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From Candy…

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The Conversation…

“Are you glad your birthday’s over?” “I guess.” “You made it another year.” “I did.” “How many more years do you think you have?” “No one ever knows the answer to that question.” “If you think you know, buy a … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Chad Knight — Humoring the Goddess (be sure to look at ALL of the amazing pictures–Gigi)

Chad Knight is a 41-year-old visual artist from Portland, Oregon.Chad was a professional skateboarder for 16 years. During that time, it served as his creative outlet.Now he creates mind-bending 3D drawings and incredible sculptures that highlight issues such as global … Continue reading

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Today is: National Trail Mix Day

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The Magical Apothecary…20

“Hi, Taylor.  Any new ghosts in town?” asked Joey, putting new books on the front table. “A few,” she said. “Before you go in the back,” he said, “do you think that if Cormick goes into the past that he … Continue reading

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Two pictures of Emily telling me that she’s hungry…

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This is absolutely gorgeous…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day

NGC 6357: Cathedral to Massive Stars

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From Candy…the president attempts to speak…

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More flowers for my birthday…

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The future…a poem

a virus hit the earth in 2020 no one knew what the long term effects of having it would be hundreds of thousands died but many young people survived only to find that strange things began happening to them as … Continue reading

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