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Poetry Slam…Chickmas…

The Poetry Committee has decided to try something new this time.  Kind of swinging into the new year…so here they are…


by Chicklet Tammy

snow covers The Coop
in a blanket of white
it lights up the earth
all through the night
we can make snow people
and have lots of fun
I love all the chicklets
I’m glad that I’m one

by Chicklet Thistle

I think peace should be for everyone
no one should have to be afraid
we are the lucky ones
safe where we are
but it’s wrong
that everyone isn’t safe where they are
the planet is calling for help
and still the humans chose to fight
and destroy
we could help them
but they don’t believe that chicklets
know anything
they’re wrong
about so many things

by Chicklet Colin

I think everyone can be happy
if only the bad people will stop
doing bad things
we are all happy at The Coop
everyone is loved
and appreciated
everyone has the support
of everyone else
we are all on committees
doing things that are fun
and we learn all the time
we are never afraid
we have lots of corn and seeds
no one is selfish
chicklets are love with feathers

by Kitty Meow

Cats are fantastic
you all know that that’s true
we live here with chicklets
and every other animal you can imagine
and we don’t kill or eat them
you might wonder why
I know I did
when I first arrived
it’s pretty simple really
there’s so much kindness
and love around here
even we
the top predators in the world
just can’t help but be nice
it gets easier
I mean the babies sleep on us
rub their beaks against our faces
to show they love us
the mice dance and play around us
so now I just go along with everything
and enjoy the sweet life
I haven’t killed a bird in five years
hard to believe
I know
for me too
but the birds are friends
at least they are around here
I still hunt
it’s who I am
but I’ll guard this place
with my claws out
no one touches anyone here
not while I’m in charge

And now, for the swinging poet
CHICKMAS by Chicklet Lee Lee

Chickmas is a special time
twinkle lights make everyone happy
our guests are wonderful
the humans are fun to be around
they would never hurt or eat us
because they have the Chicklet spirit in their hearts
they are kind and generous
alway willing to help
they laugh a lot and give us treats
teach us things
and they are always smiling
and reaching out to pet us
we love them very much
and are grateful that they come to our parties


That concludes the Chickmas Poetry Slam for the night.  Now everyone is trying to get Lee Lee off the swing without dropping her.  More to come.


The last of the decorations are down and the Poetry Club just finished their readings…


is the way to tell a story
in a few words
they have to be the right words
and the timing has to be perfect
birds are wonderful poets
because most of them
can fly


humans as a species
are heartless
and deadly
stay away from them
if you value your life


cats are perfect
there’s nothing they can’t do
if they want to
but only then
because we never do anything
we don’t want to do
even for treats
or pets
but at The Coop
things are different
and we all pitch in
and do what needs to be done


some say that I’m not aggressive enough
not brave enough
that I’m small
and fearful
I suppose that’s true
after all
I’m very small
which makes everything else
very big
but at The Coop
everyone tells me that I am a hero
an important part of the group
they think I’m a perfect Guinea Pig
and sometimes
because of their trust in me
I think I can do anything


I think we should all get along
there’s no point to all this fighting
the earth doesn’t belong to us
it’s a thing of its own
we’re fortunate she lets us live on her
and instead of thanking the earth
for letting us be here
we destroy her
we don’t know what to do with humans
we don’t know why they’re here
why they kill and eat everything
how can we understand them
it’s a new year
but what’s really going to change


I love everyone
I love sunshine
and rainbows
and corn bread
and parties
and naps
and new eggs
and all kinds of other things too


I wish you could all fly
it’s a wonderful thing
you can see so much
but we’re all made
to be who we are
so we should be happy
with that
and write poetry
because it’s good for you

And that’s the contribution of the Poetry Club



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