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Okay, so…bookshelves and plants

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when I walk into someone’s living space
and don’t see books
I wonder where they are
if you walk into my house
books are everywhere
but some people
don’t love them
and there’s not a single book
it makes me think
they might only live
in the real world
rather in stories
I don’t know how to do that
I’m either reading
or writing stories
what do they see
or think
how can they live
without them
I’ve lived in books
since I was a tiny child
I can’t imagine
not being surrounded by books
I can’t imagine
not escaping into them
playing somewhere else
that’s not here
how can anyone
not touch books everyday
not see plants around them
not bring the outside in
not walk beside a unicorn
or fight monsters
and WIN
travel to outer space
or follow Gandalf
or Dead Boy
I’m addicted to books
plants too
I guess
they make me happy
they always have
and cats
of course
cats always go well
with books
cats go well with
but books
call to me
they say hello
and somehow they know
that I love them



Photo:  Lum3n

Climb into a good book and READ…

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PHOTO:  Anna Taylor

Read banned books…here’s the list

30 Banned Books You Should Probably Read Right Now

Book lover…words

brown wooden chair beside white wooden desk

as a book lover
I admit
that I sometimes buy books
by their covers
I read the one-star reviews
on Amazon
because that’s where
the real information is
I never finish books I don’t like
I never reread books either
how can I
when there are always new ones
waiting in the wings
I have way too many copies
my favorite childhood book
where kids are smarter
than adults
I have an insatiable hunger
for books
when I’m in a bookstore
books whisper to me
like dogs in a shelter
they’re all looking
for a forever home
but books know those
who aren’t interested in them
those who walk past their section
without a glance
they don’t fall off the shelf
unless they know the reader
will love them
a romance novel
would never follow me home
I binge read
for whole days at a time
living on cookies
and peanut and jelly sandwichs
(mostly cookies)
and I  wait impatiently
for the drop dates
of my favorite authors
my TBR piles
don’t make me feel bad because
I know the next book I might want to read
will be there waiting for me
I get gift cards
to bookstores for presents
my house is made of books and plants
and I wouldn’t have it any other way
I think the books are happy
I know Emily is
cats like books
I’m sure she reads
when I’m asleep
I think all cats do
if you find an open book on the floor
you probably interrupted
your cat
don’t pick it up
let her finish it
she’ll love you for it




Photo:  Asal Lotfi


gray and black robot statue

Sherlock is
an imaginary character
made up by a author
a character
that is more real
to many people
than the folks
they actually know
people speak of him
as if he is alive
as if he
and Dr. Watson
are working cases
and solving problems
at this very moment
people write to him
asking for help
they send their letters
to his Baker Street address
hoping he will respond
we fall in love
with characters
in books
because we believe in them
they represent
the things we need
or want
in our lives
that’s why
it’s so easy for us
to keep them alive
in our hearts



Photo:  Keiheu Ko

Artist:  Azbou (from theartblogger54…thank you)

More pages from my 1986 Handmaid’s Tale 7 pictures (Pulled all the inserts out of regular magazines of the time)


The poem I wrote and added to the pages in Atwood’s book…

women were stolen
taken right off the street

beaten into submission
on both hands and feet

they were given new clothing
new names
different jobs

in spite of their panic
their terror
and sobs

the enforcers were female
of course

showing neither compassion

naturally men wanted their usual thing
raping and pillaging
an exciting new fling

but death often comes
at the end of a knife
held in the hand
of a surrogate wife

written in 1986

This is the cover of my original hardcover copy of Atwood’s THE HANDMAID’S TALE…10 pictures

I read it when it came out.  When I was finished, I redid the book.  I was so furious, knowing that what she said could easily become the norm, that I had to do something.

This is what it looks like from the side.  Here are a few pages…I’ll put more on later, I  don’t want to overwhelm anyone.


I’ll put more on later, but don’t doubt, even for a second, that they could be passing out red capes in no time at all.  All they have to do is write a new law.  The men in charge can do anything they choose to do…and who is going to stop them?


This is the brain book. It’s pretty good. Lots of artwork and facts, as they know them at the moment…like everything else.

Bookshop…a poem

so hard
to walk past a bookshop
and not go inside
almost impossible
at times
even through closed doors
one can hear the books
come on in
they say
wait until you see 
what we have for you
all kinds of words
pages full of stories
and ideas
for the taking
and just how is one
expected to continue walking
when the books
call out to us
some weeping
with the need to be owned
and appreciated
others have been on the shelf
far too long
and are sad
and depressed
their stories fading
as each day passes
but there are always
bouncing up and down
waiting for a hand to pull them out
of their resting place
ruffle their insides
and bring them home
there are wise old books
and silly ones
that can’t stop
at their own jokes
books who dream of food
or travel
other worlds
true love
long ago times
or life
on other planets
in new and exciting universes
something for everyone
they sing
just step inside

 then magically
the bell on the door tinkles
and we are in their world
our shoulders drop
our heartbeats slow
and we relax
as the books draw us in
with the promise
of something new
and wonderful




Photo:  Ksenia Ksenia

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