loving white males who make … Continue reading

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Today is: National Book Lovers Day…

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I just finished listening to, The Poet X.  It’s written like a  poetry/novel and the reader is excellent. It’s a book about how religion can destroy a person’s life/mind and how that can destroy the family living with the fanatic.  … Continue reading

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From: Candy…wouldn’t you love to have one of these? And they’re all different.

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PEACE TALKS…read it…loved it…

As I said, PEACE TALKS came out today.  Read it immediately.  It was lots of fun and the next one comes out in September.  This is great news, since we have been waiting for this one for what seems like … Continue reading

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Out today…after a much too long wait…it’s finally here.

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Authors I read…

thatartsyreadergirl   I’ve never done this before but thatartsyreadergirl asked about which authors you’ve read the most books by, so here’s my list, although it’s more about series, than different books by the same author…still…I though I would give it my … Continue reading

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