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Okay, so…

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Here’s the thing.  A lot of people worry.  They worry about a lot of things.  Most of the things people worry about don’t ever happen.  Many times, the thing that DOES happen is something they never thought about at all.   When something big happens, a lot of the little worries disappear.  But the fact remains that only scientists and medical people worried about a pandemic, while the masses were worried about things that would never happen, or didn’t matter, in the scheme of things.

I remember when guys came home from the war and their parents were worn out from worrying about them.  Once they came home, some of them got killed in traffic accidents.  People thought their kids were safe, because they were back, but life doesn’t work that way.

We’re all concerned, stressed, or even terrified, now and then, but it’s usually about the wrong thing.  None of us thought that what we are all going through, was ever going to happen.  People were still talking about the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish Flu.  We never expected this.  Never even saw it coming.   We were told that it was going to happen, but no one believed it.  We all live in denial about a lot of things.  The WAY we live, forces us to do that.  If we didn’t live in denial some of the time, we wouldn’t be able to function.

But the truth of the matter is that worrying doesn’t do a bit of good.  It might keep us awake at night, divert our attention to a list of horrible things that happened a long time ago, or things that could happen now, but worrying can never stop anything from taking place.  Worrying, without action, cannot change anything at all.  It our current case, the only action we can take is to stay inside and let the medical professionals do what they can to help all of us.

I honestly don’t know how those wonderful people cope with the incredible workload they are carrying, all the people they are losing, all the things they are forced to go through each day and night. I don’t think some of them are coping all that well and some may never recover from what they are experiencing.  These are people dedicated to saving lives and people are dying all around them.  I don’t know if we can ever do enough to thank them.  I hope they will eventually be okay.

Are things scary right now?  Absolutely.  Will worrying about what’s happening, do anything to make things better?  Absolutely NOT.  Still, we are all threatened and we can’t stop what’s happening.  There’s nothing we can DO, in a country of DOERS.  It’s difficult, not being able to fight back.  But in order to help those overworked medical people, we must isolate ourselves.

Of course, people will worry.  It’s hard NOT to worry.  Some will worry more than others, according to the size of the threat, or their personality, but all we can really do is stay inside and send love and positive energy to the medical people and First Responders.  To all the people who put themselves at risk, for the benefit of others, clerks, farmers, truck drivers, mail people, garbage men, pharmacists, and all the rest.

People are sick and dying, but some are getting better.  We don’t know how long this will last.  We don’t know what will happen next.  We won’t know, until we get there.

The exhausted doctors and nurses, medical staff and all the others, would like to be home eating, watching tv, reading or napping, but instead, they are trying to save the world.  Our part in this is small indeed.


You don’t…want to miss this one. From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Galactic Center from Radio to X ray


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people don’t say
they say
the virus
is changing our language


Picture: Pixabay


Tina and Scout are on their way to the Rubber Duck Pond to look for clues to end the virus.

Okay, so…

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I’ve been thinking about how much time we have to spend, being taught how to live on our own.  Think about it.  Years and years of our lives are spent being conditioned, brainwashed, living by the RULES, forced to go to bed, get up, go to school and all the rest.

Kids have no control over their own lives.  We come here absolutely HELPLESS.  If no one takes care of us, we die.  If that’s not a bad design, I don’t know what is.  Even Bambi gets up in two seconds and is able to run next to his mother.

But us?  Nope.  Takes us forever to walk, talk, not fall asleep, eat, finding out what hot means, learn that the person doesn’t actually disappear when playing Peek-A-Boo, running in the street is bad, and all the rest.  It’s as if we are the dumbest infants on the entire planet.  No other animal has fewer skills than we do at birth.  We can’t even hold up our own heads.

We humans think we are special and that’s true,. We’re special because we are the slowest and most inept and dependent infants/children anywhere.  The other animals must be falling out of trees with laughter, watching us learn to SIT UP.  Pathetic.  Half our lives are spent learning how to exist and take care of ourselves.  Our brains are busy making patterns and zapping neurons into place, while other animals are having kids, laying around in the sun, playing, eating and moving on to start their own herds.

Leave a human toddler alone somewhere and he won’t know a single thing.  NOTHING at all.  He won’t know where he lives, who he is, the names of his parents or dog.  The only thing he might be good at, is crying or pointing, since he can’t really speak and even if he could, he wouldn’t know anything.  It’s a catch-22, if he DOES know something, he won’t be unable to tell us and if he could tell us, he usually won’t know anything.

How can we bee so bloody SLOW for so LONG?   You can say that we have lost our instinct (I think it’s just too loud to hear it) and animals live by theirs, but that doesn’t explain how slowly we grow, compared to a giraffe. Physically, all the other species have us beat by a mile, when it comes to strength and growth.

Sure, other than turtles and parrots, mot animals don’t live very long, compared to us.  But we live longer because if we didn’t, we all be wandering around trying to form sentences.  And then there’s our brains.  So complex, we still don’t know how they work.   It takes twenty-five years, for a woman’s brain to completely developed.  It takes LONGER for a man’s (seriously, it does).  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS and then we still do the silliest things.  Many animals don’t live for twenty-five years.  It takes us forever to grow up, especially today, when kids are kept children long past their “childhood’s expiration date.”  We’ve made it even more impossible for them to grow up by treating them like fragile ornaments and telling them to use their inside voices.

Really bad design.  We lose all those YEARS, just learning the basics.   Then we spend the rest of our lives learning to survive on our own, with the things we’ve been taught, that don’t make sense in the real world.  Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on what’s real and what’s not and there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny and too many kids today are finding out that their parents lied and they aren’t really all that special, and that life isn’t fair.

Animal babies are taught to find food, who to run from, how to steal what they want from humans, how to stay away from humans, how to climb, swim, fly, etc.  We learn math, where flax comes from, lies about HIStory and reading.  We don’t learn how to stop violence or any of the other terrible things we do, to ourselves and every other living thing.

And free will doesn’t exist.  We are run by our hormones and brains, so if your brain is flooded with a certain hormone, your choices will be made accordingly.

Look at it this way, when parents are all excited because their baby is saying da da, Bambi’s running for his life.  All the baby can do, if he’s lucky, is roll over.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


Today is: National Crayon Day…so color your world

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Bed for Cat, Jeep, Johnny and Olive…from the chicklets.


This bandana is for Holly’s dog Tide…he’s quite macho so there are studs around the edge, but I think he might like it. From the chicklets.


Chicago has the best mayor anywhere. Mayor Lightfoot, cleared out the lake front and parks. She’s a no nonsense woman who knows what’s important and how to get the job done. The woman rocks.


The Kitchen Crew has come up with a prototype of their own brand of ice cream. It’s called Chocolate Corn Chip and so far, everyone is very excited about it.

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