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A Halloween Blizzard…A little while ago the winds were gusting at 19 mph and it was almost a whiteout. Visibility was extremely poor and sleet and snow were falling sideways. Hahahah Gotta love this place for making horrific weather whenever it feels like it. The leaves are still on the trees, the flowers are in the picture below. Yes, those were flowers up until today.

Halloween is not much fun
with snow
upon the ground
freezing temps
and icy streets
take all the joy
from chocolate treats
but costumes
squished beneath
warm coats
and voices raised
with glee
seems less like
and black cats
and more like


“we all have a legacy in this life. Putting America on the path of trying to save this Earth would be a good one for all of us to aspire to. Electing a leader who sees…” — Art of Quotation

When President Trump took office, we were already running out of time to save this Earth. He has not just stalled any future efforts, he has reversed the progress that was made, proving that his cruelty is not just limited to human beings, it spreads out to the entire planet. He has called climate change […]

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“The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.” — Art of Quotation

“The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes. The climate troglodytes must be thrown out of office, starting with Donald J. Trump. We need laws with teeth to propel the clean energy transition: hard targets, bans, taxes, mandates. We cannot stand back for another presidential election in which the […]

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Today is…

Halloween, Weird, Surreal, Atmosphere


Sorceress, Witch, Fantasy, Dark, Gothic

hold life in their bodies
and magic in their hands
that’s why men fear them

the burnings
never forget

How they met…a longish short Halloween story

Clown, Halloween, Joker, Jester, Comedy

She saw him walking down the street, enjoying the crisp night air.

“I can see that you’re not used to wearing lipstick,” she said, grinning at him.

“I’m supposed to be scary.”

“Oh, sorry.  I didn’t get that,” she said.  “I just thought you didn’t understand makeup. Who, or what, are you supposed to be?”

“The Joker.”


“Okay, now you’re just being mean.”

“My name is…oh, never mind,” she said, flapping her hand at him..

“Weirdest name I ever heard.  Who names their kid, Oh Never Mind?”

She laughed again, and wiped her tears on her sleeve.  “Let’s start over.”

“Okay.  My name is…”

“Not Damian.  Tell me it’s not Damian,” she pleaded.  “Because you’re really cute and funny but I won’t go out with a guy named Damian. Especially, on Halloween.”

“Why not?”

She made scary hands and walked toward him.  “Evil, hell mouth.”

“You mean The Omen?” he asked.

She nodded.  “Hate that film.  I like Constantine, with Keanu.  Easy to tell the good guys.”

“And what makes you think you’re going out with me?” he asked, chuckling.  “I didn’t ask you yet.”

“Details,” she said.

“What are you supposed to be?” he asked, looking at her.  “That is a costume, isn’t it?”

“OMG, don’t you know James Bond when you see him?”

It was his turn to laugh.

“Hey, I can kick SPECTER’s ass.”

“I’m sure you can, ” he said.

“So?” she said.

“So, what?”

“Do you want to go out or not?”

“Are you attached to anyone?” he asked.

“Do I look as if I’m attached to someone she said,” holding her arms out to the side.

“Is your gun real?”

“What kind of spy would I be if my gun was fake?” she asked, shaking her head.  “Don’t you know anything about Bond?  And are you attached?”

“No.  Not for the last year and a half.”

“ME TOO.  What if the people we are no longer with just met each other and they fall in love and we just met and we…go out for pancakes?  How incredible would that be?”

“You were going to say fall in love.”

“Ewwe, was not,” she said, making a face.

“What do you do.”

“Particle Physicist.  How about you?”

“Spook for the government.  I kill people.”

“Hmmm, both exciting occupations, with a lot of variety,” she said, thoughtfully.  “Although, you probably travel more than I do.”

“I kill people for a living and that’s all you have to say?”

“Uh, did I miss something?”

“I’m not sure.  I never actually tell people what I do.  I thought it might be off-putting,” he said.

“Well, I’m not even sure we’re real, and I spend my time thinking about the fact that time and space are reversed inside a black hole, so that’s probably off-putting as well.”

“I think I like you, Oh Never Mind.”

“My name is…Electron.”

“You mean Electra?”

“If I meant Electra, I would have said Electra.  My parents are scientists and it was either that or Quark.”  She looked at him, then looked at him some more. “Say something, will you?”

“My name is Lee.”

“Short and to the point, right?”

“Right.  Do you have a nickname?”

“Why?  Don’t you like my full name?”

“I was just wondering.”

“It’s Kitty.”

“I’d really like to meet your family,” he said, chuckling.

“What’s your nickname?”


She burst into hysterics.

“It’s not that funny.”

“It…is,” she choked.   “Kitty and Chick.”  HAAHAHAHAHAHAH

He started laughing.  “Maybe we should both change our names.”

“I think you’re onto something,” she said.  “I always wanted to be called Milly.”

“I always wanted to be called Shane.”

“Why don’t we just call each other those names, then.”

“Okay,” he said.  “Let’s do that.”

“So, Shane, wanna get some pancakes and then go to a Halloween party?”

“I can make pancakes at my place and we can have our own party, if you like.”

“Oh, man, on Halloween?  Are you crazy?  We’re going for pancakes, then candy, then parties, then we’ll go to your place.”


“You really don’t look at all scary,” she said, taking his hand, as they started walking.

“You do,” he said.

“Thanks. That’s what I was going for,” she said happily.





Halloween morning at The Coop…

Well, the chicklets are up and on their way to a fabulous day.  They had some of Holly’s cornbread for breakfast, so they’re full and happy.  Beth is reading to the baby chicklets, after which, she’s going to the hospital to read to those how are healing.  Resa is dressing the chicklets who still need costumes, or just want to look fabulous.

Piglet Marie hasn’t put her costume on yet, but chicklet Diana is dressed as a Librarian.  The puppy next to her, is wearing bracelets, that the Jewlery Committee made just for him. Peter is dressed as a rabbit, since he thinks it’s fitting, since his name is Peter.  Bella is going as a dark Princess, since she saw Buffy and read a couple of vampire books.  Whitie, the cat is a Queen, wearing a tinfoil crown and Albert is a pumpkin.  Duckie is  a duck and has yet to get dressed.  I’m not sure which rhino is in the background.  And Bernard, the spider, was asked to please get into the photo.   Our favorite flyer is doing his thing, speeding round The Party Barn.  He’s going as Amelia Earheart.

They are on their way to the morning Poetry Slam.


golden moon — Gretchen Del Rio’s Art Blog

One thing to remember is to talk to the animals. If you do, they will talk back to you. But if you don’t talk to the animals, they won’t talk back to you, then you won’t understand, and when you don’t understand you will fear, and when you fear you will destroy the animals, and […]

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The 31 Days of October Challenge-Day, 30, The Wizard of Oz Facts — lauravent69

via The 31 Days of October Challenge-Day, 30, The Wizard of Oz Facts — lauravent69

Drac…a Halloween poem

Dracula, Nosferatu, Monster, Claws

quite the
he’ll take his blood
most any way
he loves his A
his B and O
he likes to drink it
then slow
he’ll drink it
from a crystal glass
or from a young
and pretty lass
he never ever
takes a pass
he really likes
the stuff
he’ll drink it warm
or even cold
and negative
if truth be told
makes him crabby
makes him mad
makes him even
bored and sad
so positive is
what he seeks
step right up
and don’t be meek
take a number
make a line
and Drac will make you
feel just fine

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