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ADBUSTERS…fantastic magazine

According to ADBUSTERS 26 people own more than half the worlds wealth.  If that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach maybe you should read it again.

This magazine tells people what’s actually going on.  Some of the pictures are horrifying but true, and they don’t play games about what’s going on.  They go after the liars and corporations and government phonies and show us what they are doing and how.

Oh, by the way, WELLS FARGO is paying $575 MILLION dollars to END inquires into it’s unlawful practices.  We are the most corrupt and greedy…you can fill in the rest_______.

Pick ADBUSTERS up at Barnes and Nobles.  It’s one of my favorite magazines. It’s mixed in with TIME and NEWSWEEK, etc, the magazines that never tell the truth except by accident.

This is a very nice art magazine. You might want to check it out.

It has different artists talking about their passion.  Wood, glass, fabric, clay, etc.  I think it has been around for a while but it has a new cover/look.  I picked it up at Barnes.  Six issues a year.  It’s $7.99 US, on the stand.  It’s interesting.

Adbusters…another fantastic magazine…on the pulse of issues and activists worldwide



Mother Jones is still a fantastic magazine that tells it like it is…

This is not the first time they have tried to put women in jail for what happens to their kids.  They tried to indict a woman for eating fattening food while pregnant and said that her baby was at higher risk for diabetes because of it.  They wanted to put her away.   They want to put women in jail or deprive them of their rights at every turn.  I don’t know why women are not screaming their lungs out about the way they are treated.  This is just one more thing they will do to CONTROL YOUR LIFE.  Now they are monitoring what drugs you take while pregnant.  They don’t put men who kick women in the stomach and beat them while they are pregnant in jail but they are going after women for the slightest thing AGAIN.   Fathers can be alcoholics, drug addicts and violent and it doesn’t matter.  Maybe brain damage caused by beatings doesn’t count, just taking a pill does.  If you think they aren’t out to get us…you’re wrong.  This is one more HORRIFIC misuse of justice.  (Justice isn’t for everyone, just white males with money and then it goes down hill from there).

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