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Poems about Chicago and racism…a book worth reading.


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Really enjoyed this book…It’s a quick and easy read. Leonora Carrington is a, not so well known, famous artist. Her work hangs in all the best museums in the world. A free spirit and an incredible woman.

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This is a beautiful and gentle book. The photographs are wonderful. I love wolves and definitely recommend this book.

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So many people love coffee but there are those of us who love tea…so this is for all the tea lovers out there…

a cup of steaming hot tea its scent filling the air the chocolate cake on the lacy plate the perfect companion for that most delicious of all beverages

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A Turkey for Thanksgiving…

A TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING… Posted on August 30, 2016by hitandrun1964 Best Thanksgiving book for children.  Teaches compassion, kindness and understanding.  It you need a gift for a child, consider this wonderful book.  (reblog)

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I was fortunate enough to get these two books by Edward Gorey at the used book store. They are in mint condition. He didn’t like having his small books put into one big ones, but I’m okay with it. (2 pictures)

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Finished this…

I enjoyed it.  Some repetition, since people often ask the same questions, but it is quite insightful and I’m glad I read it.  He was definitely a character but he lived his life his own way and he absolutely LOVED … Continue reading

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