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Okay, so…blog Cookies…

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There are a lot of blogs I would like to look at and follow, but when I go to them, they all have COOKIE WARNINGS on the bottom, so I just go away.  I don’t get it.  But I’m afraid to go to their site again.  They say that if you continue to visit, you automatically agree to something about cookies.  I don’t want cookies, so I’m sorry if I don’t stop by.  My computer got screwed up by them one time, so I don’t follow blogs with the warnings.  It’s too bad, some blogs look very nice, but not going there.

This is amazing…a TED Talk

From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

All the Water on Planet Earth

Okay, so…bookshelves and plants

Free Books on Rack Stock Photo

when I walk into someone’s living space
and don’t see books
I wonder where they are
if you walk into my house
books are everywhere
but some people
don’t love them
and there’s not a single book
it makes me think
they might only live
in the real world
rather in stories
I don’t know how to do that
I’m either reading
or writing stories
what do they see
or think
how can they live
without them
I’ve lived in books
since I was a tiny child
I can’t imagine
not being surrounded by books
I can’t imagine
not escaping into them
playing somewhere else
that’s not here
how can anyone
not touch books everyday
not see plants around them
not bring the outside in
not walk beside a unicorn
or fight monsters
and WIN
travel to outer space
or follow Gandalf
or Dead Boy
I’m addicted to books
plants too
I guess
they make me happy
they always have
and cats
of course
cats always go well
with books
cats go well with
but books
call to me
they say hello
and somehow they know
that I love them



Photo:  Lum3n


I think life should be
one big
but it’s not
I think life should be
and above all
but it’s not
I think life
is The Big Tease
so it’s best to ignore life
and show it that it has no power
over us
that’s easy to do
and it’s what true freedom
is all about
once you can laugh
in life’s face
you get your wings
and then you can fly



Photo:  Nicholas Houdayer


Free Close Up Photography of White and Black Cat Stock Photo

Photo:  Pixabay

White Wagtail — retireediary

White Wagtail — retireediary

Street Art by Subdude (2022/06) – Vladimir Putin — TAB54

Street Art by Subdude (2022/06) – Vladimir Putin — TAB54

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) — Waldina

Forty-seven years ago today, the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered to mixed or unfavorable media reviews. Within three years, it has a fan club, was showing in at least 50 locations every Friday and Saturday night, attendees had memorized every line, wore costumes, and performed it throughout the theater. Another thirty years and […]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) — Waldina

A day off…words

Girl, Bored, Sleepy, Boredom, Couch

we all know the feeling of
I’m just going to stay in one spot
and try to stay awake
kind of days
I think most people
feel this way
at least
once in awhile
those are the days
we recharge our batteries
lay around
and do little to nothing
those days
are part of life
no need to feel
or lazy
look at them
like big fluffy slippers
and relaxing
never a waste of time
nothing is ever a waste of time
but be warned
those days can become
cats like them
and they will encourage you
to like them too
remember that
cats have their own
and that agenda
includes having you around
to wait on them
to let them sleep on you
and to do their bidding
it’s a trap
but they do try to make it seem
as if you’re choosing to do it
just sayin’



Photo: Pixabay

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