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Perfect bookstore…books and cats…it doesn’t get better than that.

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Photo:  Ricardo Oliveria

I love pictures of books and I love it when you can read the titles…

a stack of books sitting on top of a wooden chair

Photo:  Hailey Moeller


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Bookstore tree…

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Photo:  Yelena Odintsova

Check out this on line bookshop, for gently used, reasonably priced books. Mendez is also a blogger.



There is no such thing as too many books. You can stack them anywhere, on the floor, on a windowsill…anywhere. Books, plants and cats and dogs, make a place a home. BOOKS are the the artwork of of our souls.

assorted-title book lot beside window

Photo:  Florencia Viddana


I highly recommend this book and all of Stuart Wilde’s books…but start with this one. It’s on Amazon Kindle for $1.99. I read him 25 years ago, he’s fantastic. Forgot about him, until I needed a push. Have all his books on a shelf. The book is tiny and short, to the point and wonderful.


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Library, Books, Reading, Knowledge

A library is where ideas sleep between covers,
waiting for you to discover them.

Picture:  Pixabay
Quote:  AZ Quotes

Quote: Haruki Murakami

.Haruki Murakami quote: If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can...

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

AZ Quotes

So, plant a few books…they can grow anywhere and will eventually…take over your living space.

Photo:  Julia Cheperis

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