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Chicklet Cutouts…2 pictures

Cirque Du Chicklet continues…

Moonbeam and Lacey are working with rings.  Moonbeam is the ring handler and Lacey is his assistant.  Moonbeam fits easily through the opening of both rings and has worked up quite a routine.  He has chosen New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel, for his music and Lacey said that Moonbeam is very talented.  Her job is to flutter around him as he roles and slips through the rings.  Lacey’s sister Marie made their costumes.

Cirque Du Chicklets

IMG_3477The gymnasts are hard at work.  The fish tail is quite uncomfortable when tumbling, so they may not use the sea element in their show.  Two chicklets fell off the wire, while practicing this morning, and laughed for ten minutes as they rolled back and forth across the floor.  The trampoline is causing some problems, since the chicklets can’t actually jump hard enough to get very high in the air but they are having a lot of fun.  The singers are learning nonsense words, to stay true to Cirque, and three of the dogs have volunteered to be in the program.  We can only wait and see.

Chicago Planetarium


Cirque Du Chicklet…

IMG_3463The rehearsal continues…steampunk and the sea.

Cirque Du Chicklet…

IMG_3434Several of the chicklets came with us Tuesday night, to see Kurios.  This morning they were up early, in their new costumes.   They are working on a show of their own.  They are very excited and said they are planning on having a special party just for the event.

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