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A Halloween Blizzard…A little while ago the winds were gusting at 19 mph and it was almost a whiteout. Visibility was extremely poor and sleet and snow were falling sideways. Hahahah Gotta love this place for making horrific weather whenever it feels like it. The leaves are still on the trees, the flowers are in the picture below. Yes, those were flowers up until today.

Halloween is not much fun with snow upon the ground freezing temps and icy streets take all the joy from chocolate treats but costumes squished beneath warm coats and voices raised with glee seems less like candy and black cats … Continue reading

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“we all have a legacy in this life. Putting America on the path of trying to save this Earth would be a good one for all of us to aspire to. Electing a leader who sees…” — Art of Quotation

When President Trump took office, we were already running out of time to save this Earth. He has not just stalled any future efforts, he has reversed the progress that was made, proving that his cruelty is not just limited … Continue reading

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“The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.” — Art of Quotation

“The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes. The climate troglodytes must be thrown out of office, starting with Donald J. Trump. We need laws with teeth to propel the clean energy transition: hard … Continue reading

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Today is…

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women hold life in their bodies and magic in their hands that’s why men fear them remember the burnings never forget

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How they met…a longish short Halloween story

She saw him walking down the street, enjoying the crisp night air. “I can see that you’re not used to wearing lipstick,” she said, grinning at him. “I’m supposed to be scary.” “Oh, sorry.  I didn’t get that,” she said.  … Continue reading

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Halloween morning at The Coop…

Well, the chicklets are up and on their way to a fabulous day.  They had some of Holly’s cornbread for breakfast, so they’re full and happy.  Beth is reading to the baby chicklets, after which, she’s going to the hospital … Continue reading

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