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Okay, so…

Here’s the thing.  A lot of people worry.  They worry about a lot of things.  Most of the things people worry about don’t ever happen.  Many times, the thing that DOES happen is something they never thought about at all.  … Continue reading

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You don’t…want to miss this one. From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Galactic Center from Radio to X ray

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people don’t say GOODBYE anymore they say BE CAREFUL STAY SAFE the virus is changing our language   Picture: Pixabay

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Tina and Scout are on their way to the Rubber Duck Pond to look for clues to end the virus.

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Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking about how much time we have to spend, being taught how to live on our own.  Think about it.  Years and years of our lives are spent being conditioned, brainwashed, living by the RULES, forced to go … Continue reading

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Today is: National Crayon Day…so color your world

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Bed for Cat, Jeep, Johnny and Olive…from the chicklets.

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This bandana is for Holly’s dog Tide…he’s quite macho so there are studs around the edge, but I think he might like it. From the chicklets.

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Chicago has the best mayor anywhere. Mayor Lightfoot, cleared out the lake front and parks. She’s a no nonsense woman who knows what’s important and how to get the job done. The woman rocks.

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The Kitchen Crew has come up with a prototype of their own brand of ice cream. It’s called Chocolate Corn Chip and so far, everyone is very excited about it.

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