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A conservatory, green house…imagine what you could do with it.

Photo:  Mariah Hewines


Boy, Jeans, Shirts, Moon, Balloon

The most wonderful gift we can pass on to our children, is the gift of imagination.  Rather than filling their lives with activities, the time to play and dream is of great importance. Books or story telling, rather than video games and television, can stimulate the imagination of small children.

Being able to fly can last throughout a person’s lifetime.  Being able to see things differently, to dream, even while awake, to believe in impossible things, is something that starts when children are young.

Even Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and that is something that hasn’t changed.

Creativity can be stolen from children.  Shut down before it ignites and has a chance to grow.  Being silly, covering the dining room or kitchen table with blankets,turning it into a tent and moving in, can create a whole new world.

While we are all stuck inside, we can move to Mars or even Pluto.  We CAN do anything we like.  We just have to let our imaginations run wild.

And remember, twinkle lights are ALWAYS in style.   Put them up and at night, you’ll sleep among the stars.

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