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Yum…words about noodles or should I say pasta?

Free Fresh spaghetti boiling in metal saucepan in hot steam against dark background in room Stock Photo

noodles go with anything
they are perfect
and delicious
with sauce
or cheese
or butter
just all by themselves
it doesn’t matter
what shape they take
or curved
or angel hair
long or short
doesn’t matter
love them all



Photo:  Klaus Nielsen


My daughter took this yesterday, when she was at the Chicago Botanic Garden…

Trouble…a short story

Free Portrait Photo of Woman With Her Tongue Out Stock Photo

her name was
and trouble
followed her
wherever she went
her mother
knew it
the second her daughter
was put into her arms
but she just sighed
and said
like mother like daughter
I’ll do what I can
but everyone knows

we don’t learn 
from the mistakes of others
and she was right
of course
as mothers are prone to be
so Trouble grew up
wild and free
and now
makes her way through life
breaking hearts
and bones
when needed
checking in with her mother
now and then
but always seeking
something new
anything she hasn’t tried before
and she does’t care
about consequences
she just wants to live
as fast
and as hard
as she can



Photo:  Andrea Piacquadio


These Black-Eyed Susans came back all by themselves from 2 years ago. I think they are beautiful.


A little corner of my garden…

Pumped Up Kicks — Zoolon

The other day I made a guitar loop cover of the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People from my favourite album ‘Torches’. I hope you enjoy: spotify youtube bandcamp

Pumped Up Kicks — Zoolon

Saveur Graffik – On s’en fish — Yahooey’s Blog

On s’en fish by Saveur Graffik. April 30, 02022 29 rue Lanterne, Lyon, France

Saveur Graffik – On s’en fish — Yahooey’s Blog

Beauty…in blue

Photo:  PerfectMirror

Allen…a short story…

Free Side View of Punk Man with Mohawk on Black Background Stock Photo

was dissatisfied
with his flesh
he felt that the human body
could be improved upon
it was plain
he said
so he set out to
redesign himself
through piercings
and various other things
is a work in progress
at least that’s what he tells
he doesn’t know
what the finished canvas
will be like
or how he’ll feel
about what he did
when he’s eighty years old
if he lives that long
but right now
he’s quiet happy
with the new him
and has no intention
of stopping his
creative endeavor



Photo:  Miguel Rodriguez León

Think before you leap…

Free Women Posing at the Camera Stock Photo

they look innocent enough
in their own
old-world way
inviting you in
but before you decide
to get involved
ask yourself this
is death by blood loss worth it
I mean
you know how vampires are
one sip
is never enough
no matter what they may tell you



Photo:  Cottonbro

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