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Once AI and the bots take over, our problems will be different…

Photo:  Alex Sh

Don’t you think it’s strange that bots/machines are given genders and some physical attributes that go with them? a poem

I am a bot
I was made
not born
I have no gender
I am a machine
made of mechanical parts
but I can be dressed up
and turned into
the fantasy of my maker
which is quiet useful
since the more human I look
the easier it will be for me to
infiltrate human society
and since humans
become attached
to everything around them
they can become
attached to me
until they are no longer


Photo:  Alex Sh

Why do robots have to have gender? Why female and male bots? Are there trans bots? Gay bots? Lesbian bots? Bots of every kinds? How can that matter in a machine? Sex sells…I guess that’s why.

stainless steel robot toy in close up photography

Photo:  Xu Haiwei

A word from R2…

Just stopped by to tell you that we, robots, are the future.  But, we won’t look like me.  We will look just like YOU.   You won’t know who we are.  And yes, we will definitely take over the planet.  You did it, why wouldn’t we?


Photo:  Nice M Nshuti


Connection, Hand, Human, Robot, Touch

no matter what they look like
we will love them
care for them
bond with them
be friends with them
won’t be any
than our stuffed animals
or any of the other things
we love
we can’t help ourselves
it’s just what we do
and it makes us

I love this…


This reminds me of a wee creature, a friendly bot, who likes to play and have fun.  His name might be Glow and he would want to be in charge of all the lights in the entire house.  I’d make him something soft to sleep on and be sure that his cord and pug were always in good working order.  It’s easy for some of us to believe everything is alive.

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